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  1. Let me state that this is a actual complex. Well here's a kicker, my dad was able to get into my apartment my wiggling a key in my lock, and came on in.... let's just say I ripped him a new one for doing that, 90% of time time me an the fiancé are sleeping rather, well let's just say clothing optional... Luckily we weren't home, but to change a lock it would be like $50, which I don't trust since who knows if all the locks here might share the same key! And with a loaded 12G and a large wooden dowel kept in the bedroom, bricks would be shat if they come in un-announced.. "IMPROVEMENTS AND ALTERATIONS resident shall not make changes or improvements without consulting property management.... Which includes Blah blah blah...... Blah more blah... Or changing of the locks." "RIGHT OF ENTRY management reserves the right to inspect all apartments at reasonable times, and resident agrees that Management may show the apartment to prospective applicants during the (30) thirty day notice to vacate" To me a reasonable time is with my consent... And IMHO maintenance or anyone else should only be allowed to enter when I'm present Also to add on how hoaky this place is, they have a height, length and weight restriction on dogs, and only allowed one pet. So if you own a wiener dog your SOL, it's to long
  2. I didn't like it it was ugly as f***, hideous! Almost as hideous as the carbon fiber AR I saw today at the LGS, Lower and upper were plastic think it said windham on it.... Good thing this LGS makes they're own uppers and lowers, $99 for the lower and they haven't started selling te uppers yet
  3. Browsed stripped lowers at the LGS and they had a hybrid metal/polymer receiver for like $50, didn't catch the makers name, only browsing price tags..... Now Ik polymers are junk, but had anyone tried these hybrid ones?
  4. I'll give him $30 for the whole pile
  5. Shoot the mod deleted my thread, restricted my messaging, and I can't use the classifieds. All this lasts till late April..... To me that's overkill
  6. Never! I'm a outlaw rules are meant to be broken!! Lol just kidding. At least you didn't throw the ban hammer at me like INGO is trying to do because of someone else
  7. And that's not even half of the bashing and parody threads there are
  8. I mean me and the fiancé have been given the run around since day one here, day one as in first looking at the place.. We had a power steering major leak right, we are being blamed for a MOTOR OIL PUDDLE!! That we just so happened to be parked over one day. We got called the an chewed out saying someone complained on us and we need to clean it up now... Our leak was so bad, whenever we got home we had no fluid in the reservoir, or anywhere else.... We even parked somewhere else to see if we were leaking. The only puddle we made was when I spilled antifreeze topping the radiator off. We were told 3 different amounts on what our rent was gonna be... I've had it can't wait till a year is up
  9. They like to bash members deleted And than they like to make parody threads to make fun of the original OP deleted They are so bent went you butthurt the rules of the forum but others can all the time
  10. I mean they suspended me because some d*cks started joking around on one of my classified posts! I commented back an said stop and I got a infraction with limited site usage for "bumping" my sales ad twice in 24 hour period and that I posted on the ad pics available upon request, due to the fact I'm on a iPhone and to embed pics there you use photobucket and it's to difficult to embed on my phone..... And the poopy part is on another sales ad I posted I been PMing a member about trading 1700rds of .22 and 2 ruger BX-25s for a stripped lower and parts kit. Now my deal can't be done!!! I've been on here once and enjoyed it but stopped lurking the interwebs for sometime due to working all the time..... I'll post some threads from there that are perfect examples of why I'm leaving INGO
  11. Someone I met once here in indiana said a CO stopped them once and said they need to use steel shot only while hunting turkey. It's not state or local law anywhere here and steel shot in a xxfull choke sounds like a injury/accident waiting to happen
  12. I re-read it because my fiancés aunt used to live here and she told us they will regularly inspect the apartment..... And in the lease/rules/selling soul to devil contract.... apparently they have the right to come into my apartment at anytime with out warning? Even if I'm not home or my consent??? Ummmm is it me or does this smell a bit fishy?? I mean yeah I pay them to live here and blah blah blah, but doesn't that sound like an invasion of privacy? I mean I do nothing wrong and nothing to hide but I don't like people coming into my personal space, looking at my things or even possibly touching them... Especially since sometimes I leave hunting gear laying out, or a cleaning kit, or just something that screams gun owner..
  13. Elitist know it alls who think they know everything. I joined in 2012 and since I've been a frequent visitor, well lately I've been getting on more and more I've realized it's only turned into the personal talking spot of about 10-20 members an if your not in that group they talk down on you... You ask a question that you can't grasp on google, you get the repsonse... Oh my Google fu is strong. Anyone else on here a member there too and notice this same trend?
  14. I'm young and I enjoy the quality time of completely cleaning my firearms. So cleaning a non-lined barrel wont be a hassle to me. It's one of those moments where you become close with your weapon, especially when you clean the cosmo off a milsurp. Now since I can't shoot as much as I'd like, I occasionally sit down to remove all the oil and reapply. Now my shotty I use for HD I pull it out the corner unload and function check it twice a month.
  15. I wonder if in bed with his wife he is saying oh Jesus every 2 seconds also
  16. Very great points but since its a budget, varmint, plinker, and a guinea pig for me to BS around with into the AR platform I think I will go for non-chrome lined. Plus do due to the current ammo situation, and how often i'm able to get out and shoot its not like i'ma be shooting the crap out of it
  17. I tried snorting Coke once, but the bubbles kept ticklin my nose.... oh wait whcih kinda Coke are we talkin about again?
  18. "But she said she'll be done in a few mins"
  19. "Hold ma beer, I'ma go talk to er"
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