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  1. stwings

    Rifle Condition Readiness

    Or slap the bottom of the mag to seat it.
  2. stwings

    Home Defense/CHTF.....

    As others have stated. A light and a sling and call it a day.
  3. stwings

    AR15 Trigger Reset Problem ?

    Also, check to make sure you installed the hammer spring correctly. Don't be this guy.
  4. stwings

    Anyone in for a group buy?

    Well, it is shipping from Kaliforistan where tactical grip screws are soon to be banned.
  5. stwings

    UPS hands off to USPS?

    It is what it is. Take it into account when you order online.
  6. stwings

    Full Magazine Storage

    I checked my D&H aluminum USGI mags. They have been loaded for a couple of years now. I don't know if that qualifies as "long term". So far they appear to be GTG.
  7. stwings

    Is that a G U N in your pocket?

    These dumb beotches will get plenty of sex when the rapist kicks down their door at 0' dark thirty.
  8. stwings

    Clean new ar15

    I've seen it happen. Turns your semi auto into a bolt action for about 4 shots until the system corrects itself.
  9. stwings

    Clean new ar15

    Synthetic motor oil is a great way to go. A quart will last a lifetime.
  10. stwings

    Pearl Jam North Carolina Boycott Inspired by Springsteen

    No, they go into politics.
  11. stwings

    California moves to ban bullet button

    I read somewhere that "they" believe that the bullet button was in violation of the spirit of the law. What typical political double speak. You make a law, someone devises a device to keep you within the law and then they want to scream "you're violating the spirit of the law". Laws do not have "spirits", they are words on paper that are the ground rules for governance, they mean what they say and nothing more. Too bad for us that the SCOTUS doesn't believe in that premise.
  12. stwings

    Does anybody use a CLP to clean their AR

    CLP was formulated to give soldiers in the field a three in one cleaning solution and for that purpose it works fine. Sort of a Jack of all trades, master of none. For those of us who are not on a battlefield there are far better products for cleaning AR's.
  13. stwings

    Selling some guns

    If you can hold on to them I would. They will be worth a lot more the next time some nut job goes on a shooting spree.
  14. stwings

    Does anybody use a CLP to clean their AR

    Synthetic motor oil is probably the best thing going for a lube, doesn't do squat for cleaning.
  15. stwings

    Does anybody use a CLP to clean their AR

    I've been using Seafoam with great results, cheap too.