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  1. Both eyes open. When my father was teaching me to shoot scope rifles (1903A3) when I was a kid, he insisted I learn to shoot with both eyes open. Quite different from today's red dot sights, I learned this skill on a 3x9x40 where the dominant eye saw the magnified view and the off eye looked down the side of the scope tube. I has come in handy when hunting with magnum rifles where if is impossible to stay with the target through the scope.
  2. just_jon

    Burris Fastfire III

    The cover slid over the sight from the top. Either there is a secret to removing it or I'm an idiot. Made finitely not ruling out the latter.
  3. I'm in need of some technical assistance dealing the removing the protective cover from my fastfire. I plan on returning the unit to midway, but would like to repackage in original configuration (sans cover).