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  1. Ajm1231

    Need help with Eotech zero

    Great tips. Thank you. I am printing out your post and putting it with my AR file. If I screw it up again the method you explain above is a hell of a lot easier than what I did. Of course......even a frustrating day at the range is better than a great day at work.
  2. Ajm1231

    Need help with Eotech zero

    Okay. Spent three hours at the range. Sent a couple of hundred rounds down range. I have it zeroed to 50 yards and figured out what I did wrong. Your comments were definitely helpful. Thanks.
  3. Okay......I screwed up the factory zero on my Eotech XPS-2. I was impatient and frustrated. The manual says go 80 clicks forward and then 80 clicks back to zero. That would be fine, but I don't know how many clicks forward I am right now. Is there some other way to do this? If the damn thing hadn't cost me $500.00 I would throw it against a wall. Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated.
  4. Ajm1231

    s&w m&p15 moe mid spec

    My brother has that exact AR. He loves it. We have fired our AR's side by side and the S&W strikes me as a quality firearm. Granted, I too am new to the AR world, but the S&W strikes me as an AR you can be proud to own. Congrats and good luck. Post some pictures when you have time.
  5. Ajm1231

    Daniel Defense Problems....

    I too have a DD. I have been satisfied with their customer service. I am interested to hear how they take care of your issue. Please post an update when you know what they are doing for you.
  6. My local Walmart has been short on ammo for months on end. However, they regularly have AR's in stock. This week they had a 6920 FDE for $1130.00 and a 6920 SOCOM for $1350.00. Typically have several Diamondback in stock.
  7. Ajm1231

    My new Noveske!

    That is one hell of a rifle!! Great price. Congrats and good luck.
  8. Ajm1231

    first time buyer

    Sorry....took me two days to figure out how to use Photobucket!! As you can see, I am still refining my technique....not the greatest photo. I have approximately 250 rounds downrange with this setup. I am good out to about 50 yards with no magnification. I will need to get a 3x magnifier....of course the Eotech model is a whopping $500.00. May be a while before I can slip that one past the wife. Overall, I have been very happy with this set up.
  9. Ajm1231

    first time buyer

    I too am new to the AR15. I picked up a Daniel Defense M4v4 for $1,400.00. I did a lot of research and had it narrowed down to BCM, DD and Colt in that order. I couldn't find a BCM to save my life and stumbled upon the DD a my LGS. It is optics ready. I added Troy folding BUIS front and rear. I looked at both the Eotech and Aimpoint. The DD website recommends the Aimpoint. However, with my eyes I am better able to pick up a sight picture with the Eotech. Still working on a sling and light. The DD runs flawlessly and I couldn't be happier. It definitely shoots better than I do at this point.
  10. Ajm1231

    Recommended BUIS

    I am new to the AR15 and hardly an expert. After a lot of reading and getting opinions from people more knowledgeable than myself I went with Troy folding for front and rear. I was told by a number of Le friends that MBUS can warp from heat under heavy use. Now, I seriously doubt that I will ever fire off enough rounds to warp sights, but the Le people were adamant in their opinion. I figure I couldn't go wrong listening to experienced people.
  11. Ajm1231

    Recommended BUIS

    You can't go wrong with Troy. However, they are tough to find right now in my part of Pennsylvania. I had my LGS order a set of standard folding and they took about 6 weeks to come in. They offer perfect co-witness with my EOTECH XPS2-0.