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  1. Is every post you ever make always laden with being an arsehole? Nothing was said in reference to demeaning EMTs or BLS. I was simply pointing out there are significant advantages to having two quality ALS providers in some situations. In this state, you can NOT RSI at all unless you have two medics. If you have a truck with an EMT and a medic, and you have a patient that needs RSI, you can't provide it. Try not being a jerk for once. You might like it.
  2. Yea one EMT and one medic on a truck is great, until you need to RSI. Then you're screwed. Not to mention running a code as the sole medic kinda sucks. You have to start the line, you have to push the drugs, you have to deliver electrical therapy, you have to intubate. Don't get me wrong, it can be done. However, with the push towards team CPR according to ACLS, it is significantly easier and the outcomes are better with a two medic truck. I still can't believe this beotch said EMTs just drive and lift stuff. She's freaking clueless.
  3. You obviously have your opinion about them, so attempting to change that would be a futile waste of breath.
  4. Never had anything but phenomenal service aND attitude from them, what little bit I've needed. More than I can say for my experiences with FN.
  5. Lol right. HK needs no defense from me as to whether they produce quality pistols.
  6. So how many of you make claims about their customer service based on 3rd hand stories? I've been a pretty loyal HK customer and the few times I've needed them, they've been outstanding. Do some research and you'll find that most people have a great experience with them. I own an FNS, and their customer service has been TERRIBLE. Love the gun, but hate the CS. They're notoriously slow and inflexible. Yet no one mentions that when they talk about an FNX. Stop spreading the falsehoods. Hk customer service does NOT hate civilians. The American market is a gold mine for gun manufacturers and they have taken great care of me. Buy whatever you like. It's you that has to shoot it. I will say the overall finish and quality of my HKs have always been fantastic. I can't say that about my FN. It's got several things that appear rushed. Are they expensive? Absolutely. Are they worth it? That's up to you, but I think so personally.
  7. I must confess to a bit of HK snobbery... It's Ok. We should start a gun snob support group.
  8. Wonder if it uses gps to find your location then give you a local team.
  9. Opinions are like assholes, but if I had to sell every gun I own but one, the one I kept would be my HK.
  10. No. The 9mm is smaller. A good bit smaller judging by holding them side by side. Not sure of exact dimensions. However KT makes one for all FN models. Even the FNS which is rare.
  11. Spent lots of time in St. Louis. Check out the science museum. It's pretty neat. Go check out the stuff along the river. Eat on one of the river boats. Take a tour of anheuser Busch. Definitely take a ride to the top of the gateway arch. Unique experience.
  12. Used HKs can be had for much lower prices, if you were set on it. I understand. I love my HK.
  13. 1911 is single action only. It has to be cocked to fire.
  14. You, sir, have good taste. I humbly offer my 1995 USP forvviewing pleasure.
  15. Yep. This doesn't apply to modern DA/SA pistols like my USP. It has a firing pin block that requires the trigger to be pulled for the firing pin to move forward, even if the hammer drops full force.
  16. Nope. I'll look it up. Cosmology and quantum mechanics interests me a lot and is a hobby reading of mine. Edit: nice. It covers superstring and multiverse. Definitely getting it.
  17. Yes, due to quantum entanglement. However the original is destroyed and a copy is what appears at the end. Therefore, you die and a clone is born.
  18. I know you say that in jest, but the theory is yes. Different variations in shape and vibration are what result in different types of particles. If string theory is true, there are possibly 26 different dimensions to string structure.
  19. No they do not. They are the fundamental source of all matter. If you can't grasp the concept of there being an absolute zero to particles, you'll never understand string theory. They are what they are. If you are one who believes in the bible, god says, "I am who I am." The concept is the same for strings. There is no further level. They simply are.
  20. They aren't made of anything. They're fundamental. They're measured on the Planck scale, and assuch tthere can be no smaller structure. Basically, They are the source of everything. They are what EVERYTHING else is made of.
  21. Here's a simplified string theory... All atoms are made up of smaller particles. Those subatomic particles (protons, neutrons, electrons) are made up of even smaller particles (quarks and such). Those even smaller particles are made up of vibrating strings of varying frequency and shape. That's where we get different particle types. Fundamentally it's that simple, without getting into the concept of multiverse ideas.
  22. So I've tried to explain to the guy numerous times that carrying condition 2 on a 1911 is a no go. He always argued and says if it's safe for me to carry my USP hammer down, then it's safe for his 1911. He wouldn't listen to talk of firing pin blocks. He stood by condition 1 being dangerous for any weapon. Well today his poor decisions caught up with him. He dropped his condition 2 pistol, and it discharged and put a round into the door of his truck. Lucky it was only into the vehicle. Sometimes you can't fix stupid.
  23. Hard to know for sure, but the guy being chased seemed to be defending himself against an armed aggressor.
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