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  1. how on earth is this even posible.
  2. RonaldRayGun

    Charter Arms?

    I've had my .38 special snub nose forever. dont shoot it much but I cant ever see it failing. its a solid performer. needs trigger work out of the box but other than that, hell yea!
  3. RonaldRayGun

    Favorite Concealed Carry Firearm

    I like running my Keltec PF9 but feel a little under protected. Most days I can hit anything in sight but sometimes i just can't hit well with it. I'm looking at some higher capasity/longer barreled options but don't want to give up the small frame. . . . . .so it goes.
  4. RonaldRayGun

    Intacto Arms Battle Tactical in 6.8?

    Thanks Greg!
  5. RonaldRayGun

    First Build From Scratch Finally Complete

    Rad! nice work!
  6. RonaldRayGun

    GAH! Broken bolt.

    using a BAD lever? if you ride it while cycling, the release can hit the bolt?
  7. RonaldRayGun

    Sean Hannity fired? Anybody else heard this?

    its bad enough already, soon there won't be any non-liberal on the tube
  8. Things I must have: billet reciever bad ass barrel 2 stage trigger Intacto Arms says they will guarantee sub MOA out of their 6.8 "Battle Tactical." I just wanted to know some outsiders opinion on the matter. I have shot their .223 while out in Idaho on vacation over the 4th (HOT!!!) and was sold on the accuracy. One of their armors was at the range testing a stack of ARs and let me demo one for a hot minute. http://intactoarms.com/2011-12-16-04-28-23/rifles/flat-dark-earth-battle-tacticle