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    I'm going to approach this from a little different angle. If you decide to go for LE, please do it because it's a calling and not for money or because IT "isn't exciting enough" kind of reason. That is a decision that only you can make. Now, with that said, you have already taken a big step in identifying a weakness you have. It's how you learn to deal with that weakness that will become imprortant. My memory for names and vehicles isn't great, so I take a ton of notes that I refer to for that. Streets and directions are something different. Like already has been mentioned, you CAN"T get into a pursuit and not be able to tell others where you are or where you are heading. At that point you won't be able to stop and look at a map or GPS. You will have to be able to say where you are heading and turning to ensure you help knows where to intercept you. It will boil down to remembering some things. It will be up to you to decide if you can remember things or ways to help you. Little things will help. For example in our county, houses on the north side and east side of the roads have even house numbers. Our county has 850 miles of road and close to 55000 residents and we patrol every bit of it. That's a lot to remember. I also did as mentioned above in driving around in my own vehicle and off duty to learn my way around. You know a weakness, learn how to overcome it and it will set you apart from others that will get kicked to the curb. GOOD LUCK!
  2. Just an update. I took the advice and signed up on Oakley's governtment sales site. Just as Kicker 6861 said, the boots were $145. I'm now wearing them!!! First impressions are great. They seem to be well built and are very comfortable. The seem to be a little tight but that appears to be just the newness. After wearing them for a couple of days, they are feeling better and better. So far, so good. Now, if they hold up for more than 6 months like the Converse did I'll be really happy! Once again, I'm impressed with Oakley! I have been impressed with them for several years after discovering the quality of their sunglasses but now this is just another reason for me to support a great company!
  3. Any one have any thoughts on the Under Armour boots especially the Speed Freak? They run about $170 which is about $100 less than Danner Acadias. I would love to get the Danner's but I just cant throw that much down. My department won't consider letting me pay the difference because too much work for them to keep track of. (BS) Right now the two strongest choices are the Under Armour or I've also been looking into the Oakleys.
  4. What type of boots does everyone wear? My department issues a cheaper level Danner that are really heavy and uncomfortable. (I really wish I could get the top of the line Danners and pay the difference between them and the cheaper ones, but that's not an option) My current boots are Converse with a side zip but this is my second pair and each have only lasted about 6 months. Plus, after standing for an entire day on the range with them, my feet really ache and hurt. I have somewhat flat feet so I know I need something with good support and dont really mind paying for a good quality boot. It's just hard to know what is light and comfortable (and last more than 6 months) without being able to wear them for more than just in a store. ANy suggestions would be great!
  5. I had to take a "voice stress test" which is somewhat of a lie detector. I was asked all of the questions first then hooked up and tested. I operator laughed when he asked if I had ever smoked marijuana... I said "no," he laughed and said " that's not an answer I hear very often any more!" Be honest!!!! I can't stress that enough. From what I've been told, it's not so much of a "let's see what this person has done" as much as "let's see how honest this person is being." If they ask if you've ever been in a traffic accident and then find out that you lied, that can raise a red flag. As for the types of questions, I have heard that one person at a different agency was asked if he every had... relations.... with animals!!! Yup, there are some sick F*&% out there! My guess is that is one to guage a type of question with an "uncomfortable factor" to see how you react. Good luck
  6. I'm issued a Glock 22. It's always been more than addequate for putting down game up to whitetailed deer. I can't say how it would stand up against something like a bear or moose but from what I've seen, I think it would be up to the challange. I think one of the key reasons that departments go with the .40 over the 10mm is the harsh recoil/muzzle blast with the 10. SOME inexperienced shooters that start off shooting pistols when hired do much better with the .40 since it is somewhat milder.
  7. Rather than possibly cause a hi-jack of the other thread, I decided to add my additional thoughts in a new one. Yesterday and today I was wrapped up in my own "little" problems. My camper had some issues and were putting a 4 day trip at risk. Then I come to work tonight and find out that a SWAT officer in the ajoining county shot a suspect killing him for not dropping what turned out to be a phone after being ordered too. (It's so far judged a good shoot) THEN I found out that an officer was shot and killed (along with the bad guy) on a felony warrant service about an hour north of my area. Then I see the post about the other officer on here. All of a sudden, my "problems" don't seem as large any more. It's funny how life sometimes has a way of changing our prespective on things very quickly. My prayers go out to all LEO anywhere trying to maintain the thin blue line... Stay safe Brothers and Sisters and go home to those you love at the end of the shift!
  8. My prayer are offered to you, his family and the rest of the departments. If there is anything more that I can do from Indiana, please let me know.
  9. My best one recenlty was a "two fer." Call of a 2 vehicle accident at 2:00am. I arrive, group of people at the back of one vehicle, second vehicle gone. Guy says his buddy was driving and left after the accident. I told him to call his buddy to come back to the scene. While I'm talking to him, he makes a slip 3 times that he was driving. Other people in vehicle he hit said he was driving... AND THAT HE FLASHED A BADGE saying the police were already here. (Felony in Indiana, oops) I took him to jail and he was .13 I think. His buddy had arrived back at the scene and he was .18. Plus I found the badge he flashed. It was a "Geek Squad" badge from Best Buy computer service. So, two drunks, one vehicle, and one fake badge.
  10. I use the "Maxpedition" bag. It's pretty large and can go over my shoulder very easily. I keep at least 2 extra Glock mags and 2-3 extra mags for my M4. I'm on our tac team so I don't use it very often. I have used it for when I was on tracks with our K9 officers and it would be used for any active shooters. I keep a small flashlight, protein bar, water, chem lights, and what every else I think to throw into it. It works for me.
  11. Good read, compared to the other thread! I had a funny run in with a fellow officer in North Carolina a few years back. I'll share and see what you guys think... (not to Armchairquaterback....) My wife and I are on vacation in NC driving about 7:00am or so. We had been on the road for about 30 minutes of our second day of driving. I get pulled over for speeding, which I was... about 10-15 over... Young officer comes to my window. I have both hands on the wheel and state that "I'm armed." Now, I'm thinking that since I'm driving an out-of-state vehicle, he'd want to know why I'm armed to which I would have answered that I was a police officer and have my creds in my wallet. Not this one. He steps to the A pillar and just says to slow down. He runs back to his car, so I'm thinking "hot run." Nope. He takes off at a normal pace and that was the end of the stop. I didn't even get to the secret hand shake!
  12. I've never heard any of our dispatchers telling someone to disarm. I've been on calls where someone advised they had a weapon. When I get close, I have our dispatchers make contact again (if possible) and get an update on what's going on. If possible, I have the person with the weapon come out and meet me without the weapon. Granted that's not possible on every call. That's the "fun" part of the job. You can "what if..." things to death. "what if cats had machineguns, would dogs mess with them?" Until you get there, every call will be different. There has been good advise here. If I were to own guns, I would have them to defend myself, my family and property. In parts of our county, it takes a good 10-20 minutes at best to get to the call. A lot can happen in that time.
  13. I think most of the above posts have covered it. We can't "Monday Morning Armchair Quaterback" the decision. None of us were there and don't know what type (if any) the officer was on or the speeds of the vehicles. What makes me scratch my head is why the guys in the car with the video felt the police car was worth videoing to begin with? BUT there is one aspect that hasn't been touched on yet. Every time we are driving our cars, we are in the public eye. Put yourself in this positino and ask yourself if you would have lit the car up if you knew you were on camera. If you are getting ready to do something that you wouldn't want posted on the net like this video, then you shouldn't do it. Think what would happen if a local news outlet got ahold of this type of video. In my area, the officer would be burnt at the steak just for the way the video makes things appear. As for the tailgating, I know that that license plates here in Indiana have VERY small print on some of them. Tailgating has been brought up in our local paper but no one has mentioned how small the print is. If an officer it going to radio his stop in with the vehicle discription and plate number before the stop, we HAVE to get close to read the plate. I'm not making excuses for his actions just offering possible reasons.
  14. Some agencies have the ability to search ahead of time if someone has a CCW but mine doesn't. An officer sometimes has seconds to decide to pull someone over so it's not always a guarntee that we would have time to check even if an aganecy has that ability.
  15. Ok, here's the obvious... The BATF enforces law on guns, explosives and alcohol! (my idea of a party!) That's why people with guns or gun dealers don't like them because of the need to enforce the laws. Lets face it, most drivers don't like police because of enforceing speeding and traffic laws. It's the same thing with the BATF. The marshals service would be my first choice for a federal LEO job. I agree that all of the FBI guys that I've meet certainly didn't impress me (that's the nicest way I can put it!) and most of them expect people to fall down to worship them when they say "I'm with the FBI!" Also keep in mind that with a federal agency (any of them) you could be assigned to anywhere THEY need you in the US. Generally that's the least desirable places in the US. You're doing the right thing. Do some more research, talk to local people in these offices in your area (if possible) and form your own opinion. Watch for any types of career days at your school and learn all you can before you decide to jump in. Don't be afraid to start out at a local level to establish a resume before going to the federal level. Good Luck!
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