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  1. I think I found the range you keep hearing about. Their Facebook page indicates they are still shut down due to a restraining order and going through legal battles, with the next court date being in June. Here is an article about some of it that contains name of the owner and the address. http://www.terrelltribune.com/community/article_a20554a6-098b-11e5-8884-ab2007bc683e.html
  2. The folks that own Cousins Paintall had a 1000 yard range at one point and told me that 50 BMG is allowed, but I don’t think they offer it anymore. I’ve heard several times that there is a private club in Terrell with a long range, but it is invitation only and costs thousands to join, like a country club. I just learned that Triple C range in Cresson allows 50 BMG on the two mile range there, but only members are allowed to use that range and that’s a monthly fee of a couple hundred if I’m not mistaken. I’d check with Extreme Tactics and Training Solutions in Waxahachie and/or Jacob’s Plain in Greenville. Those are the three ranges that have recently hosted long range matches around here. Another idea is to call CYA guns in Forney. If anyone knows of a local range for 50 BMG, I would expect the owner to be one of them.
  3. Prometheus arms is custom building it. I should say he normally does not use the MPA chassis because he does not like a straight grip, but he agreed to order one for my build. Here is the relevant section of the invoice.
  4. I ran the invoice by the match director who helped me, and he said it is a solid build.
  5. Its the 3-20 super short, and as much optic as it is, it still doesn’t cost more than the rifle. That was a pricey rifle. But not as pricey as the bolt gun I ordered. I still have sticker shock from that one. Makes me a little nauseous to think about it.
  6. Good news! I got into the local Facebook group for long range competition and got invited to a long range match. They have it on Saturday and Sunday, so I observed on Saturday and competed on Sunday. Saturday afternoon, the match director helped me resight in for 100 yards, put a chronograph on my muzzle, and helped me program my rifle in the ballisticARC app. Then we went to the range and he taught me how to use my data. With his help reading the wind, I was repeatedly nailing the 800 yard target. I did not do as well at Sunday’s match of course, finishing 24th out of 28. I have ordered a bolt gun that will serve me better in those matches. Meanwhile, a new club in town is running a new type of semi auto match, with rifle targets from 300 to 700 yards, and a pistol section. So I will definitely have a use for this rifle. I am upgrading the optics to a Schmidt and Bender so I can read mirage and see the latest impact on the metal targets. So much to buy. So much more to learn.
  7. ihasagun

    Equipment for my Sniper Husband

    Suppressor is purchased and permit applied. He will go subs for sure.
  8. I looked up PRS and saw that some clubs have categories or divisions for different calibers. Any chance of finding a Tactical .223 category? It looks like the local PRS club only has a Facebook group and it’s closed, so I can’t see any of their information without joining, which requires filling out a questionnaire that has questions about what kind of dope I use at different ranges, etc. I just put what I’m looking for, so we’ll see.
  9. I got this Lone Star Armory AR in .223 KWC as a low recoil target rifle. I’d like to know what kind of competition is fairly common that I could enjoy with this one. It’s really heavy to me, so I think 3 gun is not a good match, and I haven’t found much 3 gun locally. I’m in North Texas. What kind of competitive opportunity should I look for around here?
  10. I have lever action rifles and single action revolvers in .38 special for CAS competition. Here is a recent photo of my CAS rifles. The top one is a Rossi ‘92 in .45 long colt. The middle one is an Uberti ‘73 Codymatic in .38 special, so it has a 1st gen short stroke kit. The bottom one is another Uberti ‘73 in .38 special. It has a 5th gen short stroke kit.
  11. ihasagun

    Timed Rimfire Competition Equipment Suggestions

    It’s in Brownsboro at the Texas Troubkemakers. They have CAS on the first Saturday and rimfire steel target on the third Sunday. Bit of a haul from Dallas. The rimfire is 4 stages. We started at 1pm and finished at 4pm. Much shorter than a CAS match. Sign up is at 12:45. I think the morning one is at 9am. I’m looking to try out Field Target soon at the Arlington Sportsman’s Club. They seem to have a lot of different types of matches going on there, including CAS Probably closer for you.
  12. ihasagun

    Timed Rimfire Competition Equipment Suggestions

    Shot another match yesterday. My BF and I both signed up to shoot the pistol and rifle. He got through one stage with the pistol and then I used it but after about ten shots, it started jamming every other round. I will take it to a smith. But we were not able to use the pistol, and they gave us our entry fees back on that part of it. This was my first time with the rifle and I’m a lot faster with it than the pistol. By the end, I was getting times just over 2 seconds. My BF was almost as fast. He said it looked like I wasnt even using the sights, and that I was starting to pull the trigger before I’d finished pointing it at the target. Next time, I want video. The RO told us there was a guy at the morning session getting times under 2 seconds with the pistol, Now THAT I’d like to see.
  13. ihasagun

    Timed Rimfire Competition Equipment Suggestions

    Thanks. The guy running the match has been shooting it for a year, and he has times under 2 seconds. That means I have plenty of room for improvement. But plinking is fun regardless.
  14. ihasagun

    Timed Rimfire Competition Equipment Suggestions

    Got a ruger 10/22 with a magpul stock, upgraded trigger, and reflex sight. Put a reflex sight in my ruger mark III. Shot with just the pistol last month. Got times between 3 and 5 seconds, which won in the women’s category. My BF got a snubby cheap pistol with iron sights and did not do well. I ordered a bunch of extra clips for both of my ruger firearms so we can share them without slowing down the match. I think all of the targets are probably within 10 meters, but rifles still out perform pistols. With the pistol, I had problems with losing the dot when going between close and “far” targets (i.e., less close), etc. I’m sure I can go faster with the rifle, and my BF is really looking forward to using the rifle. He’s not really a pistol fan. Thanks for all the advice.