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  1. That's too funny!! Thanks for sharing. I wonder if she was delivering a cook book!! LOL.
  2. Thanks for all the comments guys. I went with the Sig and I am very happy with it. My father in law went with me to get it and was impressed enough to have Cabelas try to find him one in their system. They've got it ordered for him. I was aware that it is DI. I can't afford a piston driven AR right now. Who knows, maybe that day will come. I've still got to get some optics on it and then I'll post some pics. Can't wait to shoot it. Thanks, Keith
  3. Initially, not much. I plan to put a Vortex Strikefire Red Dot scope on it and then start playing. I don't plan to make any modifications to it until I know there is something I don't like. With that said, if I do decide to change something out, I don't want to worry about the buffer tube not being mil spec.
  4. Thanks again. My decision to go with the Sig came down to 3 things... 1. The $799 price tag is the lowest I've ever seen for an M400. On Cabela's website, the only M400's they have listed on there are the Enhanced and the Predator. I know it isn't the predator, so I'm assuming it is the Enhanced with the Magpul components which makes that even a better deal. I'll have to check when I go back there today. 2. The commercial spec buffer tube on the WW vs. the total mil spec on the Sig. 3. The 1:7 barrel twist on the Sig vs. the 1:9 on the WW. Other than those items, I think they are pretty comparable. Both come with a limited lifetime warranty, although the WW is transferable and the Sig is not. I'd guess that the WW customer service is better than Sig's, but I'm hoping that I never have to find out. I'm not at the place in life to build an AR. I'm looking for something to get started. I doubt I'll ever put more than a few thousand rounds through it if that. I'm also not going to own 3 or 4 different AR's. Sooooo, I think the Sig is going to be my best bang in the price range I'm looking at. Thanks again for all the help.
  5. Ok. I've pretty much decided to get the Sig. I'm going today after work to look at them both 1 more time. I've learned a lot in the past few days. Thanks for all the comments, advice, and general input.
  6. Thanks for the advice. You confirmed my "funny feeling" regarding both!
  7. I thought it did, but I wasn't going to argue. I'm certainly no expert. Is that price as good as I think it is?
  8. Is it a joke that I'm considering it or is the price a joke? No joke here. Cabela's has the package for $749 and Cheaper Than Dirt Guns has it for $709. I understand it has a pencil barrel which is lower quality and heats up quickly and of course it is all polycarbon, but the price is hard to beat.
  9. I'm also considering the bushmaster Carbon 15 which comes with a Bushnell Ted Dot scope for $709. It just seems to be in a different class.
  10. I'm new to the AR15 family, but have decided to buy one. I found what I think to be an awesome deal. I currently have a Sig M400 on hold at Cabelas. They had it on clearance for $799. They also have a good sale on the Windham WW-15 for $699. I believe both are good guns and both feel good to me. I guess my question is this - is the M400 worth the extra $100 or am I just paying for a name? Any advice would be great - thanks. Keith
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