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  1. This is actually a terrible article and I can only hope that you DON'T LISTEN TO IT!!!! Let me pick it apart piece by piece much like a prosecutor would (if you were involved in a bad shoot) Frist of all, if you are paying attention, this "professional" lives in St. Thomas !!!! He's not offering this advise from Chicago or Cleveland. CALL 911 3rd ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me warn you ahead of time. Let a good investigator find out that you made phone calls to other people etc. BEFORE you called 911 and you are going to get ate alive. I have an idea, take the time and call your insurance agent too. Make sure you are going to be covered for all that blood leaking out on your rug. You'll also need some paint and plaster work done too I'm sure. If you have the suspect down, there is nothing wrong with trying to plug the holes, maybe cover him up to keep shock from setting in. I'm certain you won't want to, but what you do after the shooting looks great in front of a jury if it should go that way. BUT REMEMBER !! Your safety and your families comes first. The suspect that broke in comes last. AND there could be more than one target to worry about. Talking to the 911 operator. DON'T BE STUPID!!!!! Do exactly what the operator says to do. STAY ON THE PHONE with that operator as long as they want you to. REMEMBER , they are telling the responding young pumped up officers coming to a shooting "man with a gun call" that YOU ARE THE GOOD GUY! They need to know exactly where you are what you are wearing and if you are still armed or not. They may and very possibly will tell you to lay down your weapon prior to them coming in or you going out to them. So it was your house. It's 0400 hrs. and someone broke into YOUR house and you felt that your life and everyone's life inside your house was in danger and you fired your weapon to protect your life.............. If after all that, you don't want to yell at the top of your lungs " That arsehole broke into my house and was trying to kill me" and give a statement to the first detective that wants to take it, in my humble openion, you are a fool. But, that's only my opinion. So lets go with you want to lawyer up. It's very simple. At some point, an officer will sit you down in a small room with bright lights and rubber hoses. (just kidding) You'll be read Miranda. No you aren't "Mirandized" there is no such thing. The officer will read it to you and you will also read it. There will then be a section that you will read to make sure that you understand. That's called the waiver. You'll read and sign that too. Then simply tell your story. You were the victim. The bad guy chose you and your loved ones to victimize. They broke into your home and tried to hurt you and your loved ones. You defended yourself. TELL THE INVESTIGATOR YOUR STORY. Or as I said, if you want to Lawyer up, (not talk till you consult with an attorney) then just tell the officer that you have nothing to say until you see your attorney and the interview will stop immediately. Tell the officer you want to go to the hospital ????? yep, I've heard all that before. I've never understood why. LEO do it all the time. And I have no clue why. Maybe so they can take time to calm down ? Call the wife and or girl friend maybe both in that order ?? lol It's a stall tactic that's not needed. Something that someone came up with and everyone has ran with. Evidence: How can I say this carefully. BS !!!!!!!!!!! Unless you live in Mayberry, no PD is going to let you wander around in a crime scene (that's what it is) and point out evidence. That's what investigators are for. Oh, and like it or not, the house will be gone through and there will be an investigation. If you have nothing to hide, a permit to search can be signed by the home owner to save the officers a lot of work and time, or you can make them prepare a search warrant and have it signed by a judge. (which will happen) But officers will come in and investigate. I don't know Michael Sheesley I don't know his back ground. It just bothers me when people use scare tactics to warn the public about the police and how they do their jobs. I am a Homicide Investigator Crime Scene Technician Cold Case Investigator Firearms Instructor Glock Master Armorer Sig Armorer Remington Armorer I'm not an attorney but I've been a police officer for 28 years. Use that information if you like.
  2. By adding a suppressor, I'll be back at a full sized entry weapon. I really wanted to keep it small. I really like the idea of the "big bullet going really fast!" But I want to be able to exit my car in a full entry vest (and I may be driving on top of that) So, the 10" or that ball park weapon is important. And remember, if you have to pull the trigger, you usually never hear it.
  3. MHU692

    Indiana CCP

    I realize this is an old post. But it seems that the people that I see open carry are cowboys. And I think it's very cool you spoke with the Chief about how they like to have people carry. I am a police officer in a large city in Indiana. When off duty, I would NEVER walk around with my weapon exposed. I would rather it be a surprise if I need it. I don't need the bad guy knowing I have it. Also at the outside chance you get pulled over, officers also really like being told you have a Personal Protection Permit when they stop you. And providing a copy of that license along with your DL and registration is the polite thing to do.
  4. Well.... Thank you. With the information about the .300 BLK , I researched the round and then started looking for the SBR upper. The last part of the two is going a little slow. But, I'm still searching if anyone knows of an outlet where I can find one.
  5. That's kinda my idea. My 16" Colt is a great entry weapon. BUT if I had the ability to take a heavier round in, shorter barrel on an entry, well I guess that would be my choice.
  6. Thanks Ninja.... I checked the site and see that you can order up the Blackout and .223 but nothing said about the 7.62 I guess a phone call is in order. I love their design, but just really feel the need to build it myself.
  7. Has anyone ever seen a 10" in .308 and if so, can you tell me what brand and where???
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