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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I'm familiar with that 21 Grip comparison. That's where I started my hunt. Having all the pics side by side is nice but they don't really give any more info than the Manufactuer's page does. I saw the Umbrella Grip 23 but passed over it because it has no storage capability built in. Since it isn't too hard to find a grip with a storage compartment and my Vortex StrikeFire takes the oddball CR2 battery (that no other peice of gear I own takes) I'd like to continue to keep a battery with the rifle. I appreciate everyone's mention of their favorite grip but I'm really only interested in grips that provide a steeper grip angle (and preferably have storage).
  2. Thanks guys. It should be at my FFL on Friday so I should be able to get it on Fri or Sat. I'm guess that my 1st range trip will be to a 25 yd indoor range (boo) and I'll ballpark a 50 yd zero there. Hopefully I'll be able to get outdoors in not too long but the pickins are slim for outdoor ranges that are closeby. I'll post back some comments after I put some rounds through it. Sean
  3. Cerakoting is in the future and maybe never. I'll be looking into the rest asap! Thanks, Sean
  4. Hey everyone, Again, thanks for the feedback. I went with the Daniel Defense. I really liked the slick rail and figured the DD name would give me more street cred ;) If I want to get get it Cerakoted some day I can do that. I plan on adding a set of Magpul MBUS based on the drop tests at the following link: http://kitup.military.com/2012/07/back-up-iron-sight-drop-test.html http://vuurwapenblog.com/2012/07/08/buisoptic-drop-test/ The only other additions I'm considering are a flashlight and possibly some kind of forward grip. I don't know if I want nothing, a vertical grip, or one of those 45* deals. I plan on working the irons for a while and looking into a red dot optic later. Thanks! Sean
  5. Thanks for the other "top vendors" list. I'll explore those before making a final decision to see if something jumps out at me or I find a killer deal. Sean
  6. Thanks for all the opinions guys, especially "Mr. Member ID: 1" ;) DD is rising to the top of my list based on your replies and I'll be searching for the best price I can find shortly. Unless some earth-shattering new information comes in I'll be getting the DD. Thanks! Sean
  7. Hey all, I have been reading up on AR-15's for a while and am now in the market for my 1st. I've narrowed down my selection to 2 platforms that I like. Both appear to be similar rifles and I have found them at a similar price point (not enough difference for me to care). I'll list the PROS of each below (according to my thinking). The Daniel Defense M4 V7 (no sights) https://danieldefense.com/rifles/mid-length/daniel-defense-m4-carbine-v7-no-sights.html + Daniel Defense name + I really like their slick Modular Float Rail 12.0 + Comes with Magpul Stock (grip?, magazine?) The Core15 TAC II M4 FDE CERAKOTE http://core15rifles.com/core15-tac-ii-m4-rifle-fde-cerakote.html + I like the FDE coloring + Comes with Magpul Stock, Pistol Grip, P-Mag + What appears to be an awesome Lifetime Warranty + Unloaded weight is 5.9 lbs (vs the 6.4 lbs for the DD) They both seem to have the same basic "features": + chrome line 4150 CMV govt profile barrel + low profile gas block + flash hider + M4 feed ramp + flat top The other rifle I'm considering is the Spike's Tactical ST-15 16" Mid-Length LE w/ 13.2" SAR but it is my 3rd choice http://www.spikestactical.com/new/ss/st15-16midlength-le-w132-sar-p-812.html Does anyone have an feedback on the DD vs the CORE15? Anything I'm not considering? My favorite part of the DD is the Slick Rail which I think I could buy separately for the CORE15. The only thing about the CORE15 is that I wasn't familiar with the brand until recently but I've read some good things. Thanks, Sean
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