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  1. I'd be very interested to know how this part works out. Please post back when you get it in and try it out!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I know lots of people like the TDBG but I really want the steeper grip angle which, as far as I know, it doesn't have. As you say, I'd like to have the compartment, that's where I keep a spare batt for my Vortex StrikeFire (since the CR2 is an odd-ball battery).
  3. Hey all, I'm wanting to pick up a new grip for my AR-15 that has a steeper grip angle to, potentially, releive some wrist fatigue. It looks like the prime candidates are the Bravo Company Gunfighter Mod 1 http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-GUN-FIGHTER-s-Grip-GFG-Mod-1-Black-p/bcm-gfg-mod-1-black.htm http://www.amazon.com/Bravo-Company-Gunfighters-Rifles-BCM-GFG-MOD-1-BLACK/product-reviews/B00930O1US/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?showViewpoints=1 Troy Ehanced CQB Grip https://troyind.com/products/grip-control-blk Stark SE-1 http://www.starkequipment.com/ http://jerkingthetrigger.com/2010/11/17/review-stark-equipment-se-1-ar-15-pistol-grip/ Thoughts? Advice?
  4. Already acquired a few parts: - DD 14.5" Carbine Pencil Barrel - Magpul Carbine Length Hand Guard - Fixed Front Sight Gas Block - all the little pins, nuts, tubes for the upper - already have a Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot I am planning on getting the Spike's Upper & a Spike's BCG I am planning on getting a Cav15 Polymer lower & Magpul rear BUIS Eventually I'll upgrade the Optic, probably to an Aimpoint H-1/T-1 Should make a very light rifle.
  5. I have a good quality upper... I have a complete DDM4V7 in fact... I'm trying to build an AR for my girlfriend who is 105 lbs... 2 of the 3 items on the list most would consider good quality. I was surprised by the numbers I saw and wondered if anyone else was... Don't you find it interesting that the Spikes with no FA is heavier than the DD WITH an FA?
  6. I wouldn't be surprised at all if there was some variance in the weight of these items (although I wouldn't suspect .26 oz on a machined part). That being said, the heavier Spikes has no FA and no provision for an FA. The lighter DD weight includes an installed FA. DD is, obviously, going out of their way to make a light upper. Spike's is advertising a reduction of 1.5 oz off a standard Mil-Spec Upper. Thus the DD is 1.75 oz off a standard Mil-Spec Upper... but doesn't remove any features...
  7. Hey guys, I'm doing a lightweight AR build for my girlfriend and have been looking at stripped uppers. What I found surprised me. I was searching for a "slick sided" upper to save weight. The 1st I found (and really only truly slick upper) was the DPMS Low Pro Upper. The site says it weights .66 lbs = 10.56 oz http://www.midwayusa.com/product/138383/dpms-upper-receiver-stripped-ar-15-low-profile-flat-top-matte The 2nd item I found was the Spike's Tactical SlickSide Upper. It has no FA but does have a deflector and dust cover. listed 7.26 oz. http://www.spikestactical.com/new/sss/upper-reciever-m4-slickside-no-forward-assist-multi-cal-p-926.html The 3rd item I stumbled across was the regular old Daniel Defense A4 Upper. It has all the bells and whistles and comes in at... 7.00 oz. https://danieldefense.com/components-parts/stripped-uppers/a4-upper-receiver-assembly.html So, what gives? I expected the less goodies on the Upper the less weight but these 3 examples are the opposite! Obviously there is no real trick here and the DPMS design is simply bulkier or the weight isn't precise. Daniel Defense's motto is LIGHTER, STRONGER, BETTER... and it looks like they may have milled out some material underneath the picatinny rail. Still, I was surprised at what I found.
  8. Apologies but I never actually moved forward with this mini-project. I've just been using my single point sling.
  9. That one might actually work. It is definitely longer than 1" center to center spacing on the bolt pattern (based on looking at the images of the JP & Samson parts where the bolt heads nearly tough the QD receiver). I'll shoot them an email. Thanks.
  10. I'm new to the AR platform. None of my other rifles have rails up front and so I'm still undecided on my shooting technique regarding my how I hold the rifle with my off-hand (VFG, AFG, Magwell, Hand Stop, just the rail itself) and off-hand placement (near, middle, far end). I've been playing around in dry-fire practice with a Magpul style rail grip with my thumb over the top, way out front. At the moment the 3 3" picatinny rail sections are at 3, 6, & 9 all the way forward just like it came from the factory. I intend on using 1 of them for a flashlight. 1 or 2 for a VFG/AFG if I decide to go that route/try that route. The reason I don't want to use a section for my QD mount is simply that it seems unnecessary and I like the slick rail look. Since there are products out there designed to attach directly to the rail w/o a picatinny section, why have the added weight and bulk for no reason?
  11. Thanks for the update. As expected, the spacing on the MFR isn't compatible with a 1" spacing on the Mount. I took some rough measurements and they are shown below. As you can see the MFR looks like it has 5/8" slots spaced 15/16" away from one another. This gives an approximate minimum bolt pattern spacing of 1 1/8" up to a max of about 2" (for a single set of neighboring slots).
  12. I like that 1st link but don't think the spacing on the bolts will work out. I don't really want to go with a picatinny solution.
  13. Thx for the KAC update. The 1st link you posted looks good but requires a picatinny rail underneath and I'm not looking for that. The 2nd link you posted was the most promising thing I found that I said looked a bit bulky (but I posted the wrong link... it's fixed now). These looks nice, particularly the Samson (and the price is nice too). I would appreciate it if you could get a measurement on the spacing on your JP. Take a look at the link to the MFR system. It looks to me like there is no way the Samson or JP would work as the spacing on the mount looks much narrower than the slots on the rail. I'm guessing I'm going to end up with the http://www.impactweaponscomponents.com/product/qd-rotation-limited-mount/ But I wanted to see what else was out there and what others were using.
  14. Hi all, I've got a Daniel Defense M4 V7 https://danieldefense.com/rifles/mid-length/daniel-defense-m4-carbine-v7-no-sights.html It comes with the Daniel Defense Modular Float Rail 12.0 https://danieldefense.com/rail-systems/modular-float-rail/modular-float-rail-12-0.html I'm wanting to get a QD Sling Swivel Mount for the rail for use with a 2 or 3 point sling. It looks like this product will definitely work but it seems like it is a little bulky http://www.impactweaponscomponents.com/product/qd-rotation-limited-mount/ And supposedly this product will work too but I don't really need the HK hook interface http://www.impactweaponscomponents.com/product/ocp-sling-mount-n-slot-designed-for-magpul-industries-corp-ms2-ms3-slings/ This product seems like it might work and appears to be a little more low profile http://www.operationparts.com/KAC_Knight_s_Armament_Keymod_Rail_Sling_Mount_p/30708.htm Does anyone have experience/suggestions on a good, low profile, QD swivel stud mount (that does NOT hook to picatinny but instead directly to the rail) for the Daniel Defense Modular Float Rail? Thanks, Scout
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