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  1. I use a stand up style electric smoker. It is 36" in height and you can get long handguards and barrels in it. Do not use a gas oven, the moisture from the gas burning will dull your finish. Never do it in your kitchen oven, the catylist is very toxic and has some really bad side effects on your nervous system. And yes the stuff smells pretty bad, even when curing it.
  2. Dino11

    6mm ARC

    This build has finally come to fruition, I heard about these about 10 months ago and was going to build a Grendel. But after doing some research I held off on the gredel build and waited for the 6 Arc to release. I glad I did wait, this rifle shoots nothing short of spectacular. Ammo is hard to get right now but I have 440 rounds and enough components to reload another 2500. I had already accumulated many of the parts to do the build before the release, just needed the barrel, gas block and tube, muzzle device, and hand guard. I stuffed the lower that I CNC machined from Colts CAD program with a CMMG lower parts kit and a Larue MBT2S trigger, KAC receiver extension, Luth AR stock. Then Ordered an Odin Works 18" barrel, Atlas muzzle comp, their matched bolt, and their adj gas block and +2 rifle length gas tube. The barrel is rifle +2 length. Then topped it off with a Vortex Viper HSTII 6X24 scope.Recoil is so mild with this I can see the hit looking through the scope and it is shooting sub MOA with ease using factory match ammo. Really like this thing. Using my spent brass I can reload for about .35 a round, so it is very affordable to shoot and has ballistics similar to a 308 and is still supersonic at 1400 yards. For some reason I could not add the URL for the pictures so I added the links http:// http:// http:// http://
  3. I'm pretty sure it's made from 6061 as well. The finish is pretty good, but I have seen better. I think UTG has seen the light and is starting to produce a better product in their PRO line. They see a market for the higher end stuff, and are try to get their foot in the door. Hence the lower price, this thing is rock solid on my rifle. Has a nice slim contour to it. Multiple acc. mounting options as well. Weight is not bad either. Even some of their scope options have come up a notch or two. But agreed, they are in way to deep in the airsoft market to give a true rifle guy a warm fuzzing feeling about their quality.
  4. Still a nice hand guard for the money... whether it is borrowed or not. Can you give me examples of who used it before UTG. It is rock solid and has a nice feel to it. What is it made of? And do you have one, so you can give a good analysis of it?
  5. Do you have a picture of the barrel nut? Sounds a lot like the UTG PRO one, you don't have to clock it either. And it has a sleeve that fits inside of it with threaded holes that when you slip the rail over the barrel nut the screws fit through elongated slots on the barrel nut and thread into the sleeve. It is a unique system, but it works very well. My UTG PRO Slim is rock solid on the mounting, and it uses six hex screws at the 3-6-9 o'clock positions as well. You use shims to get the slots lined up if you need to, but the slots are pretty long and I didn't need to use any.
  6. I was told that it is not built by Colt, only branded Colt. Like most have said I like my Ar a little on the mid weight side. Helps with recoil and heat dissipation. But I guess that depends on your intended use.
  7. I am somewhat impressed with the AFAB, I have one on my rifle and have 200 rounds down the barrel with it. I had virtually zero muzzle rise, and was surprised that it was not very loud compared to other brakes I have owned or been around. Yes... it is louder than the A2 it replaced, but not by much. Very nice piece for the money.
  8. I have to ask what is so hard about loading an AR mag that you need a loader to help you. For me the rounds just pop in through the top of the mag, not like you have to push them down and slide them in like a pistol mag. I have three Uplula loaders for various calibers of pistol ammo, and I like them a lot. But to use it on an AR mag does not make sense to me, they are way to easy to load without one.
  9. If you have not already purchased from PSA, good luck getting one. Their stuff sells out real fast. I got one of their Premium hammer forged kits a couple months back for 750 shipped, pretty good deal for a chrome lined 1:7 twist and nice BCG. Just had to add a stripped lower and had a nice shooter for 800 bucks. A comparable gun would have been over a grand easy from a gun shop.
  10. If you can get a Chrome lined, hammer forged, 1:7 or 1:8 twist mid length kit from PSA for under 750.00. And all you need to do is add a stripped lower, do it. You will have a nice rifle that will give you many years of trouble free enjoyment for 2 to 3 hundred less that a store bought one. Even their triggers are pretty good. I put one together last week and was amazed at the groups it shoot at 100 yards right out of the box, and I know it will get better. I did smooth and polish the trigger and hammer sear faces, but that was the only modification I did outside of the normal build. Trigger has zero creep, and almost no over travel. It could be a little lighter pull, but that can be fixed for less than 15 bucks.
  11. Whats it costing you to reload a round? I do pistol rounds, but nothing rifle, just wondering if it is worth it.
  12. I just received a 1,000 rounds of Lake City M855 Green tip from PSA today for 439.00 shipped, took advantage of their free shipping deal a few days ago. It did take a couple minutes to get here.
  13. First post, but have been lurking around for a while. I purchased a PSA Premium kit, and am very satisfied with it. I got the 16" CHF chrome lined barrel with 1:7 twist. With the complete lower parts kit, everything went together just as it should. I did however smooth and polish the sear face on the trigger and the hammer. The trigger is very crisp and has zero creep with very little over travel. I mateted it up to a stripped lower from Stag that I picked up from a local gun show for 99.00 and have under a 1,000.00 in the rifle with an optic. Very happy with it, it shots everything I feed it and hits where I point it. Definitely a tack driver. You wont go wrong with one of their premium kits.
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