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  1. Thought I would share with you guys the elevated platform I built to hold my dies. I was always jealous of guys that had ones made of metal and I couldn't make that happen but I made one of wood and it looks cool to get stuff off of the table. I like that it keeps the dust out of my dies since their pointed down. Ive been making som upgrades to my reloading bench lately. Better washers on bolts and such. I got caught up on reloading so I have time to work on the bench now. Cheers guys.
  2. Be interesting to see what king of muzzle velocity that thing has. Man, bad day for a prarie dog. Really pretty barrel.
  3. Whats the best way to check case capacity? Fill them up with powder and weigh it? I use lapua and hornady brass but sometimes I wish I only had one or the other. I think the capacity between the two is slightly different. Ive noticed about a 10fps muzzle velocity difference between the two.
  4. Thanks guys, dang I don't have a lathe. You're right I doubt I have the right drill either. Hmm. Im guessing the 36 in the number is the thread count? Ive noticed a Barnes bullet manufacturer near my work. Maybe they could do it for me or a local gunsmith. I measured the case I bought that goes on the distance to lands tool and the headspace is about 5 thousandths too short to be equal to my fired cases. Ive written down that 5/16''- 36 here so I can look for it. GLS is right Ill have to do it for every rifle I reload for. I don't see why the case being the same as a fire formed would matter because the bullet still goes in just as far but I guess it does??? Why would the headspace being off 5 thousandths matter here? Hmm.
  5. Where can I buy the drill bit to put threads into the head of the case so I can use one of my fire formed cases in my hornady overall length gauge? I was noticing some guys were saying that using a fire formed case when determining distance to lands gives you a more reliable reading. I figure I can measure the threads on my hornady overall length gauge and get the right bit for it? You guys ever do this? Maybe I should call hornady and ask em about the threads and the best tool for this. They should sell one.
  6. Greg I've been wondering. I see you have compiled data for 9, 30 cal bullets here. I understand the importance of the knowing the lands, col, and length but what do you use the measurement of B-- the shank? For? The part that is in contact with the barrel. Also why do you need the distance to the ogive written down? Doesn't distance to lands sort of speak a more useful ogive measurement? Ive been working all week and thinking what you do with these numbers. The only thing I think about is distance to lands and then bullet length for putting it into the ballistic calculator. I guess I put the BC in the computer too. Ive been wondering about another thing too. I wish there was a way to measure with my calipers the depth Ive seated primers. Id like to know how much they vary. I could go back through and make them all closer and closer to exactly the same. Someone should patent a tool for this. I was thinking I could dedicate a pair of calipers and solder a little metal ball of the one end to push against the primer but I can't figure out where to push on the case. Maybe pull on the case head. Hmm.
  7. So towtruck,. Im curious, so your cheaper calipers were coming up with inconsistent numbers where the more expensive ones were dead on? It made that much difference? Sometimes when Im seating bullets for a bullet seating depth ladder they come up with up to 2- 3 thousandths difference. I didn't see how it could be the die. Maybe its the calipers. I use hornady calipers with a ogive comparator. I thought maybe I was trying to be too OCD to have them all be the same exactly to the thousandth. When Im doing a bullet seating ladder sometimes I back the die off every round and come down to make sure their all perfect. It sounds like you reassessed your distance to lands data. My lands have seemed to have moved 3 thousandths so I may do another bullet seating depth test for my go to load to see if it has gotten obsolete. Were you really that impressed with the starrett calipers?
  8. Lets see a recent pic? Did you make adjustments? I can't wait to see mine after my current plans for change. Getting an annealing machine and a digital powder measure, and a stainless steel media polisher. Pretty excited.
  9. I wonder how much you like it after a few trips to the range. I was considering buying an AR by them when I got my daniel defense. I like their AR race gun lineup. They have em with that cool new camo job. Howes that thing shoot?
  10. Thats pretty cool. I don't have any shelves at the moment and Im fine. I have a table space about like that. I lay down some towels and lay my gear neatly out on them. I don't enjoy working on a hard surface so I lay down different towels to move cases around on. If your right handed I would move the press to the right side of the table so you have a nice place to sit and study things in the middle. Also you may want to add another layer of wood under the press to give it more rigidity as that table may flex. I took a 2ft square piece of wood and bolted it under the press. You can also attach the table to the wall so it won't move. Theres little angle attachers at home depot that take screws. I use a stud finder to attach them to the wall where theres a stud. Ive also never worried much about the danger of primers and powder. Primers don't do anything and the powder not under pressure is no big deal. If lit on fire it just fizzes and makes smoke. It doesn't explode unless its under pressure. Id put the tumbler on the floor somewhere and lay a beach towel across the back of the table to set your dies and hand tools on. If you don't have a stand for the powder measure you can cut a small piece of 2x4 and bolt it to the table and the powder measure silver thing to the top of that. Heres mine at the moment. If you look under my press the wood is 2 layers thick and I have a bolt on each corner plus a few random screws to tighten them together making them one piece. I just stack my primers and bullets at the back and usually leave the powder on the floor under the table. I don't have carpet so Im not worried about static electricity and I don't smoke. I like these 3 different bath towels. When I work the cases they migrate from one towel to another so I don't have a bunch of metal clanking around on wood and rolling and such. I think if your press were above that street sign the table would be more fung schway. That looks fun. Enjoy.
  11. Do what I do. Let your range bag spill cases all over the lawn and put your used targets out by the trash. No ones going to pick that house. And yes, random gunshots outside helps too.
  12. Sweet. I love that reassuring sound you did something right buddy. Haha.Theres not much better. I prefer steel over animals cause you don't have to go skinning something every time. Im heading to the range tomorrow myself. I think its going to look good on paper. I have four good loads for 4 different bullets. My goal is to achieve good dope to 1000 with all four so I have 4 bullet choices. I got the utah hunting regulations book today at the store so I need to see what in season and when. I definitely want to eat an antelope. Maybe an elk. I need to learn what the heck a chukar is? Its some effin bird I guess. haha. I might eat one of these big rabbits I see. I wanna come blast these vermin prarie dogs you guys have sometime.
  13. I found out the thing to do with getting groups at longer ranges was to hang a steel plate next to the paper target. I get on the steel real good and then lay into the paper a few shots. Only problem is with 223 you can't even hear the bullet his the steel. 308 is a different story.
  14. This is awesome newbe. Setting up the lab is part of the fun. Man you might not come back in the house for a while. Im about to start making custom reloading tool blocks out of stained wood. Lets see how mine turns out. Just got access to a woodshop. I figure it can hold my powder measure in the center and then have 308 equipment on one side and 260 equipment on the other.
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