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  1. Ligter BCG works ?? Is your buffere marked in the big end with a H or H2 and nothing? Can you weight it? carbine buffer is 3oz H is 3.8oz, H2 is 4.6oz Difference in weight of the BCG is only around 1.65oz difference and should not effect function Justa little faster or slower cycling when changing between BCG's. The difference has to be in the function differences of your bcg body. Try to run your bolts body in your buddies rifle. If it does not work I would look at a passage block in your gas key area, That's all that's left
  2. I had the same thing happen with mine. The pin just did not lock in like it should . Even thought I had dropped the pin in backwords the second time. Finally doing nothing different on the thrird time I could feel the pin snap into place and all worked fine. Still not sure what happened. You say you put the safety in and pushed the pin into place with a allen and it still did not set into the to the detent in the safety ?? The pin is not going thru far enough and that can be seen with no safety in the way. Or The location of the hole in the lower or detent in the safety is located wrong?? Doubt its the safety How about dropping the spring into place and using your caliper see if the distance to the pin measures from the left side and that it match's the edge of the detent when measureing the distance over on the safety ??
  3. I got a criterion barrel from brownells that came in a 1/4" thick round tube with a well padded barrel packed and oiled in side that took a old trim saw to cut threw the cardboard to get it out it with. I think it could have been used as a bat or throwed in to and out of the truck and not hurt it. CTD sucks.
  4. Why don't you make a 1/2' + or - notch in your handgard and save the dollars. Just fit it around the gas block you have. Touch the 3 edges with a high temp flat black paint. All it will cost is a bit of time and a dermal owned, begged or barrowed and a small file to smooth the edges .
  5. What make and model free float tube did you buy and did it come with a barrel nut too. If so that all you need to tight down against the barrel. NO extra "jamming nut" needed. If the FFT assemble you bought is no longwer than your 9.25 " it should work. Now some FFT mid-length gaurds are longer in the11 inch range and were designed to go over a small gas block.
  6. All my lower parts came in late yesterday and now in place and in the lower. Just waiting on gas block, tube and free float tube. Hope it works when done!! The RRA trigger is nice , works well and with the yellow spring the pull does have a lower pull weight but not what I was looking for. I have not done anything extra yet to it. No polishing or cleaning up edges but it is tight and grit free not like stock triggers.
  7. Don't discount criterion barrel's as a run of the mill chrome bore barrel. They will shot as well as the better production barrels , chrome bore and all. They are also know as sub moa barrels. Krieger aka criterion botton rifled barrel are a very good barrel made to kriegers there normal skill levels. I am new to AR's but not knew to quality rifles and barrels and have followed criterion from there beginning. have a couple buddies using them as replacement barrels on older rifles and all are sub moa shooters.
  8. New build? Light weight bcg ,short carbine gas system and 3oz carbine buffer maybe.
  9. I looked at the hypertouch but passed on it ,everything is ether here or in route. Some should be here Monday and tuesday.
  10. It will be a few weeks before I'm done. But will let you know. When all parts are in I'll try to get some photos worth looking at and a review.
  11. I have a aero percision upper with a criterion barrel for a build that looks to be a good m4 match up.
  12. ridgerider1 That is covered about as well as it can be. I would much rather have a 1/4"bore version or 6.5 in the ar15 than the blackout rifle for hunting and if you gota have it suppressed they can still do a job well enough in the civilian market. Then a 7.62x39 is more practical for those that want a better choice for hunting and cheaper for the average plinker
  13. Well I finally got my barrel in and its only a month old for being made, well oiled and the tube it came in was in perfect shape so I guess UPS did not use it for a bat or spear. I did buy the criterion 16" hybrid, with a good chrome bore . I also change the trigger I am going to use. After all my wanting a single stage I odered a RRA NM trigger and a yellow spring kit I may or may not use. It should have a 3 1/2lb pull total weight after a few rounds fired . Waiting for more parts to come in.
  14. Like I said , do to the fact that other family members will also get some trigger time with this rifle I will not go lower than 3 lbs. Just spending time looking for znd reading reviews of triggers. Try'n to decide.
  15. I could maybe bundle a deal on a bye trigger group, free float tube and gas block. he said he was a week or two out on the FFT.
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