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    CMMG 22LR Conversion Kit

    hey guys I know this is a way old thread but Its the only one I can find on the topic. I have a ccmg 22 conversion kit for my ar15. I havent tried it in other rifles but im not striking the rounds hard enough to fire them for the most part like 1 in 10. Tried using different ammo and its not that. Im thinking its my hammer since I have a civilian hammer and its pretty much just a sere and a straight piece of metal. I've also had a trigger job done so Im thinking maybe if I add wieght to the hammer itll have enough energy to set off the rimfire cartridges. Any thoughts?
  2. shaw08

    22lr ammo is it ever coming back?

    People fail to recognize the basic principles of the markets. There is a lot of bad business practices going on in the gun market as a whole right now but most of it is being driven by some of these preppers with ridiculous bank accounts. The guys that are paying $400 for 1000rnds of 9mm, $1000 for 5000 22lr, 1400 for plain jane ar 15's, they are setting a precident for the market place. They are telling these businesses that people are willing to pay an inflated price for these products. Business 101 buy low and sell high and thats exactly what these guys are doing. The other big issue I keep seeing is between the producers and distributors. On average you are seeing something like 4-5 middle men before a box of ammo shows up to your local gun shop. Then when you try to buy direct(or atleast when you think you are) you end up paying the same price for a box of ammo online+shipping as you would at a local shop. The other big issue is that most places arent selling ammo by the box of 20 or 50 anymore they are selling lots of 500-1000. Again this is caused by people being outlandish. If we want prices to go back down to reasonable levels we as the consumers have to take a stand and stop buying these ridiculously priced products. But unfortunately too many people are willing to pay an arm and a leg to get some false sense of security.
  3. shaw08

    Minimum wage. What should it be?

    By increasing minimum wage the only thing you accomplish is a temporary feel good measure. At the same time your taking the bottom steps off the ladder for low skilled workers. Meaning there will be a lot less job opprotunities for people coming out of school, and just becoming part of the work force. The socialist always like to point their finger at "evil greedy corporations" for giving so little to these "poor and under paid workers" but the simple fact of the matter is that the cheaper they can pay workers to do a job the more people they can give opprotunities to. At the same time it is a matter of good business ethics to make your workers want to work for you. While working a low skilled job may not pay good initially, you are at the same time earning job experience and if your a good worker your supervisor will likely be more willing to promote you thus raising your wage. By forcing compaines to pay their workers a certain wage they are not going to be able to higher a lower quality worker for the ammount they are being forced to pay, this also eliminates incentive for the worker to try harder since he is getting paid more to do the same type of job, now that this company is paying more for labor it is going to either have to raise its prices(thus causing inflation), higher less workers, and promote less people. It is in the companies best intrest not to raise its prices or it will become uncompetitive in the market place,which will more then likely result in the business looking for technologies that will streamline the labor portion of its business. Just as you may have noticed many grocery stores having self check out stations where you will have 2-4 lanes being run by one teller. Or how a lot of industrial plants have as many auto mated processes as possible only being managed by a few people as upposed to decades ago where you would see massive assembly lines, being run by 10-20 times the amount of workers. I can go on and on about how companies being forced to raise their wages causes them to implement measures that are counter productive to the work force, but the simpliest way to look at it is, if raising the minimum wage worked then why do we keep having to raise it? And if that doenst explain it well enough why are they dicking around with $10/hr or $15/hr. Why not just raise it to $50/hr and nip this problem in the butt once and for all? If raising the minimum wage does nothing but great things why not just take it all the way? The simple answer is that it does nothing but provide short term appeasement to the bigger problem which is inflation. Many times you will hear people say "well if you accounted for inflation for the minimum wage 50years ago the minumum wage today would be $25/hr", they simply dogde the bigger issue of inflation and try to blame businesses. The Federal reserve was sold to the American public as a way to keep the dollar from lossing its value, and ever since the creation of it the Dollar has lost approx 97% of its value. Nobody will address this problem in the mainstream media and thats because the people causing this problem are the people who pay the news corporations millions of dollars a year to say what they want them to say. Something like 12000 news papers 1100 news channels, and a few other media sources are all run by 3 mega corporations. And your telling me that what they are putting out is completely fact and unbias information? Whens the last time youve heard a news report that just said "heres what happened and heres who did it"? Probably not for quite some time its always "this group is doing this or that" and its usually not true. Many Americans are under the impression we have a free market, when we havent had that for nearly 100years. We have been living under a soft form of socialism for the past 100years, and we have allowed them to make us believe that we are the epitome of freedom when there is nothing further form the truth. Every day we are slidding down the slippery slope of socialism into something far more devious just as every other country that has implemented it often does. "No tyrant comes to power offering tyranny, they come to power promising hope, and change"
  4. I get where you are going but I prefer to train myself and others to the equipment, and on all the principles of marksmanship. Theres many different techniques to compensate for shooter error, or equipment short comings. But coming from a military background id rather have known data on the equipment and knowing the feedback from the point of aim to point of impact and be able to tell if its shooter error rather then wondering if my adjustments are wrong because of how I mounted the scope instead of how I made the adjustments, or if I pulled the shot. If your rail mounted optic isnt sitting level on the gun because of the rail itself, then no matter how you mount and zero your going to see different feedback then you would be expecting. You can still adjust and get decent results with bad equipment as long as its consistent. I did also mention checking with a plum line in my original post and still recommend it.
  5. While that is true at the time you take your shot. My point is that you make sure your rifle is level with the earth, then your scope level to the rifle. Otherwise youll have to make sure your optic is level before every shot instead of just making sure your holding your rifle correctly. And its not a big deal if your hunting 100-200yd but if your not square past that youll start seeing wierd shot placements
  6. shaw08

    5.56 conversions

    I was mainly thinking of the heavier 9mm pills or some of the longer .357 sig bullets. Thought it would be an easier cheaper way to make a short range bullet kinda mimicking the 300blk but able to shoot lead cast for cost effectiveness. Performance goals probably wouldnt be past 200. Still doing reseach on what kind of velocities I could push these too while being safe from a mag fed AR platform. The .357 Maximum page I was on was saying 2000-2200fps out of 6in pistol and 3000ish out of a rifle length barrel. The pressure max they were working off was 48000psi, I believe so that leaves another 8000psi to work out of a ar15 platform but still making sure everything translates that way with that chambering. Things I can see being a problem is having too long of a case for the type of bullets and getting a powder flash like I've heard of in the old 38 supers. Obviously remedied with a heavier bullet but still lots of reasearch to get a real idea of whats possible in that realm. Really surprised nobody has gone all the way with this concept but maybe theres a reason. I know it doesnt offer anything ballistically but in my opinion alot of wildcats over the years really havent either.
  7. shaw08

    Best caliber for hunting?

    Thats one of the initial reasons why I liked it so much. But coming out of my own pocket theres not enough performance increase for the price of a new barrel and/or upper. And its not sammi spec so im stuck with only what I can make. I do think in the military application it would significantly increase performance but then again the military isnt really to worried about sub moa accuracy unless your a sniper. Other wise theyd be using better barrels and guns. Also from a logistics stand point 30-40 additional grains of copper and lead times the billions of rounds they buy adds up quick, and it doesnt offer enough to really make it worth buying millions of new rifles or even barrels and rebarreling the entire militarys rifles. I mean most marines are still walking around with M16's so thats the logistics that come into play. Honestly I dont think theres a new bullet out there that would make the military want it. They are mainly interested in technology that either protects a soldier or makes him more effective to the point of not shooting people. But I can go on for days about that. I know some of the super cool guy special ops get new rifles and optics but even they still stick with the same 5.56 and 7.62 for the most part. They may have some of the 300blk or 6.8spc chambering but then getting that ammo is a logistics problem which is why they stick with the same calibers as Joe. If it went sammi spec and got big like 300blk is doing now a days it might be more reasonable but even 300blk is still under produced for the market keeping the rounds in the .80-1.00 range per round even for the cheap stuff. When you start talking about match or sub sonic your looking between $2-3 per round
  8. Alot of guys talk about leveling a target/plum line then leveling the cross hairs on the targert, the problem with that is that you may not be holding the rifle level. So you cross hairs may be set while your holiding it at that target if your rifle isnt level at the same time then your wasting it. The goal is obviously to level the scope with your rifle not necessarily with your target. Which is why I level the rifle then the sope to the rifle and check both multiple times. If your a benchrest guy obviously leveling on your bech is prefered but I doubt they need my advice. If you have a vice that would be an easy deal to level your rifle in the vice then level the scope to it.
  9. shaw08

    .300 blackout, yay or nay

    People are dancing all around the Kenetic energy thing here saying half of the truth for both sides. Does kenetic energy matter? Well it matters what application your using it for. Do you want deeper penetration, fragmentation, expansion, or armor piercing in respect to damage done on target. You can load or buy special ammo for both the 5.56 and 300blk to do a little better at one thing or another. But it has less to do with bullet size, wieght, and velocity vs the actual intended bullet design. With your standard 55gr FMJ 5.56, and 147gr 300 blk (I just picked the most common rounds I know of) you will see different reactions on different target materials which also will play into your twist rates of your barrel. -he original M16 was designed to shoot the 55gr FMJ with poor stabalization so that when the bullet impacted soft tissue it would tumble creating a more substantial wound channel. But accuracy was lost with the 1/12-1/14 twist rate. The M4 on the other hand (modern AR15 variants) has a 1/7 twist and was meant to shoot heavier bullets such as the 62gr M855 and the M855A1 ammo that are better suited for deeper penetration on both soft and hard targets (ie light armor vehicles, buildings, body armor). -Now I heard the 300blk was originally started in a military trial by AAC and WC but Im not 100% sure about the military involvment. But as far as AAC developing the standard ball 147gr 300blk (there are lighter options available) they also wanted an accurate rifle as well. Im sure if the military had adopted it they would have wanted a steel penetrator in the ball ammo as well but as far as I know its not a thing yet. So your basically stuck with lead core copper jacketed bullets for the 300blk(atleast commercially). With the 300blk the biggest thing people talk about is kenetic energy and with the typesof bullet produced for it your really limited to soft targets for best performance. It is a bigger slower moving bullet so while if may have better energy initially it looses its advantage at around 250m off the top of my head which for most shooters is the max effective range of this cartrigde any ways. I did see a video of Travis Haley running it out of a suppressed sbr to 750m but it had something like a 3s time of flight and barely made a ping when it got there, then again at 750 5.56 doesnt have all that much more energy. Back to why your limited to better performance on a soft target (not that this is a bad thing at all) is because your rounds are made to expand. So while they may better transfer energy at closer distances where they are still able to expand at futher ranges they will destabalize and tumble The main thing people miss in this argument no matter what the calibers that are being discussed it no matter what bullet I shoot you with if I hit your heart you are going to drop dead no if ands or buts about it. Bullet placement always trumps size and velocity. So if you choose either of these calibers the most imparative thing is that you know your equipment and your hold overs. Bullet size is no compensation for shooter error. Even with good shot placement you will see varying based off range and what material you impact on target. The 55gr will penetrate better given it is proerly stabalized if it doesnt impact bone, while the 147gr will more then likely shatter the bone it impacts but wont have much left for a through and through shot. Ive seen guys take down deer at 300m+ with a 5.56 with a well placed shot going through the animal. And Ive see guys bounce 300blk off a hog head at 100m. So summarizing, neither is substantially better at taking down game especially once you get to the 2-300m range. Im sure somebody has seen one out perform the other at one range or on one animal then another but still it comes down to shot placement (and a little bit of luck). Niether are particullary great hunting rounds but if you cant hit your target in a vital organ you can watch deer run away with a 300winmag with a gut shot (seen it happen). Both are really meant for a military application, more rounds, shooting faster, lighter wieght, smaller platform. The russians actually went the opposite way with their latest AK74 which went from the 7.62x39 to the 5.45x39. When it comes to the miliatry's standpoint on it, it boils down to a logististical matter of how can we save money and resources, while still having an effictive soldier. Obviously if testing shows that a smaller round will still effectivley kill enemy soldiers they will opt for that one because they are puchasing billions of rounds so 100gr's of copper and leadx100billion will save money.
  10. shaw08

    5.56 conversions

    Hey guys I know this is an old thread but maybe somebody can help me out with this. Ive been all sorts of star struck with wildcats. I got all hot and bothered by the 6x45 till greg actually explained a lot to me but one thing I've heard guys mention very seldom is an idea I had a while back (im sure its been thought of before) is shoving a .357/9mm bullet into an expanded 5.56 casing. Cant seem to find any real info on this idea other then I found some dies labeled 357x45 and had no description or threads...nothing. The few threads I have seen somebody mention this most guys mention the .357 maximum or the rimless mag. But thats not quite what im thinking. Although a better pill may be an 8mm rifle cartridge but im not aware of the availability of either of the of these bullets. Still have a lot of research to do and some tinkering with a dremel and some brass. If youve heard of this being done before (which it probably has) please post either a link to some case/ballistic info please
  11. shaw08

    millett LRS

    hey i know this is an old post but does anybody have any things to say after using this scope. Had mine for a while remember having a hard time leveling it. Shot it twice then realized the reticle was canted. Spent about and hour messing with it and realized the reticle wasnt level with the scope. Never got passed the 100m line with it. Had a decent group at 100 with 175smk's but other then that I havent been able to really evaluate it just yet. Anybody have any reviews?
  12. I've always done something simliar to Redneckified. But a level on a flat surface of the rifle (in my case the picatinny scope rail) perpendicular to the rifle. Then mount the scope put a level on the turrets adjust til level. Then check the rifle and the scope a final time. After that you can hang a plum line and check the reticle against that
  13. Archangle makes a stock for the rem700 that takes the AR10 mags. And Mossbergs patrol/mvp comes from the factory with a stock that takes them. Most of the Mossberg patrols are only using 16' or 18' barrels though and im not a fan of the irons they put on them. Cant attest to the accuracy of the Mossberg patrol either seems more like a bush gun then a long range rifle obviously
  14. shaw08

    Down The Pike

    -Thanks again greg
  15. shaw08

    .300 blackout, yay or nay

    That is one of the few purposes it serves well and by all means if you like to use that tool for the job then feel free. Most of my bashing of the 300blk is the gear queers that think its turning their AR15's into AR10's. Just alot of misconception out there is all. Have had serveral arguments with some friends that talk about how great it is for a End Of Days gun, and that it is basically the next great thing since sliced bread. Its a cool caliber and like everything else it has its uses but its too specific of a niche for my taste and not nearly enough bang for the buck
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    Best caliber for hunting?

    Hey guys I've been in a similar situation lately. Been doing a lot of research but having a hard time finding solid data and having a hard time understanding some verbiage. I've narrowed my search down to the 6.5x45(tcu/pcc) not sure the difference between the two. Also interested in the .25x223, and the 7.62x40 wt. I understand the 6.5 require fire forming but not sure about the Rest of the process. The 7.62x40 seems good but not enough MV for my taste I'm looking for this round to be atleast as good as the 556 out til 300yds And .25x223 I can't seem to find anything but speculation on Please help
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    Down The Pike

    Hey Greg, I've been thinking about doing a 6x45, or 25x45 build for quite some time now. My main questions are is there any significanct difference in range and/or accuracy when compared to the 223. The best info I can find is they are really the same ballistically but the bigger calibers just have more wieght and therefore more energy at target. Also I am having a hard time deciding which one to build (I cant do both). Im leaning more toward the 25x45 since im looking for heavier bullets. I want to be shooting over 100gr up to 600yd, feeding properly from the mag. Is that a reasonable expectation or am I hoping too much for either round? If anybody has accurate ballistic charts of either round shooting heavy bullets id appreciate the help
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    .300 blackout, yay or nay

    So here's my thoughts on 300blk. Already had multiple arguments with a couple other friends -all the cons of the AR15 with none of the pros -the ballistics of a 30-30 or AK - paying the price of ammo for .308 I Had one with a 16in barrel back when I was a fuzzy but tacticool gear nerd. The 300blk was designed to serve on purpose in life, and that's to be a short barreled suppressed rifle without energy then the suppressed mp5 but quieter. So unless that is what you plan on making dont waste your money. Yes you can run a 16" barrel and get slightly better ballistics but at 200yrds your pushing your effective range. There are way better wildcat cartridges out there such as the 6x45, 6.5 ppc or 300 wildcat. Or you could go 6.8, 6.5 grendel,or AR30. All are better suited for just about everything than the 300blk. And they are just about as easy to buy. Much of them easier to reload. Or just step up to the ar10 or similar platform. The 300 blk is a huge fad and the only reason it is because AAC did a fantastic job of marketing mixed with the general ignorance of ar market
  19. shaw08

    Gun Ranges / Clubs

    Hey guys I am a member of modern day gun slingers. We've been in savannah for about a year now. We just finished our new range out in rincon. It's a members range only. 25m 180degree burm. Also looking to start teaching class' soon. Already have multiple NRA cert instructors. We're on Facebook and you can contact me on here for questions.
  20. shaw08

    Shooting courses/schools in the Savannah area.

    I am a member of modern day gunslingers in savannah ga. We just set up out range and class room. Our first class is going to be the first weekend of December. Right now were tailoring our classes to the needs of students until we get a more regular stream of students.
  21. shaw08

    Shooting courses/schools in the Savannah area.

    I am a member of modern day gunslingers in savannah ga. We just set up out range and class room. Our first class is going to be the first weekend of December. Right now were tailoring our classes to the needs of students until we get a more regular stream of students.
  22. shaw08

    Leos and those who wear vests for a living

    The way Ive always looked at that issue is im going to get soaked either way. If I wear rain gear under my kit then im going to sweat just as much, and get just as wet as I would be if I wasnt wearing a rain jacket at all. To me its just a matter of whats more comfortable. I take it your an LEO so you probably dont carry as much as I do in the military so a belt rig isnt a bad I dea but Ive just gotten used to have a plate carrier on for so long it doesnt bother me anymore
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    Veterans + Obamacare = No Firearms

    Unfortuanately this is the best and worst part of how it is implemented. Some doctors are normal people and understand there is more in this life then what they had shoved down their throats at princeton, but unfortunately more often then not they are just as bad as legislaters and believe themselves omnipotent. I am active duty but my mother recieves health care through the VA. I could go on for days about the highs and lows we've experienced in that system but to keep it short (most experience has been bad border line terrible), before my mother had cancer, she had a blown disk in her back. The last doctor kept putting off surgery and giving her pain meds for a very long time. So like all people who take pain meds she developed a tolerance for them. So when that doctor left and another one came in, the new doctor refused to fill her perscriptions and suggested pain management. When I talked to the doctor about how bad the pain was for her she snapped saying "I can tell she's a junkie, not only does she take way too much meds but she smokes, and everybody knows smokers are no better then junkies." This about sums up most of my experience with the VA until we started to take her to the one in Raliegh