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  1. Wagonbacker9

    Seating Length

    Mine has done extremely well in the lower weights (100 yard ladder load with 65gr and 8208 from 24-26gr all within about 4"), but the heavies have been fighting me all the way. 87gr vmaxes were about 2' left and about a 1' group at 200 yd. Compared to about MOA I am consistently getting out of a 55gr dogtown load seated to a 2.15" OAL. Basically defying all conventional wisdom.
  2. Wagonbacker9

    6X45 Load Data Compilation

    My 2 good loads so far in my 20" bull barrel: Midway Dogtown 55gr soft point - H322 - 25.4gr- 2.15" - CCI #400 - Lake City brass - 3000fps - ~MOA Unknown 65gr HPBT - AA2015 - 25.3gr - 2.27" - CCI BR4 - Lake City Brass - 2800fps - ~MOA
  3. Wagonbacker9

    Seating Length

    So today I started trying to develop the load I intend to get the most precision possible from (for whitetail hunting). in checking the length at which the bullet contacts the rifling I came up with 2.37 all the way out to 2.44. Obviously with a 2.30" max magazine length this is a little long, but seeing as my bullets (80-95gr) are so long this shouldn't present an major issue. Maybe a non issue, seeing as my midway dogtown bullets are extremely short and at 2.15" still shoot very nicely. So my question to the AR platform guys is, what length do you load to? Does it seem to matter a lot for you guys?
  4. Wagonbacker9

    6X45 Load Data Compilation

    awesome, its back online!
  5. Wagonbacker9

    Old Faithful Holsters, anyone heard of them?

    I've had 2. Back when they let you do your own kydex trimming and punch your own holes I put together one for my FNP-40. Now you can only buy one thats ready to assemble with holes punched, and I have one for my P250. No complaints and for someone like me who likes to DIY but would almost certainly screw up forming my own kydex, great money saver option.