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  1. Shadow, Thanks for your continuing contribution to my store of knowledge!
  2. Shadow, I don't know much about Novak other than he is the namesake of the pistol sights that adorn many a handgun, including my 1006. Is he still actively "smithing Smiths"?
  3. Retcop, I like your endorsement of S&W stainless steel hardware versus polymer based guns. You, as someone "in the trenches", validate my choice of the 1006. Maybe I'll buy an M&P or Glock -- someday!
  4. Shadow (or should I call you Lamont?), Thanks for your time and effort in posting these data items. I'm going slightly conservative with my loading because it's will be the first time using it. I hope that all powders are, and will be, readily available. Diversity is important!
  5. Bozz10mm, Well I just got a 1006 and I thank you for the information. I can attest to the need for safety in the disassembly/reassembly of the recoil spring. Care is called for lest you want to explain how you lost your shooting eye to the 1006 recoil spring or, more likely, the spring guide, which becomes the warhead propelled by the booster rocket called the recoil spring!
  6. I just acquired an S&W 1006. What little I have found so far suggests that the trigger characteristics that the pistol left the factory with are pretty much the ones that the owner is stuck with on these Third Generation designs. Anyone know of aftermarket enhancements? Any legendary gunsmiths who work their magic on the trigger? Or should I just be happy with the stock trigger?
  7. gandog56, I have long used Blue Dot for my S&W .41 Mag. and .44 Mag. revolvers. I just acquired an S&W 1006 (10mm) and I intend to load 9.0 grains of Blue Dot behind the 200 gr. Hornady XTP bullet. This is supposedly similar to the original Norma loadings for the Bren Ten. I am always trying to minimize how many different powders I have to stock so my $.02 is to be at peace with a powder that performs well in several calibers even though it is not necessarily the optimal powder for the bullet you seek to use.
  8. For the stainless steel S&W Third Generation pistols is there anyone who has input on the grips commonly used? Available are the stock "flat" S&W grip, the optional arched S&W grip, and the Hogue grip. Is one better than the other in terms of recoil absorption, tackiness of grip, durability, and (of course) ergonomics? I just acquired a Smith model 1006 (10mm) which I have not taken out to the range yet. It has the original flat backstrap style of grips. Wondering what current and past 10xx pistol users have to say about "getting a grip" on their S&W 10mm!
  9. Thanks gmor, I'll try that!
  10. Does anyone know of the factory recommended lubrication of the S&W 1006, or, for that matter, any of the stainless steel S&W Third Generation semi-autos? Thanks in advance!
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