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  1. I want the weight of 20 shells hanging on the front of my shotgun,says no body
  2. the guy was high on angel Dust walking around walking around on a busy road,It's hard to say he didn't bring this incident upon himself by not listening to the cops.
  3. Thanks for the response the last one will work on the 22 but a manufacturer video claims they wont work on a colt double heat shield.Trying to decide now between a new hand gard or Bean bag type of rest.
  4. New to the sight and new to guns,I just picked up a colt 9620 & a matching colt m4 22lr. They have the round hand gards without rails,is it possible to mount a Bipod or a vertical grip? The local shop sold me 2 magpul 2in. small rails but the holes would not lign up. Thanks for the help
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