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  1. rmc51

    7.62x39 thoughts?

    Here is a update: I opened three of the replacement ASC 30 round 7.62x39 magazines, Two of the three are taking 34 rounds in a 30 round magazine and the other one, the follower stuck and the rounds fell out of the mag on their own.
  2. rmc51

    Oh just hard working law abiding ; WHAT ???

    Yep! Your shovel is bigger than my shovel. OH, Nice shovel
  3. "There is nothing in this bill to target households or companies," Metropulos wrote in an email. "Water use objectives are on territory-level of a water agency. There is nothing regulating the time a person may shower or when they may or may not do laundry." Give them time, Sometimes these things take a couple steps. But they will get there. Buy Ammo!
  4. rmc51

    Oh just hard working law abiding ; WHAT ???

    Yes! I will help. Have shovel, Will travel. Going to need more Ammo!
  5. What keeps the buffer in. Standard buffer keeper in the folding adapter?? Have you had any problems with the Phase 5?
  6. Second person that has told me that. Thanks R
  7. I'm looking at the LAW Tactcal AR-15/M16 Gen3-M Folding Stock Adapter. Does anyone have some experience with this unit? Good, Bad? Does it work?
  8. rmc51

    Doesn't it figure?

    They plan it that way, They are watching and they know!
  9. rmc51


    Very good ones, Big Gold Star
  10. rmc51

    Best ar15 brand

    If you want to spend that kind of money, you might as well get into something like a Nemo OMEN Watchman 300 win mag https://nemoarms.com/rifles/omen or https://falkordefense.com/rifles/petra/ If you want to go big, then go big. Add a https://www.schmidtundbender.de/en/products/police-military-forces/3-27x56-pm-ii-high-power.html https://www.schmidtundbender.de/en/products/police-military-forces/5-45x56-pm-ii-high-power.html
  11. https://americanmilitarynews.com/2019/11/fox-news-trump-to-restore-navy-seal-eddie-gallaghers-rank-to-chief/
  12. rmc51

    I feel blessed

    Does CA know that prohibition did not work. I know! What is going on, with the legal fight with this law and have you found out what is the status of the federal ruling on magazines in CA.
  13. rmc51

    I feel blessed

    TT What happens if you are out of the state and buy ammo. Can you bring it back home with you?
  14. rmc51

    Keep Forgetting About "South Paw"

    Maybe, backwards!! Crazy Lefties!! There should be a law against them. Any port in a storm, bama.