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  1. rmc51

    Red Flag Law Should Apply Now to

    If you come down let me know, maybe a trip to the range for some fun.
  2. rmc51

    Red Flag Law Should Apply Now to

    Oh!, a big one. Yes you must be. Here a racist, There a racist, Everywhere a racist. Keep up the good work.
  3. rmc51

    Red Flag Law Should Apply Now to

    The Left says you are, so you must be. Keep up the good work
  4. rmc51

    Now Dayton Ohio....mass shooting

    So close, so close TV must be a cat. Terry
  5. rmc51

    Now Dayton Ohio....mass shooting

    Terry; Thanks for covering, I had to do some other things for a few days.
  6. rmc51

    Now Dayton Ohio....mass shooting

    The Left always tells us who and want they are afraid of the most. If Alex Jones is that crazy (a tin foil hat), why would Apple, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Paypal shut him down and want to shut him up. He must be hitting a nerve with them and is not as crazy as the Left says he is. I would what to keep him up and saying his crazy things so I could show that he was wrong/crazy and let the public close him down, like the right is doing to AOC and her crew. Remember that old WWII saying, when you are getting the most flak, open the bomb bay doors you are over the target. Listen to the Left. They are scared to death of Trump, Jones, Rush, Tucker, Hannity, Levin, Bongino. Steyn and so on. Anyone that is telling the truth about the Left. The Left is doing everything that they can to shut then up including Alex Jones, why, if he is such a tin foil hat why do they need to shut him up. Remember the Left is never telling the truth. Do you know that Jones has Blackwater guards? That he had to leave his house and live at an address that is not listed because Antifa and others were trying to get him and his family. Again, if he is a tin foil hat crazy, why are they after him? Why did the Left go after Tucker Carlson house with his wife at home. The Left must shut up the ones that are exposing them. I'm on the Right, I think he should be listen to what CNN, MSNBC, AOC and the rest of them have to say so we know both sides of the story, then you can decide. I even watch the View sometimes. I am not able to watch too much of it, Makes me want to shoot the TV, but I do try. The Left cannot tolerate the sunlight on their messages because what they are telling is not the truth. If the Left allows the truth to be unchallenged, the Left will lose everything quickly, faster then they are now. Remember Christopher Columbus, how many people thought that he was crazy. Einstein, Socrates, Tesla, etc. All were thought to be crazy. We are still finding some of the things that Tesla did that were true. "May I ask if you have children or grandchildren?" No, none of your business. Nevertheless, I will tell you, the family has ammo, as all rightwing families should. I will say buy ammo, watch A Jones, watch Bongino, etc. when I want, I will say what I want to say, when I what to say it and I will not fall pray, nor be bulled into your socialist nonsense rules. You do not make the rules! If you do not want to look into my suggestions, fine. You are free to follow up on what ever you want to. I choose to watch both sides as much as possible. even the View as much as I can stand.
  7. rmc51

    Red Flag Laws.....Why They Suck.....

    T: Very good one!
  8. rmc51

    Now Dayton Ohio....mass shooting

    When you are hiding behind the trees waiting to see the whites of their eyes, you don't want the tyrant to know that you are non-complying. Know what I mean. Surprise!
  9. rmc51

    Mass Stabbing Incident / Where's the Outcry?

    YES! and BHO is unhappy, why didn't someone bring a gun to the knife fight???
  10. rmc51

    Now Dayton Ohio....mass shooting

    Terry: You don't have to say a word when you/everyone will not comply. That speaks volumes. And don't think that the government did not hear that silentness. Might be why so many GOP's are rolling over.
  11. rmc51

    Will UBGC's pass due ot latest shootings?

    The Left will not admit to any failures. Buy Ammo!
  12. rmc51

    Mainstream Media: Their Silence Was Deafening

    You could be a racist, you cannot tell the truth like that. Keep up the good work. Buy Ammo!
  13. rmc51

    Watched The POTUS Address This Morning

    Read Ana Rand's Atlas Shrugged for some insight as to where we are going or how close we are to it, now. The parallels are chilling. Buy Ammo!
  14. rmc51

    Now Dayton Ohio....mass shooting

    What about the AR ban/ filing in Connecticut. Last I heard is only 7% filed with the State. Even LE didn't file their AR's. Maybe some of the Connecticut guys can update my info on this. It is slowly coming. Buy Ammo!
  15. rmc51

    The U.S. is Overrun

    We are in one now! Buy Ammo!