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  1. rmc51

    7.62x39 to .223

    And that is why I asked, what was wrong with the 762x39 I'm getting .5 to 1.0 moa at 100yds, It is a great range toy, I'm using Tula steel 122gr and hunting it on sale for $180-$190 per 1k so I stock up when I find it. Buddy has a AK with a red dot and the AR with a old style Redfield 2x7 Five Star is more accurate then the AK using the same ammo. The feed ramp problem is fixed, the extended firing pin is fixed, the magazine problem is fixed and it is a great 100yd toy. Zero problems, just like a Timex with 18-19 cents per round.
  2. rmc51

    Well, crap... literally. Double Dooie Bags

    Be good to yourself. because not many others will. and where did you get the idea that you have more lead and brass then you need. Remember when you thought that the small safe would be enough.
  3. rmc51

    Well, crap... literally. Double Dooie Bags

    In shtf scenario new precious metals will be lead and brass not money. Know when to hold'em know when to fold em. You are the only one that knows what is best for you. Just a thought.
  4. rmc51

    7.62x39 thoughts?

    TM: I just saw your post, this is what I had to deal with. FW has had good luck with ASC, I believe, per his post. I did not, I got eigth ASC's with the unit and all eight were bad. When I spoke to ASC the tech knew about the problem and told me that he would find me eight new ones without the sticking problems and sent me back to the CSR for the paperwork. I sent the eight mags in to them and it took 5 1/2 weeks and three phone calls to get the replacements back, so I had no magazines for it for 6 1/2 weeks. The whole deal P Me Off so bad, the POS are sitting in the box that they came in and I use CProducts 20rd that I have not had any problems with. I don't even know if these new ones work, maybe I will try them someday and maybe I will use them for target practice. Time will tell. First and only time for ASC for me. Hope you have better luck.
  5. rmc51

    7.62x39 to .223

    Not trying to be a SA, What is wrong with the 7.62x39?
  6. rmc51

    Well, crap... literally. Double Dooie Bags

    Send her to the city. Go find a new, improved, better GF. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a thought.
  7. rmc51


    Didn't read the article? Ok
  8. rmc51


  9. Z: correction https://www.dragonmans.com/ missed a letter
  10. rmc51

    I Tried To Get My Fix Satisfied

    I'm confused, in the op that is a Friendly's store in the pictures? I assume that the store is close to you and you have access to it. Correct? I have to depend on Winn-Dixie and their sales to get those cups.
  11. rmc51

    I Tried To Get My Fix Satisfied

    But, you have a factory store! you can go to anytime. I'm stuck with Winn-Dixie sales. I will not pay $2 per cup for those. As long as WD has them for $1 I will buy them all.
  12. rmc51

    I Tried To Get My Fix Satisfied

    Just saw the WD ad for tomorrow: BOGO, I will buy all they have tomorrow morning.
  13. rmc51

    Dick's destroyed 5 million in assault rifles

    Very good one, Big gold star.
  14. rmc51

    I Tried To Get My Fix Satisfied

    Do you have Winn-Dixie in your area? If you do, keep an eye open.
  15. rmc51

    I Tried To Get My Fix Satisfied

    Winn-dixie has these on sale sometimes, 10 for $10 https://www.friendlys.com/ice-cream-item/peanut-butter-cup-sundae/ https://www.friendlys.com/ice-cream-item/reeses-pieces-sundae-cup/ got 24 a couple weeks ago. All gone! until the next sale.