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  1. RIGHT, If the sheriff does not protect us from the Miami mobs we will and if you do not like it pound sand, fake Dr. rampy. Your opinion does not matter. Yes, I have been home from Mar 10th showing up at my house might not be the smartest idea anyone would come up with.
  2. I have used Everclear, the 190 stuff to start diesels in -30 weather, it was safer then the starting fluid.
  3. Prove it, you do not know jack. What do you know? Faux Dr rampy. The statement that you are using sounds like the normal fallback statement that the liberal progressive MSM and the Demorats use all the time. You are not going to get away with these straw man arguments anymore. If you watched all the videos that I put up, you would know that everything that I have said is in them. These are not my statements; I am repeating what these real doctors are saying. However, the liberal left cannot understand data and information when it is produced to them anyway, so I understand why you are making such accusations. Every time somebody stands up to your type and you do not have a answer. You start to answer in incoherent statements like those that a 7th grader will say when caught in a lie. Example: "Nope, I'm not a doctor, but I did stay at a holliday inn express a few times last year......and even a couple times this year.... " From the post: https://ar15armory.com/forums/topic/196732-vets-home-infected/?do=findComment&comment=3112587 Have you ever grown out of Jr. High?
  4. Doctors Reveal that Trump Pills WORK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btXYyO0AwE0&feature=youtu.be
  5. And you are a doctor??? and you know this does not work? Take a look at all the posts that I have put up. All are doctors that are using that recipe and having great results. I am just passing on the info that the MSM and apparently you do not want the people to know about. Go back to CNN and MSNBC and stick your head in the sand if you do not believe that this works. I want all of the people to survive this. There is always someone that cannot understand what is happening. Today it is you. Here is new info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btXYyO0AwE0&feature=youtu.be You must be one of those socialist Demos. No matter how much evidence you are shown you refuse to understand and except the data in front of you. You are just a mouth piece showing your lack of intelligence. And another one: https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/health-care/item/35375-cuomo-admits-hydroxychloroquine-works-wants-to-lift-restrictions New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke positively of the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine — which has been touted by the White House — at his daily press briefing Monday, announcing that the state will request an additional supply from the federal government. Dr Rampy wrong again!!! And this one is special just for you Dr. Rampy https://babylonbee.com/news/liberal-treated-with-hydroxychloroquine-hopes-he-still-dies-of-covid-19-to-prove-trump-is-stupid?utm_source=whatfinger “After we gave him the hydroxychloroquine, he got really excited about the idea of dying to prove Trump is dumb" You socialist liberals are all the same. This guy a friend of yours? Dr Rampy You can not fix stupid.
  6. and you are not going to get covid-19. No one that is on it for other reason has been infected.
  7. https://youtu.be/btXYyO0AwE0 More info
  8. All the feed back that I am getting, 200mg 2x a day hydroxychoroquine 500mg 1x a day azithromycin 220mg 1x a day zinc sulfate for 5 days https://techstartups.com/2020/03/28/dr-vladimir-zelenko-now-treated-699-coronavirus-patients-100-success-using-hydroxychloroquine-sulfate-zinc-z-pak-update/ https://www.fda.gov/media/136534/download It works! If you are in trouble, demand it!!!!
  9. idea! Go big OMEN Match 3.0 300 Win Mag The worlds first .300 Win Mag AR. https://nemoarms.com/rifles/omen-match-30 or FD338 The World’s Finest .338 Lapua Magnum AR https://www.fddefense.com/rifles/fd338/ ? Ok, bad dog I will go lay down by my dish.
  10. Only thing I saw was, Surplus Israeli FN FAL Metric Pattern 7.62x51mm 20 Round Magazine No ammo!
  11. T M1A? Do you have ammo for that 308? Just wondering, Ok, bad dog I will go lay down by my dish.
  12. If you don't know I live in the Florida Keys(26yrs). We close the two roads into the keys for every hurricane. The roads have been closed again for this health situation. What we found was that the SOB's from Miami, two to three weeks ago ran down here and cleared out our grocery stores after Miami was cleaned out, leaving us with nothing left in the stores. The county was slow to close the road, we will take that up with the sheriff at the next election, I don't think we is going to do well. Checkpoints continue for visitors in the Florida Keys Monroe County, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and the municipalities have partnered to continue to operate the 24-hour southbound traffic checkpoints at mile marker 112.5 on the 18-Mile Stretch (U.S. 1), and on Card Sound Road (905) to reinforce Monroe County’s closure to visitors and non-residents. Due to heightened concerns of COVID-19, only residents, property owners, and those actively involved in work in the Florida Keys will be admitted, including fuel tankers, delivery and grocery trucks. According to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, 788 cars were turned around in the first 48 hours, and an estimated 2,000 people. By Friday, April 3rd at 10 a.m. a total of 1,931 cars have been turned around. Before the checkpoint started on Friday morning, the Florida Department of Transportation traffic counters were about 47-49 percent of average traffic flow for this time of year. Since the checkpoint was enacted, the traffic counters are at 23-26 percent of the average traffic flow for this time of year. https://miami.cbslocal.com/2020/04/07/florida-keys-coronavirus-fake-re-entry-stickers/ The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said people have been buying fake re-entry stickers somewhere in Miami. More than 200 phony decals were caught and confiscated over the weekend. The county had been selling real stickers to residents as a way to speed up the re-entry process. Deputies will no longer accept the stickers as a way to get into the Keys, another proof of residency or access is now required. We die if we allow Miami to hide out down here . CASE DATA FOR MONROE Total Cases: 49 Residents: 43 Residents Not in Florida: 0 Non-Residents: 6 Conditions and Care Deaths: 2 Hospitalizations: 7 CASE DATA FOR MIAMI-DADE Total Cases: 4,997 CASE DATA FOR BROWARD Total Cases: 2,213 We have 160 beds total in your three hospitals in the Keys. I understand!
  13. https://dailycaller.com/2020/04/06/white-house-coronavirus-projections-model-fatalities-deaths/?utm_source=whatfinger These people don;t know what they are saying or going. Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Tony Fauci are deep staters, not on Trumps side.
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