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    Sigh. Monday.

    I have had more days like that then I want to remember. Buy Ammo!
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    Magpul Gen 2 Black Mags $9.99

    There is no known cure for BRD. All you can do is feed the disease and rest at the range. Buy Ammo!
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    Very good work
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    Antifa 101

    There Here! https://www.theepochtimes.com/this-cannot-go-on-in-america-lawyer-for-journalist-attacked-by-antifa-plans-to-take-action-against-city-government_2987162.html
  5. rmc51

    Antifa 101

    The attorney for Andy Ngo, a conservative journalist who was attacked by Antifa during a protest in Portland on Saturday, said she plans to hold the city government responsible for his beating. "I'm going to sue everybody who the facts and the law support being sued," attorney Harmeet Dhillon told "Fox & Friends" hosts on Tuesday. https://www.foxnews.com/us/andy-ngo-attorney-journalist-attacked-antifa-plans-to-sue Buy Ammo!
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    Antifa 101

    And see the red bandannas Buy Ammo!
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    Antifa 101

    Who Is funding this???????? and why wouldn't this be RICO for the planners and the ones funding this. Buy Ammo!
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    I hat to agree with a MSNBC reporter.....

    I have said all along that there are two questions that need to be asked of our politicians. 1. Who gets to decide, who gets into your country, the citizens of that country or the people that are trying to get into that country? 2. Who do the politicians work for, the citizens of the country or the people that are trying to get into your country? They will run for the hills if they are asked this.
  9. Yes. More range time Buy Ammo!
  10. Beto did that the whole time, He did not answer the question that was asked. Do you think he was trying to avoiding something? I do.
  11. That is what I should have done.
  12. Kinda, It was the loaded D&H 30 round 5.56 magazine that hit the tv that was the real culprit. Didn't do the magazine any good also but it was better then the Critical Defence 380 90gr HP FTX that the tv almost got, first.
  13. I have to go buy a new tv tomorrow. What happened in the last 25 mins? My new one, tomorrow. Brandsmarts Samsung - 43" Class Smart LED HDTV Model: UN43N5300AFXZ | Sku: UN43N5300AFXZ Your Price $277.99
  14. PSA Magpul gen2 $7.99 free shipping on 10 https://palmettostatearmory.com/magpul-pmag-30-5-56x45-magazine-mag571-blk.html
  15. PSA starter AR15 $350 https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-ar15-freedom-classic-lower-flat-dark-earth-7779346.html https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-classic-freedom-m4-fde-upper-with-bcg-and-charing-handle-7779344.html
  16. rmc51

    PSA starter AR15 $350

    AR Dave: #1 Maybe PSA is busy taking care of their customers and does not have the time to deal with the tire kickers. #2 You say that you have steered away from PSA, so you do not have any first hand experience with PSA products, but you have this knowledge as to the quality of their products. How do you acquire this superior knowledge then? Steelborn1 had a failure and the issue was taken care of by PSA. Please show me a manufacture that has not had a product failure once in a while. As I said in the heading, this is a starter unit. I have put a number of starting AR users in to PSA starter units and all of them have had zero problems with their units. Most of them have started to upgrade parts on their units and they are on their way to making a decent working/fitting AR for themselves.
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    Who's lower to get?

    I get Areo's EM's. Just got this: AR15 Lower Receiver (BLEM) w/ Lower Parts Kit
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    Active Shooter Dallas Tx..........

    Very good one.
  19. rmc51

    Active Shooter Dallas Tx..........

    And forgot to take his meds that day.
  20. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-18-mid-length-6-8-spc-ii-1-11-stainless-steel-15-lightweight-m-lok-upper-with-bcg-ch.html PSA 18" MID-LENGTH 6.8 SPC II 1/11 STAINLESS STEEL 15" LIGHTWEIGHT M-LOK UPPER WITH BCG & CH
  21. rmc51

    How much ammo?

    We have sink holes here in Florida. Guess what? that was the indicator that it you had much ammo. You are looking for one round short of the sink hole. Buy Ammo
  22. rmc51

    It's not Monday...but...

    I think you need to get out of that state. That state is out to get you. Couple days ago it was firewood to the head now this. I think it is time for you to run for the border and get out. Pick another state.
  23. rmc51

    Trying to get some info on an Olympic Arms rifle

    Hay FW: This post should be moved to General AR15 Discussion or Beginners AR15
  24. rmc51

    Trying to get some info on an Olympic Arms rifle

    Is the butt stock: http://www.olyarms.com/shop/rifles/ar-15-20-24.html or http://www.olyarms.com/shop/rifles/wssm-rifles.html Is the hand guard a free float or fixed http://www.olyarms.com/shop/rifles/ar-15-20-24.html or fixed http://www.olyarms.com/shop/rifles/ar-15-20-24/k4b.html You have entered the maze of AR's. There are some where between 50-100 different stocks, 50-100 different hand guards, 50-100 different triggers and so on. Every part on an AR can be changed the problem is with which one. I would recommend that you find a good friendly range and put 500-1000 rounds through it before you start to modify it. As you get some experience with the AR your choices will most likely change.
  25. rmc51

    Who's lower to get?

    I think he means BCM, Bravo Company. not sure? https://www.bravocompanyusa.com/