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  1. Is the 458 SOCOM an effective round for pigs and other game! Yes! If he was still alive you could ask the 1200 # Bull Buffalo we shot with it on November 9th. One shot is all that was needed to bring down the huge beast. Shooting Barnes 300 Grain Shock-X Blue Tipped Ammunition. Rifle was a Rock River Arms 16" Barrel in 458 SOCOM. The Bull Buffalo flinched on impact then slowly walked 25 yards and dropped. I have been using Hornady 325 grain FTX on Pigs. MV 1900 fps. 03
  2. Yes, and if it is an older rifle and you have Throat Erosion starting and progressing it will even seal less! Causing more of a problem due to the fact it does not seal as well as brass. Therefore also allowing Throat Erosion to escalate.
  3. Diesel, Those here have given you some great advice! Main thing is faith in God and to talk to someone you trust and have faith in that can listen. After the military and almost 30 years of law enforcement I am here to tell you your feelings are normal. I would be worried about you if it were not. Most of us are compassionate people when it comes to our fellow man and especially children being involved. I remember today and still have visual images of my first major call as a young Deputy Sheriff in my 20s. It was an electrocution of a construction worker that the boom he was working with struck a high voltage line as it swung into position. I remember the smell and the taste in my mouth that was in the air. Later someone bought me one of those hotdog cookers where you plug it in and stretch the hotdog between the two prongs. Taking a bite I almost freaked out! You guest it the taste and the smell to me seemed to be exactly like that first experience. The fatal accidents, death notices, shootings, suicides and a mass murder scene involving minors. I too have been traumatized by some events. But I think my calling from God was to be a police officer and he has always helped me through these times along with good friends and family! I guess my faith is the most important thing and believing in a better life after this one. And as one stated, some things we do not have any control over in this life. But also mentioned was the wonderful rewards to know when we can have control over a situation that saves a life or lives is a reward beyond comprehension! Many can not say their job provides an opportunity to save lives. So Police, Firemen, EMS Works have to have good favor with God! Many times we are the champions and only saving factor for victims of these circumstances! But my final advice is the person you trust and will listen! Talk about it! Your feelings are normal but in time you will deal better since you are a professional and a life saver! Do not ever keep it balled up inside. Even if it is only in your quiet and private time to talk to God. Otherwise it will eat you up! Sniper 03
  4. Spoty, I frequently shoot Federal P223 E Gold Medal 55 gr. Match Bullets out of my 20" Rock River Varmint Rifle 1:8 Twist Wylde Chamber and on a good day whith no wind and me haveing a good day it is a 1/4 &1/2 MOA Rifle! So your 1:8 will shoot almost anything you shoot in it from 55-80 grain. Keep in mind an 80 grain will not fit in the magazine! 03
  5. RunN, There is little concern to be worried about the Bolt and Carrier at this point. Usually the only way a Bolt normally breaks is as a result of Throat Erosion. Or if there is a Burr around the Cam Pin Hole on the Bolt. Sure years of wear could cause metal fatigue but 10,000 rounds should not at all! Once a rifle has proper Head Space unless you change the Bolts one never has to be concerned about Headspace again! The Throat of the rifle will wear far sooner that the Head Space would ever change. It is important for those who shoot a lot of rounds and especially if their weapon is fired a lot in a short period of time for a massive amount of rounds. Because prolonged exposure to High Heat eroads the Throat quicker than anything. So with that said I would suggest you have someone check the Throat Erosion on your rifle periodically, say once a year after the initial check. If you have a gun shop around that does AR work they should have a Throat Erosion Gauge. If not Brownells has them for sale. We use them all the time in the LE and Govt. Armorer Schools. 03
  6. Carne, That is the longest that I am aware of. The A-1 and A-2 Extension tubes are the same length and the A-2 Stock uses a spacer since the stock is about 3/4" longer than the A-1. But the Tube is the same length. 03
  7. I recently bought a Savage Model 111 in 338 Lapua Magnum. And am presently loading for it. My question is if there is anyone on the Forum that has a 338 Lapua that is not reloading thier brass I would be interested in it at a fair price. Sniper03
  8. Getting ready to start loading for my new Savage 338 Lapua Magnum Rifle. Just bore sighted my new Leupold MK-4 Scope today since it trashed the other brand of scope that came on it in short order! I have 250 Gr. Hornady and also some Barnes heavier bullets for it. Also I purchased new Hornady Brass and Federal 250 Primers. Yes I know Lapua Brass is possibly better but much more expensive on the initial layout until I get a feel for where I am going. Just wondered what round, powder and charge some here on the Forum recommend for the 338 Lapua. I have a good reloading manual but someone advised that they used Alliant powder I do not remember which one, because it greatly improved his accuracy and was made for the 338. Any information or help appreciated. Sniper 03
  9. arlove, Just got a new Leupold MK-4 3.5X-10X LR Illuminated Reticle for my new Savage Model 111 338 Lapua Magnum this week. This was after she trashed the first sope that it had with it when I bought it "In Short Order" Had the Windage adjustment binding in no time. So upgraded to the Leupold MK-4 for a cople of reasons. One I had shot them on some 50 BMGs in the past that belonged to the Navy Seals and they never seemed to have any problems with them. As well as I have a Leupold M-1 LR on my 40X Remington Sniper Rifle and it has performed flawlessly for years. So ordered a new on from Midway USA. Getting ready in about a week to put it to the test. Did get it bore sighted this week. 03
  10. If anyone is having problems with reloading the 458 SOCOM rounds with damaging cases when seating the bullets let me know! 03
  11. Yes but the good thing about the Rock River Arms Inc. Left hand AR Rifles they are truely a left hand version in every way! Not just some items of the rifle. They are very nice! Just had an opportunity to handle and experience one this past week! All I can say is fantastic weapon. 03
  12. No need to do any changing of the buffer and spring! There are few occasions where this is needed involving the AR-15 rifle. 03
  13. Call your Senators and Congressmen! "NOW"! Dianne Feinstein is at it again. (California Democrat!) Presenting a Bill that will stop all SemI-Auto Weapons from being imported into the United States! The Administration's Goones are at it again, attempting to attack our Second Amendment. Hoping to get a edge to continue to attack on our Second Amendment and Constitutional Rights. So make the effort to put a hault to this continued attack by "personally contacting your Senators and Congressmen"!. I have fired a communication off today to Senator Bob Corker and Congresman Diane Black of Tennessee expressing my views and once again for them to vote against another attack on our Second Amendment! As the old saying goes! "Let us not go quietly into the night"! Let's let them know we are out there and standing up for our Second Amendment and Constitutional Rights! 03
  14. Well I guess having a good law in the State of Tennessee is better than those coming for our weapons to have a bullet in their head! 03
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