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  1. very nice. Any issues with it yet? Or should I go ahead and buy?
  2. Sounds like you have a great new rifle! Congratulations!
  3. Get the Prostaff! http://bestriflescopereview.net/nikon-pro-staff-rimfire-3-9-x-40-black-matte-bdc-150/ A much better scope... I got the vortex one as well but like the prostaff better
  4. Actually tried the Nikon M308 last summer. Was a nice and sturdy build, good clear optics, turrets nice clicks. It's a good buy!
  5. I bought one last summer. About 2000 rounds so not heavy use... so far no problems. A bit heavy but im a happy camper
  6. Probably better to spend a bit more... at that price point its asking for trouble!
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