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  1. Sorry man but used 4th gens with night sights are going for less than that these days. The Glock market is saturated so its a buyers market. They were one of the few that were able to reasonably keep up with the demand during the "chaos" so everyone and their brother has one or two now.
  2. Had to sell my P220 in the down turned economy and it still makes me sad to think about it. I wish they still made the P245 as I would be all over it. Most times people are pretty proud of their used ones so deals are hard to find. I'd be all over that 245 for $550. If finish is the only issue a coating of your choice would easily fix that, but based on that picture it doesn't even look like that would be necessary. I am an admitted Sig-o-phile.
  3. G19, G27, CM9 or LCP in various configurations. Usually like to have the CM9 as a backup weak side but in the really hot months the CM9 is primary and the LCP gets tossed in the mix.
  4. The trigger is the same on the compact as it is on the full size. The comp is basically the same gun just chopped in length and height. This also means that the awesome APEX trigger kit is available for the compact if I am not mistaken.
  5. Looking forward to seeing this hit the stores. There seems to be more and more competition in this category/price range that are good quality weapons.
  6. I love the short guide rod but it is for a stupid reason. I like to press check to make sure a round is chambered and I like to use the guide rod plug to do it...
  7. Sig. I have not been impressed with Kimber's customer service at all. I would pay more money to stay away from them if I had to.
  8. ncuster

    Places to shoot

    Anyone have any good places to shoot rifles in the Indy area? 200 - 300 preferable up to 308 Win? If this ha been covered I apologize, I do not have enough posts yet to use the search function...
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