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  1. 223voodoo

    Tacticool clipboard

    talk about tacticool clipboard..upgrade to the Level IIIA clipboard today! http://www.ballisticclipboard.com/page/page/4955221.htm
  2. 223voodoo

    How to develop a load without data

    Honestly, the website data is usually where I start to do my load research. I have had a kaboom before. Back when I first started reloading about 10 years ago. I will NEVER make that mistake again. I love having the ability to come to this site and pick the brains of you guys with so much experience. So sincerely, Thank you.
  3. 223voodoo

    How to develop a load without data

    I am looking at the data and the max load for H4350 is 44.5, but the IMR4350 is 43.0 for the 90gr. Should I start a bit lower, say 42.5 and stop at 44.0? I am ignorant as to the difference between the H4350 and the IMR4350. Also, what is the dynamic with heavier bullets and the same powder as a generalization? I am noticing that the max for the 90 grain is 43.0 where as the max for 85 is 40.7. Is a good rule of thumb for future endeavors to follow the pattern of decreasing bullet weight/powder ratio? For instance a 80 grain with 38.5 grs?
  4. I have a question for the more experienced reloaders out there. How do you start to develop a load with projectile without having any previous load data? Reason being, a coworker has about 500 .243 80 grain projectiles he wants to depart with he has no idea make but they are boat tailed soft points. I only have 1 powder for the .243 which is IMR 4350 from a horribly failed 95 grain load. Where do I begin developing a load from this point?
  5. 223voodoo

    Hey, Voodoo!!!

    Appreciate it, Gentlemen!
  6. This is the first time it's been done since the Civil War: Here's an article about it: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2362910/Life-battlefield-A-U-S-Air-Force-gunners-incredible-tintype-photos-fellow-soldiers-fighting-Afghanistan.html
  7. 223voodoo

    had a live round stick in the chamber

    I just ordered the tapered crimp I may end up ordering the FCD too at some point.
  8. 223voodoo

    Anybody try the "MagnetoSpeed chrono"

    Those look pretty neat. I have seen a couple of videos of a guy using an acoustic chrono.. I would like one of them.
  9. 223voodoo

    had a live round stick in the chamber

    Thanks Greg. I just ordered Hornady's taper crimp. I was talking to a coworker a few minutes ago and he said the way he sets his crimp is by resizing, then measuring the OD after. Then he runs it through the reload process and adjusts the crimp until its +-.002 of the resized brass OD. Does this sound right to you?
  10. 223voodoo

    had a live round stick in the chamber

    thanks gents.
  11. Firing 130gr 9mm reloads through my brand new Hi point 995 carbine I picked up yesterday and I had a live round stick. After I dissasembled the thing and took out the firing pin I was abled to tap the round out. I would post a picture but I think the round rolled out of my bag and is lost somewhere in the truck. Here is my question, as a rule of thumb, should you ALWAYS crimp pistol rounds? I have fired hundreds of reloads through my Steyr M9 and it eats them all. I have been noticing that I have been having a lot of light primer strikes lately with them, though. I attributed it to winchester primers since I have previously been using CCIs and the newest batch of primers were with the winnys. The case sticking kinda has me thinking though, Is it possibly that the brass is impeding the round from seating fully and therefore causing light strikes? Also, could this be what caused the round to stick in the chamber of the carbine? ETA: Using a caliper I just meaured the end of the brass. On average, they are measuring .378-.381
  12. 223voodoo

    guess i lost a depriming/resizing die

    Thanks, Greg. The inside of the dies are already gouged. Should I do anything to try and smooth them out, perhaps steel wool?
  13. 223voodoo

    guess i lost a depriming/resizing die

    After it comes out of the tumbler i rub them down with a terry cloth and place them in a ziplock. I wiped these down with a clean damp terry before letting them dry then applying the one shot.
  14. 223voodoo

    guess i lost a depriming/resizing die

    SO I bought a brand new RCBS die kit and went through 90 rounds and its already scratched and scratching brass. At this point, I dont think its any bid deal, just aesthetics on the outside of the case be WTF?! I cleaned all of the brass, lubed them well and let them dry. Cleaned and lubed the inside of the NEW die and let them sit to dry, ran though the brass and by the end of it, the brass has striations on it and the inside of the die is scratched. I am at such a loss. My ears are hot because I am so pissed.
  15. 223voodoo

    Good Morning!

    Mornin, folks.