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  1. G’mornin from N Texas.
  2. Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor. YHM Phantom Can, Eotech Vudu 5-25x50 with H59 reticle. Rifle is basically stock. Upgrades are incoming. First on the docket is getting rid of this horrible handguard. I hate keymod!
  3. G’morning from north Texas.
  4. It always happens like that! I saw an RMR type 2 come up on another site for a dang good price and couldn’t buy because Mrs. voodoo just HAAAD to have a pergola built.
  5. SPF Sold through other medium. Thanks for looking, all!
  6. Versapod 150-051 bipod. Comes with extra sled leds, low-pro picatinny spigot Mount, standard large spigot Mount and standard sling swivel spigot mount. My ADD made me buy an another Harris For no good reason. This works great but dang if money doesn’t burn a hole in my wallet. asking $85 shipped. For the lot. Or $75 FTF!
  7. Howdy from North Texas.
  8. G’morning. I get to get drug around today for fall decoration shopping. Yay.
  9. Today I went shooting At B tactical on 30 in Caddo mills. I shoot sometimes at Texas Gun Ranch with a buddy (no way in HECK I’d pay that much money to be in a club). Lately I have Been thinking of starting to commute to ETTS in Waxahachie. A different buddy shoots there all the time and loves it. Long range out to 1250 and the tac bays are pretty nice apparently.
  10. Mornin’ from N Texas. I’m off and get to go to the range. Whooot.
  11. Thanks, man. I was beyond mad at my stupidity when I saw the gouges in the new scope.
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