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  1. Since this is a 10MM forum, I was hoping their might be some 41 magnum people here. Has anyone tried putting AA#9 powder in a 41 mag like we do the 10? In a strong single action could you kinda load it like we do the 10 with AA#9? I would like to maybe get the 210XTP to 1500fps. I know it does not have to be pushed that fast to kill deer, but why not?
  2. I use them for AA#9, but are they needed for AA#7 and longshot? Will I gain velocity if I use them?
  3. I just wanted to let everyone know that Wideners have the 165 and 180's in stock.
  4. Has anyone tried these? Are they needed in a Kimber stainless target?
  5. Has anyone used these bullets? Wonder how they work varmits or deer? Can you push them a little?
  6. Are these a good idea in a stainless Kimber target? I had one in my last Kimber with a 20LB recoil spring and it ran like a sewing machine. I had to sell my first Kimber, but I have manage to get another one. If I put a sprinco GR in this one should I put the one for 1911 heavy loads or get the one for the delta elite guns? The first gun I went with the 1911 heavy loads GR. I want to say hello to everyone again. I use to be on the old forum before it moved here.
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