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  1. WOW and double WOW. I read the OP felt like I could add a little so I did at bottom of 1st page. I went back and read pages 2-4. If in the fact the OP has left the building I think I found out why. 2-4 pages were little on substance and long on pissing contest between a bunch of children. I've been here for nearly 1 1/2 years and found why this site is warned about on other similar sites. Don't bother showing me out I'll find my way.
  2. Pick up a Shotgun News and then study carefully the ads especially full pagers that will offer multiple examples with descriptions, nomenclature and prices. Cheapest is not the best as with other products. Even without making a purchase it can teach you what not to buy by asking members on this site and watching the tutorials available here. Take your time, you'll learn what you want and need.
  3. This is NOW my go to company due to a recent complete rifle edition called the CRUSADER. Without going to great detail here a certain religious organization has already blasted the company calling for a boycott hinting at legal sanctions. I did not purchase even a part from for the 3 complete builds I've done over the past 5 years. Now after talking to a couple of their employees on the phone I've decided if they don't make it or recommend it I won't buy it for my next build. Excellent company and people. Check out their web site and I hope you will agree.
  4. Gotten very interested in an almost new make of 1911 made by a former space industry company in Texas. I have been told nothing but good things about the company called STI been to their site numerous times but have never even seen one first hand. A custom (?) made 1911 with few options and even fewer dealers in Florida. An employee owned company saying they do all the right things for the right reasons. Used on shooting competition circuit in the middle US. 2011s are made in Philippines which does not interest me at all. The one I'm most interested in is the Duty One 5" Anyone here have any personal knowledge? I intend to make a purchase within 2-3 months. Any help would be appreciated. Their MSRP in $2000 range.
  5. I'm typing this with tears in my eyes. Only second post feeling my way around. Then this DD post hit me with all the responses from compassionate members. This is the site for me. DD truly sorry for your family's lost. I type this with 5 dogs sitting around me on the couch, a love seat and the floor. Just got done feeding them which is act of courage in it's self. 2 Black Mouth Florida curs, a pit/chow mix, a English Bull/Boxer mix and a Scottish Rat Terrier who thinks she's the boss and the newest addition a dadgum orange male Cat who really is the boss. In order - Bone, Ellie Mae, Norman, Duke, Cujo and Jed. I'm having a bad month for various reasons but after reading your post I sure feel much better. GOD Bless you and yours. Uh might you want a cat?? I'll bring him to you free. BTW all but Bone was a rescue from a "kill as needed" county maintained shelter.
  6. Here and proud to have been allowed in this site. Thank you. I did break one of my rules for life as defined by the Great Philosopher Groucho Marx, when he said he refused to join any organization that would accept someone like him as a member. Here to learn from all the great minds here. No expert by any means so help me whenever and wherever you may deem necessary. Please be gentle I pout easily.
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