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  1. nope its about idea bouncing and i have determined that its to costly for this build. for a safe queen
  2. well these are the stocks i found on woodforar.com
  3. https://goo.gl/images/5iHYmZi imagine that as an ar
  4. so i just came across wood ar furniture today and that struck an idea so im thinking about doing a chrome plated upper and lower with wood furniture gold accents and maybe some engraving. but i cant find any examples of such a thing. but my idea came from them classy chrome 1911's so im more or less trying to see what people think before i get to deep.
  5. ill tel my buddy should get the s&w
  6. so rural king has the ruger ar556 or the S&W M&P sporting for 483.99 and i am try to figure out which is better to trying to convince a friend to final get his first ar but i dont know which is better. im more in to the higher ars so yea.i do remember some rabble rousing on the jew tube a few years ago about the S&W but you know how reliable the you tube is!
  7. so i built my rifle 6 months ago and i have shot it one time. the major reason is on oct. 1 2016 i got hit by a car and i spent most of this past year spending my nest egg some of which went into my rifle because i was loosing my mind stuck in the house for a year. but the other reason was i still don't have any way to hit what i want to hit except to point and hope for the best. so i was wondering if you guys have a line on some good but inexpensive irons to get something on there. or if any one has a good set of metal back up irons you are willing to part with let me know. realistically im looking for some from troy,knights,magpul mbus pro etc. im hoping to spend 50ish for the but i know that might be a long shot and the just is i ran out of money but i am finally working again so i do have some income so i figured its time to get some sights.
  8. i watched some videos on it and i think i might just go with the axiom i saw it somewhere for less than $40 the other day.
  9. no your right i am a lair and a fraud you got me im sorry everyone for being a drunken drug addict that lies to you and cheats you and for all my fraudulent claims. but wait read that and tell me were it says you need to remove the stock to clean or disassemble the shotgun http://www.mossberg.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/590DA.pdf https://youtu.be/kfm4SKf-3tU?t=4m30s
  10. i returned some of the products back to vendors and as far as the shoot gun stock it says it is discontinued in orange and it took us a while to find it and get it ordered.
  11. i want to make it clear i very rarely drink and do not take,smoke,snort,etc. any drugs. now i have no clues as to why you are so offended about my experiences but let me apologize for what i said to get you so butt hurt. and unless you have some experiences with the companies/stocks i have listed or maybe a company within my criteria that is not magpul for the obvious reasons and would like to share feel free. otherwise i would appreciate it if your personal feelings stay out of this thread feel free to pm me if your goal is to just push my buttons. i will go back and forth with you all you would like or if you are looking for a friend just ask. but please leave this thread open to those who plan on being helpful in my search for a stock.
  12. so i am not exactly sure why you're taking so much offense to my personal experiences with magpul over the last year or so but a side from taking pictures of the products I still have in my possession and trying to get a good enough angle you might be able to see were I sanded. but since I take pride in my work it will be hard since I start with a low grit and end with a really high grit in order to make it as unnoticeable as possible also if you don't sand that way I suspect you might enjoy the taste of crayons and licking windows for fun. I'm pretty sure I can't prove to you that out of an ar buttstock, ar pistol grip, ar ambiSafety, a shotgun stock, shotgun forend the only piece that fit was the forend without modification or if I didn't care I would have used some choice words and force. Now as far as the ambi safty goes I can share where it scared the finish of my gun cause the placement of the groove was off causing it to be off center. I'm just saying I have had a poor experience with magpul recently and choose not to buy there overpriced trash and that wasn't always the case just with recent experience with their wares is now the case. And if 1 out 5 is not 85% sorry I didn't do the maths on that just a roughtamation. And if it offends you so much cause you work for magpul I don't mean to offend its just my experience. And I want you to know I'm not a cheap skate I'm pickie I have roughly 2200 to 2500 in parts in my ar my carry is a sig p938 which cost 800+ when I buy things I expect them to be right and at magpuls prices they should be cause they are not the only players on the field.
  13. no the trigger group on mossberg shotguns has to come out for cleaning and you aren't supposed to take the stock off to do so and with that stock you had to from factory because there was to much material and i say that cause some guys get them and they dont have to loosen the stock and some have to loosen the stock its called a quality control issue. inside the action there is a channel were the trigger group is supposed sit and the plastic on the stock had about 1/8 inch or so of over hang past that channel so if you put the stock on with the gun taken apart you wouldn't be able to put it back together and vise versa. mapul has had some bad quality control issues in the past 2 to 3 years. go read reviews maybe do research be before attacking people who in the last year has had several fitment issues from brand new magpul products on the list i forgot about the ambidextrous safety that i would not be able to put it together without a hammer if i didn't sand cause there was to much plastic it wouldn't fit over the piece it was designed to go over with out being forced or sanded. if you have had luck with magpul products good for you but i haven't most the magpul stuff i got in the past year or two has been poor fitting or just didn't fit without modification with a 85% percent fail rate in my experiences. makes it so i am not buying magpul any more unless its mags or on sale for next to nothing and the mags i have been thinking of switching to lancer cause i used one and they seem better and when magpuls aren't on sale the lancers are about the same price some times cheaper there lighter and have metal feed lips.
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