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    Old soldiers never die; they just fade away. (Douglas MacArthur)

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  1. The Woodsman

    Hey The Woodsman

    Thanks Everyone I appreciate this.... Except for Neil.... Going to gather up my staff and send him some yellow snow seing it is to cold for rain....
  2. 2 inches of accumulated snow before my birthday this hasn't happened since the 60's....

    Green house effect my hind end.... Where is my Wisconsin Desert the Government wants to shovel down my throat?

  3. The Woodsman

    Am I out of Line ?

    Now..... This is my kind of town!
  4. The Woodsman

    Am I out of Line ?

    True - At the same time people will always agree or disagree where it comes to personal and public safety. You are always going to have the "It won't happen to me" or "It can't happen here" But my favorite came from my brother-in-law who happens to be a small town police officer.... "People don't need guns to protect themselves that is our job" I hope you got the "small town police officer". This was my answer to him. A few years ago our local PD had us on auto call when there was a dangerous situation regarding the immediate community. The call stated there was an armed robbery in progress at a jewelry store 3 blocks away. 3 of 4 subjects left on foot the 4th in his car. I think Neil remembers this we were on the phone at the time. I went upstairs (1st level) uncased my 30-06 locked a 4 round clip and chambered No. 5. Then perched it on a hallway wall. Trust me if anyone would have entered the house front or back with out my blessing they would have met Jesus Christ in person. 35 minutes later I got the second all clear auto call. Hence we went back to hammering 1st BHW theme. I may not have a hand gun or an AR yet, but guaranteed my wife and dog will always be safe.
  5. The Woodsman

    Am I out of Line ?

    @Retcop, Here is your proof of the old saying.... You can lead a horse to water....
  6. The Woodsman

    AR15Armory is Back Online!

    YES I AM TAKING OVER THE WORLD. I am replacing all the Liberals with 3 blind mice to tripple target practice for the avid cyote hunters....
  7. The Woodsman

    AR15Armory is Back Online!

    Yea they are all mine now!
  8. The Woodsman

    I've had Better Days

    We went to Wal Mart a while back My wife sent some money to her daughter in Minnisota. Texted her to tell her the money was on the way, in the mean time she set her wallet down with a $20 bill.... Yep! When she figured it out and went back to the service desk there was the wallet and the $20.... All I will say Wal Mart had 1 honest customer in that day.
  9. The Woodsman

    Union grove (a little south of Milwaukee)

    https://mcmillersportscenter.com/ https://mcmillersportscenter.com/pistol-and-rifle-range/ McMiller Sportsmans Center Between Eagle and Palmyra Wisconsin has another nice range for Rifle, Pistol Shotgun. {{Thought to myself....}} Wonder if they kept the archery lanes
  10. The Woodsman

    Bug and Missing Feature Reporting

    Yes. Even Neil didn't like the first set. Lame. I still thought they were to 80's, my 2 year old granddaughter could have made those. So its a good thing the upgrader saved the custom emoticons.
  11. The Woodsman

    Bug and Missing Feature Reporting

    Should work now Neil dropped the Q&A for now until we can get it working properly.
  12. There.....

    Don't ever say I never gave you Nuttin!

  13. The Woodsman

    Bug and Missing Feature Reporting

    Been called that..... And worse...
  14. The Woodsman

    Bug and Missing Feature Reporting

    No... This is a bug that needs a little fixing...
  15. The Woodsman

    Bug and Missing Feature Reporting

    Working on it as we speak...