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  1. Getting to believe ALL VA Quacks are the same. Well at least most. I had one in Milwaukee I had to constantly light a fire under his ass just to get him to listen. Which I believe was already forgotten before I left the examination room. Another in Appleton claimed he sent me to the Green Bay VA For an MRI and showed me his orders to prove it.... CT Scan. Both these idiots had two things in common. They are both lazy and both have an interest in measuring me for a pine box. Found a real doctor at the Tomah VA 2 weeks ago I received a letter telling me he has been promoted. I guess that's what happens when you don't fit their bill. I have quite a bit more but It will be to long of a read
  2. I finally got the quacks to shut their beaks and and listen one it took 2 oil funnels but he came around too... Funny with some doctors you need to raise your voice and choose some pretty holy words but finally got an MRI to get them to do something. At this point I am hoping the epidurals do the trick because I haven't seen a knife come at me since high school. As for the VA I have to go 120 miles to get to the one I trust. BTW Nice Ride!
  3. Do you mean "The New and Improved USSR"?
  4. I was proud to serve this country protecting our Democracy from communism. When I left the Army at no time did I put up my right hand agreeing that I no longer needed to protect the Constitution of the United States. How can you expect me now to follow and honor the upcoming Commander and Chief who is looking to destroy what our forefathers designed, people of this country built on and people like me defended. There was no ceremony where I raised my right hand and say that I no longer had to follow the orders of the President of the United States. Here we are 50 years later the Constitution all but destroyed and communism getting ready to take over where Democracy used to be. Now I have to ask myself..... Why did I waste my time defending this? What I can say for this waste We the People saw and lived four years where America was truly Great Again. I am turning 65 soon and now looking forward to my pine box. All I ask is make sure when I go place me on my belly with my pants pulled down so the people of this new country can KISS MY ASS as they walk by.
  5. Thanks Everybody.... Oh wait you are talking about my computer.... It turned older than hillbilly piss today. As for me I hit 64 plus 40... So what this equates to I have yet another 46 years to go to hit 150 where I will self proclaim myself as the worlds oldest pain in the ass.
  6. Seems to be an embed error we need to look into.
  7. Check your link "youtu.be" Shouldn't this link start out like this "youtube.com/ (image video" Example this video ""https://www.youtube.com/embed/hnzHtm1jhL4"" <iframe width="975" height="731" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/hnzHtm1jhL4" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. Test Video Embedded Videos working. @Longhair this is a test video to reply to ... A user has sent a message using the Contact Us form. Longhair said: For some reason the site has stopped embedding YouTube videos. The error message says that there is a problem with YouTube, but no other site I frequent is having this issue. What's up? TIA — AR15Armory.com
  9. Good Grief its another wet one. Anyway Morning
  10. Unfortunately just like propane they are all gas... But being sheep minded they don't realize they have two feet of their own to stand on. So let them leave I won't miss them a bit. Seeing they only know how to follow I elect Whoopie to start the exodus.
  11. Yep I already disassembled my Bob Seger collection.
  12. Seems I will have to get to that again one of these days. Good Morning All!
  13. I have the tools and the knowhow to take on any task set in front of me..... As long as I don't have to get out of my Lazy Boy
  14. A few months ago after leaving my hair & beard grow wild for awhile I would walk up to strangers and tell them they were disgusting and needed a haircut and shave... Today it is shorter than my profile but I think they had to take it to the Cancer Society's wig department in trucks... The hair was quite a bit longer than this photo The beard they couldn't take at all. But you should have seen the looks when I created a ruckus saying I wanted it back
  15. This gentleman must have read my best seller on Prank's and How to get away with them.
  16. Being Green Lake is the deepest lake in Wisconsin I would have him personally set my anchor.
  17. Was thinking the same thing except for the hunting. I was thinking more on the line of taking him out on Green Lake but take the narrow 12 footer.
  18. Educated people in California How in the hell can put these two words in the same sentence?
  19. As it should. At some point my sisters cleaned out my mothers attic when she ended up in the hospital for which reason I don't remember (Nor care) but anyway they tossed all my uniforms, photo's and everything else that said I ever existed. Do I care? No. Because there were a few things they didn't get a chance to get their hands on. My DD214, 4 Letters of commendation. 3 citations of readiness, my pride and my sanity. Then there is my brother... Tells all his Indian buddies he is 1/2 Chippewa and a Marine specially trained in black opps.... Well if you want to consider being Norwegian spelled down a few years from Leif Erickson and the Vikings as being Indian and the closest uniform to being a Marine was that of an Explorer Scout then I guess he too is telling the truth....
  20. Veterans Day Today I was thinking over what this day really meant to me and the only thing I can think of is what it doesn’t mean to me. It does not mean military praise day. After all we all had one or two reasons for doing the big sign-up. They could be as simple as funding help with collage, seeing foreign countries which you may never would have had a chance, expanded one’s technical experience IE electronics, mechanics, law enforcement or being an electrician. Yes, all these are secondary attributes to the first which we swore an oath. It was (is) our duty to defend our Country and Constitution against all enemies, foreign and Domestic. I don’t believe nor can I see one vet who gave this oath for money, glory or instant gratification on this day. So, when I hear somebody tell me “Thank you for your service” Yes this means quite a bit to me its when you can see in their eyes that they want to extend the discussion is where I thank them and walk away. There are times I have to remember today is not the same as it was back in the 70’s and early 80’s where you did what you were told with no questions asked. When people ask me what military branch did I serve in. I tell them well… It’s like this…. My Grandfather, my Father and my Uncle were in the Navy. A cousin who joined the Marines and a high school friend joined the Air Force. I believe if God wanted me to join the Navy, he would have given me gills and fins. If he wanted me to join the Air Force, he would have given me wings. Instead I was given a strong back powerful pair of legs and a love for the land so I joined the Army. After all you have to be just a wee bit nuts to jump from a perfectly good plane and I was never any good at treading water. So, to keep this short. On this Day I can’t help but to remember All Gave Some…. And…. Some Gave ALL… Those and their families who gave all should be remembered the most. They gave up the Supreme Sacrifice. As for me I was a lucky one who gave some.
  21. I don't have a habit of looking for out of reach answers like some of these flat earth people and these conspiracy around every corner people. So tainted food from unclean hands I can most certainly agree with from 1st hand experience would get them sick. But the time line is what really frustrates me. G and his wife pass away in the same day is where I can't get my head around. Days or weeks apart maybe. Another both were sick but alive in the first welfare check, and gone the next day. This is troubling.
  22. I just got home last night after I spent the last couple of days in the hospital myself. I brought up G's situation and everyone Doctors and Nurses alike thought it to be a bit suspicious.
  23. G, You have a new job in life and that is to soar with the Angels. Do it well and Do It With Gods Speed. As for the rest of us you are not gone, you just went home. So do us all a favor will you? Guide us so that when the time comes we all come home too.
  24. Good Morning... Need some help here... Need a whole armory of EVERYTHING! Need to blow a few holes in the ground about 20 feet from the house to stop the melting snow ans ice from using my basement as a reservoir.....
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