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  1. Thank you, I'm always open to advice! I agree that regular training, drilling and increasing proficiency is the top priority. I've had the rifle since March '14. Until June of this year I had one structured carbine class and about two trips to the range every month. In June I got more serious and started regular skills/drills classes for carbine and pistol. I admit I had muzzle device envy after shooting other students rifles!
  2. I think the Epsilon did what it claims to do. Tonight I shot about 200 rnds .223 - almost all were in moving and shooting drills. My follow up shots were quicker and more accurate and I was about 0.5-1.0 second quicker between controlled pairs tonight. The unit did suppress flash (maybe not as much as the A2) and recoil was probably 50% less than what I was used to. All in all a significant improvement for me.
  3. Thanks for the compliment Greg! If I'm not happy with the Epsilon, I'll check into the DTA. Although they might be hard to come by.
  4. Thanks Hans! I'll take it step by step and run for a while with the new device. Unfortunately, I'm shooting only about three times a month so it will take me a couple of months to see if it's what I want. Yes, I'm slow to decide, unless it's a dramatic change, positive or negative.
  5. Aside from making friends , do you like it? I think the Epsilon adds a bit of flash suppression to the hybrid device mix.
  6. I don't think I'm ready for the abuse that would follow!
  7. Thanks for the feedback, I will follow up with my results.
  8. Thanks, I'm anxious to see how much better my times will be and then find something else I can blame instead of my lack of skill!
  9. I've been attending carbine skills/drills classes for a few months. I'm at the low end of the speed/accuracy curve. I've asked the instructor and advance students for advice on to how to improve on 2nd shots, getting back on target and increasing speed in general. "Dump your A2 flash hider" was the regular advice. I did and installed the VG6 Epsilon today. I'll be shooting it in class on Wednesday night. The install was easy, 10 minutes with an upper vise block, 3/4" wrench, a little areoshell grease, crush washer and the Epsilon. I was worried about tuning the device but after watching several online videos I was comfortable with the procedure. I removed the old flash hider, cleaned the barrel threads, greased the threads and hand-tightened the new device against the crush washer. I had about 40 degrees to turn until the device would be tuned. That's not much, so I did it all without loosening and retightening during the process. I used slow, controlled pressure. Right or wrong, no torque wrench was used. Here are pics of the Epsilon up close and the whole rifle (the gun is NOT curved - I had to use panorama mode and the image appears curved)
  10. I've been an AR owner for about 15 months and by no means an expert. All these suggestions make sense and nothing wrong with them. It's all about you and what you're willing to spend and how often you'll be spending. I bought many cheaper parts and some I still have, while others sit in the parts bin. Two things I'm still using are a lower priced red dot sight and a drop-in two piece rail that extends beyond the FSB. The RDS is Vortex Strikefire red dot. I got mine when the old versions were going for about $100. The rail is a UTG PRO Model4/15 15" Car Length SuperSlim Drop-in 2 piece that extends beyond the FSB. I found that online for around $100. (I realize I may have just hit the Flame on button) It's not free-float and it's not a top or even mid-tier name, but after some thorough research it seemed like it would be good for me and it has been for 8 months. As I have shot more I realized the best investment is ammo and proper training. I now attend a monthly skills and drills class and supplement with trips to the range. I believe that for most civilians new to the AR world, your rail/handguard and your sighting system mean less than your ability to use the rifle consistently, accurately and safely. Shoot it often and get some training, Your goal for the rifle and the type of shooting you want to do may change after more experience. Once you realize what you really want to use it for then start getting the required parts to reach your goal. Just my .02 as this has been my experience.
  11. I went to an LGS/Range in Crystal Lake, Illinois - On-Target Range. They have staff and local experts that do the training. http://www.ontargetsite.com/
  12. I thought they were very good. That was the forth class I had taken there. I had taken three pistol courses previously and had quality instructors each time.
  13. I was finally able to take my first structured carbine class for beginners last night at an LGS with a great indoor range. I had the rifle for more than a month before I was able to get to a class. I had already been to the range and had at least a couple of hundred rounds through it before going to the class. It was a great class with two retired Marines as the instructors. We spent two hours in the classroom with our rifles (cleared and safe, of course) We went through all the basic safety rules, complete disassembly and assembly, cleaning, maintenance, general stances, shooting positions, sighting and zeroing procedures, loading/unloading, clearing jams and other problems that can arise during shooting. I was impressed with the professionalism, lack of judgment or comments on a particular gun make/model and the care the instructors took to ensure all six of us comprehended what was being taught. We went to the range and worked on zeroing our guns and then started drills. We spent about 90 minutes on the range going through a number of drills and I quickly learned how unskilled I was. The instructors were incredibly strict on any safety breech but very supportive of new carbine shooters and lack of skills. They move slowly and clearly through the drills and accommodated the students who were better than others and still made the least skilled of us improve through their feedback. My Core15 rifle worked flawlessly except for one double feed, which I did clear successfully and reasonably well during the 1-5 drill. I was using a vortex Strike Fire with the 2X magnifier. I was reasonably accurate through the walking and speed drills. All in all it was a great class for me and I know what I need to work on. I will be attending the monthly session that focuses on improving skills and drilling for speed and accuracy.
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