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  1. I am in the process of converting brass. Got 100 done, but plan on at least 500 before I start loading.
  2. Oops! My barrel is 1/9....it is so new I just got a scope mounted today.
  3. Can I get some suggestions for what weight range to start loading for my new 6X45 BHW barrel? Do I need to stay on the heavier end of bullets? Also, at what weight does COL become an issue?
  4. weemsf

    6X45 Die issue - Expander ball?

    That's what I figured. Will call them on Monday. Thanks
  5. I bought a set of 6X45 dies by Forster. The expander ball is not expanding the necks at all. I measured the ball and it is .222. That can't be right. Any of you guys measure yours and help me out?
  6. weemsf

    It's here

    Here is my 6X45 build. Have not picked out the optics yet, but the gun is complete! Chip McCormick 3.5# trigger, PSA premium BCG, Hogue aluminum free float tube, Stark grip, melonited gas tube, Odin gas block, DSA lower and upper.
  7. weemsf

    It's here

    I will do so as soon as I get it from my Gunsmith.
  8. weemsf

    It's here

    My BHW 24", stainless 6X45 barrel arrived Wednesday afternoon. It has the BSquare fluting in front of the gas block. I didn't order the fluting, but since they had already made the barrel, BHW gave it to me anyway. It is now at my gunsmith to be assembled into a complete upper. Can't wait!
  9. weemsf

    6x45 Builds

    My barrel arrives this week.
  10. weemsf


    I have some Nosler 70 grainers. Have you shot them over 8208 or H335?
  11. weemsf

    6X45 + 12 YO GIRL= 1 DEER

    Good for her!
  12. weemsf

    Problem Identified but QUESTION!?!?!?

    I had a similar issue with some 223 cases. It was my sizing die out of adjustment.
  13. weemsf

    Worst mags ever.

    I use to own a Brolin Arms 1911, the mag that came with the gun wouldn't work with any of the 3 1911's I had then, inlcluding a Kimber Custom and. SW.
  14. weemsf

    Alexander faces TEA party challenger

    Alexander ran as a "progressive Republican" when he was governor. He is at best a very moderate Republican meaning, left of center. He raised taxes while governor and made labor a taxable quantity under his administration.
  15. weemsf


    Great info. I am preparing to start loading for my 6X45 24" BHW Barrel.