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  1. jarv442

    Loaded 264 Ammo

    http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=AW65FMJ100&utm_source=AIM+Surplus+Main+List&utm_campaign=ab89e35988-04162015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6870497a6a-ab89e35988-18590233 Steel cased @$7.95 a box!!! I got 10 boxes to try in my BHW barrel last year and they ran fine and I didn't notice any of the coating transferring onto the chamber, it cleaned up as good as new without any extra elbow grease. I ordered a case from AA last November at the same price and still haven't seen it yet. This case will be at my door tomorrow!
  2. jarv442

    Loaded 264 Ammo

    Went through 2 boxes yesterday and they all went off without a hitch. No gunk in the chamber that didn't want to come off. Just a quick wipe out with Hoppes.. Point of impact was a little higher than the 120SST's but they were going 125fps average faster at 2625fps out of my 20" barrel. Now I can't wait for the ones from AA to ship they are even cheaper, at least they were when I ordered them.
  3. jarv442

    Loaded 264 Ammo

    SGAmmo has them for $0.45 each now, 160 boxes in stock now. I should have waited another day to check on these, I would have saved $50. The case I have on order from AA are going to be $0.36 each if they ever get shipped. I have a bunch ready to be reloaded and all the bullets are all around 120 grain. I just haven't had time to get to them. So these are going to be just for plinking. The last time I was out my Chrony was giving me errors I hope it doesn't give me problems when these come in to get some good info on them and I can start working up my loads.
  4. jarv442

    Loaded 264 Ammo

    Just ordered 10 boxes of Wolf steel case 100grain FMJ from Lucky Gunner, now 240 boxes left in stock, at $0.70 each.They have a live inventory checker so there should still be some left. I ordered a case of them from AA a month ago when they sent me an email letting me know they had just gotten a shipment in. I ordered within minutes of receiving the email but I guess I was too slow and missed out.
  5. jarv442

    BHW 264 barrel in Aero Precision COP Upper

    The grip is from Command Arms, it has different inserts to adjust the size of the front and back for customization. I found the front sight sat a bit farther away from the rear flipped that way, I will probably swap out the adjustable gas block for one with a rail section to get a little more distance between the sights, for when they are on it.
  6. I used a Kies Adjustable Gas Block low pro and thought it would be under the rail. I don't think it needs the adjustable block and will probably swap it out for a railed block.
  7. jarv442

    264 LBC BUILDS

    I found a shot from when I sat in the woods this past fall.
  8. Just received this at 3 AM. Recently you asked to be notified when an out of stock item was restocked on http://www.wideners.com. We now have CCI450 Magnum Small Rifle Primers $30.00 / 1000 in stock at http://www.wideners.com and for sale on a first come first serve basis. Act fast while our supplies last!
  9. jarv442

    Handgun picture thread.

    Lets get a Handgun Hunting Section started. Here is one of the first Bucks taken in CT by Handgun once we got a season.
  10. jarv442

    Loaded 264 Ammo

    Is AA the only place that has loaded ammo for the 264 right now? It's the only place I have found it recently.It looks like they have Wolf, Hornady AMAX and a ton of their own loads.
  11. jarv442

    264 LBC BUILDS

    I can't wait till some of this snow melts so I can get back out to the range with it, and I wish it would stop falling so I can get some reloading done for it.
  12. jarv442

    264 LBC BUILDS

    Here is what I decided to build once the powers that think they be thought they could change the way of psychos by disarming good people. I have so much fun with it when i'm outside I forget to take better pictures. I'll get some better ones up once my excitement wears off, in about ten years.
  13. Thanks, looking around here now. I noticed R Johnson's 458, I think I have my next winter project. I would order now but my Jeep decided to not go into gear once the temps go below 20 degrees, and its been in those temps a lot lately. So I think My time and money is going to fix that problem first.
  14. Do I get credit for the posts that were imported?
  15. jarv442

    Yes It's For Real......458

    What is the lead time on these barrels? I think I have found my next upper build.