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  1. My local reloading shop has been rationing components. They did so also in the Obummer years when things got scarce. Not sure how soon it will let up. I'm just glad I planned ahead. Thanks, Glenn
  2. Looks like Everglades Ammo has 95 grain HP and RN plated. The HP are 500 count only, the plated in 100 and 500 count. $75 and $72 respectively for the 500 counts. Thanks, Glenn
  3. Picked up two Lee Carbide Factory Crimp dies, 9mm and 45acp. While the Hornady and Dillon die sets I have come with crimp dies. I wanted to try these because they seem to get rave reviews. So we will see in a bit. Guess not much reloading being done for lack of primers. While I have the primers I need. I'm not putting them to use yet. Have about 1500 Federal 9mm primed pulled cases I'm going to be putting to use. (had them for a while) Figured I'd use them for the range first. Found a nice surprise in the garage. An unopened box of 2000 9mm 115 gr. FMJ's. Bagged them up in 250 counts and will put them where I can find them more easily. On a humanitarian note... Sold a brick of small pistol and #41 small rifle primers to one of my coworkers. Oh, the humanitarian part, sold them at my original cost. Thanks, Glenn
  4. I noticed you mentioned 300 Blackout subsonic. Did not see Greg put in any info on that, so I'll throw my two-bits in. When doing load development for subs, you go in the opposite direction from normal load testing. You work your way down to the subsonic velocity you want. I take it you have a chronograph already? If not, don't try doing subsonic loads till you do. Remember, safety first! Thanks, Glenn
  5. geepee3

    Ammo Prices

    It is... They're on GunBroker! Thanks! Glenn
  6. geepee3

    Ammo Prices

    Thought the .20-.25 cent per primer was a typo... Went to look on GunBroker and my jaw hit the floor! $150.00-300.00 per 1000... Not sure what to think... Thankful I have what I do! Thanks, Glenn
  7. geepee3

    Ammo Prices

    But I bet your eyes watered up a bit... Good to hear! Have a couple of 8 pound jugs of that powder. My go to powder for my M1A Socom 16. Thanks, Glenn
  8. geepee3

    Ammo Prices

    Primers are the big thing for reloaders to find. My local reloading shop has been fine on powders, at least the last time I was there. But they had practically no primers. Primers were the one thing I always picked up while I was at a place that sold reloading supplies. So I'm good to go on that front. To be honest, I don't have a crystal ball, just lived through the O'bummer years. Which meant that if I wanted to be able to shoot when I wanted to, I had to have the components on hand and stacked deep. Thanks, Glenn
  9. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day. Glenn
  10. geepee3

    Ammo Prices

    Well at least you have some sympathy... Can't say I have much of any... I remember the O'bummer years, so I'm set up to roll my own trough the next administration without issue. So if you admit to being an "evil beotch", what does that make me? (I am a turd herder by trade, so it has to be much lower than that! ) Luv you guys too, but it seems some things never change. Thanks, Glenn
  11. Wow! Have not been looking for any ammo for a while since I roll my own. Was kind of shell shocked when the guys at our Christmas party were talking about prices and availability. Glad I learned from the O'bummer years! Thanks, Glenn
  12. That's how I seat the projectiles. While the Federal version was seated longer in between the cutout. Found the way I loaded them did not change the accuracy. Look forward to see how your rifle does with these projectile. Thanks, Glenn
  13. geepee3

    Hey geepee3

    Thank you guys!!! Still alive and kicking! Got myself a Hornady Case Prep Duo tool for a gift to myself earlier in the week. Wanted to go shooting today, but it rained most of the day. Oh well... So I worked on some reloading stuff. Anyway, Thanks! Glenn
  14. Hey!!! I resemble that remark! Thanks, Glenn
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