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  1. That's how I seat the projectiles. While the Federal version was seated longer in between the cutout. Found the way I loaded them did not change the accuracy. Look forward to see how your rifle does with these projectile. Thanks, Glenn
  2. geepee3

    Hey geepee3

    Thank you guys!!! Still alive and kicking! Got myself a Hornady Case Prep Duo tool for a gift to myself earlier in the week. Wanted to go shooting today, but it rained most of the day. Oh well... So I worked on some reloading stuff. Anyway, Thanks! Glenn
  3. Hey!!! I resemble that remark! Thanks, Glenn
  4. With the 16" barrel, you want to stay with a faster powder. CFE223 and BL-2 will work, but your going to get quite a bit of flash coming out the barrel at the velocity I was trying to get. IMR 4895 or H4895 would be a better choice if you have it. Thanks, Glenn
  5. Come on now! What's one itsy bitsy jelly bean going to hurt? Glad we could help... Thanks, Glenn
  6. I have 2019 LC NATO primed pulled brass. (never shot) Checked 5 to see where they set. All go freely into my Dillon .308 Winchester case gauge and freely fall out. They all measure .468" diameter above the rebate. My question is which companies case gauge are you using? I have a Sheridan 6.8 SPC case gauge I have to run a patch threw every so often because they make their case gauges quite tight. Once cleared a case that showed it was not headspaced right will fit freely in and out. Do you have a Hornady headspace comparator to make sure they are sized properly? Thanks, Glenn
  7. That's good to hear. I have a bunch of pulled, 2019 LR NATO brass I got before the Covid hit. Going to get some of that prepped and loaded with the MK319 MOD 0 projectiles. Want to make sure my SOCOM 16's bite is as bad as its bark! Thanks, Glenn
  8. I'm going to see F.C. 9mm Luger in my sleep tonight. Forgot there was some F.C. "NT" 9mm Luger cases in that batch of Federal pulled primed cases I had. So I opened up the two sealed 500 count bags and the 400+ cases I just prepped to go through them. Found 60 "NT" marked cases to be rendered useless. So they will get a nice long bath. Glad I did not load any of them up. Thanks, Glenn
  9. Thank you! That's an old picture from a 2012 thread I did on the M14 Forum. Still have both the whole projectile and cut-away from that picture. Actually received my order today. They look good to me! Thanks again! Glenn
  10. Congratulations on a great day at the range! I have gotten a few things at from RTB and have been quite pleased with the quality. Last year I put a 22LR AR pistol upper together using their 9" 22LR barrel. Been using the Black Dog 22LR 15 round X-Form magazines without any issue. They are the size of a 20 round AR magazine and work better on a bench. I also have a CMMG 16" 22LR upper I shoot also. Actually switch the CMMG 22LR BCG between the two uppers, so they are 100% compatible. Again, Congratulation on the new upper! They are definitely a lot of fun and everyone I let shoot them literally have a blast. Thanks, Glenn
  11. Oh my!!! Excuse me, I need to turn my security system back on... Wow that's just crazy! Glad I learned what to keep on hand from the O'bummer administration. Thanks, Glenn
  12. Your kidding right... Can't be worth that much.
  13. Pulled out a Ziploc bag of assorted pulled primed Federal 9mm cases I had stashed away. Figure it would be a good time to use them for practice rounds. No need to waste my good 2005 IMI NATO Brass and primers. Pulled the decapping rod from my Hornady carbide sizing die and went to work, flared the case mouths after sizing. Ended up with 413 usable cases, had about 11 cases that I deemed rejects. In the same storage container with the Ziploc bag I have two 500 count unopened bags of the same Federal primed pulled cases. Started to load them with some 9mm 124 gr. FMJ's I had gotten a while back from RMR bullets. Using 5.5 gr. of CFE-Pistol at 1.146" OAL. Using the slower powder because these are being made for my 9mm AR carbine and pistol. While I'm at it, going to be trying a new 9mm comp. from Tandom Kross. The Game Changer Pro. The vents direct the gasses at 45* angles up and keep them out of the line of sight. Will let you know how they work out. And if all that stuff did not drive you nuts... Look what i found in the back of one of my closets. Yup!!! a case of CCI small pistol primers. I done struck it rich!!! Thanks, Glenn
  14. Sure! As long as you can get it back a week from next Tuesday. Thanks! Glenn
  15. Not really a competition when you have a working interdimensional anti-gravity fusion drive ready to go! Thank you!
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