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  1. I have that same block for the AR15. Just used it yesterday for my 9mm AR pistol upper. Great product well worth the price. Thanks. Glenn
  2. Alive and still kicking! Been busy at work, life and you may have heard about this COVID thing... BRD still has its grip on me! Getting things together to do a CMMG 9mm delayed blowback AR pistol build. Thanks, Glenn
  3. I just recently assembled a 9mm AR carbine using the CMMG rotary delayed blowback system. It uses basically an EndoMag system without the built in ejector. So I will be switching to that in the 9 AR pistol form next. I also converted the EndoMags to the CMMG system. So far they are running 100%. There is a thread I posted in this section about the build. Thanks, Glenn
  4. Finally got to shoot in the New Year! The CMMG 9mm Radial Delayed Blowback is really something else. First, it ran like a champ! Not one issue using both 115 gr and 124 gr. 9mm ammo. Fired FMJ's and hollow points. Thing ate everything. Recoil is similar, slightly softer than my 6x45mm AR. Don't have all that mass of a direct blowback 9mm PCC BCG and buffer. Ran her with an "H" buffer today. Will see how she does with a mil-spec buffer in the future. My Endomag conversion worked. But I need to thin the outside edges of the feed ramp section just a little bit more. Can see just a wee little scratch where there was contact. Other than that, I can convert the other two Endomag inserts I have. Took the made over CMMG dedicated 22LR upper with me also. Wanted to make sure that was running properly since it got changed over. She worked the way she was supposed to. Made me happy. So it looks like I will be getting the 8" version in the future to replace the Faxon based AR pistol set up I have to run with Colt style mags and lower insert. What can I say... Freak'N BRD!!! Thanks, Glenn
  5. Honestly, I have too many "caliber" irons in the fire. Early early November was the last time I had the TAC 6 out. Tried some slower burning powders in the CFE 223 to Superformance range that worked better for this cartridge. Also shot some 6mm 65 gr. BTHP bullets that were a one time deal I got from Midsouth about five years ago. Five shot group at 100 yards. This was a pleasant surprise, in my BHW 6x45mm they group like buckshot. Right now I have the CMMG based 9mm PCC that I assembled that will get the next trip to the range. If that works the way I want, Ill get the 8" barrel and BCG to rework my 9mm AR pistol. Thanks, Glenn
  6. Part 2; ARC magazine adapters. CMMG partnered with MEAN Arms to produce the ARC magazine adapters. I actually built my 9mm AR pistol using the MEAN Arms Endo mag. adapters. They ran 100%, but how the ejector was part of the plastic feed ramp gave me doubts. Since I have both I can show you the difference. The Endo mag adapters as sold will not work with CMMG rotary delayed blowback BCG. First lets get to the ARC adapters. As with the Endo mag adapters, the the ARC adapters are made to work with Magpul 30 round gen-2 or gen-3 magazines. And again, as with the Endo mag adapter. The "stop" on the left of the ARC adapter comes set for 10 rounds with the indent cut off marks for 15, 20 and 30 round count. Here is how the feed ramp set up is for the ARC adapter. Nice and simple. Bolt locks open after last round. This is why you can't use the Endo mag adapters. Endo mag, left: ARC adapter, right. You can see how the Endo mag has the feed ramp sides that are higher, not to mention the ejector "tab". The feed ramp itself has a more aggressive angle of attack. But if your wondering... If you have existing Endo mag adapters, can you make convert them to ARC type? Well I have converted one of my Endo mags to try out. Mod. Endo mag, lefyt; ARC adapter, right. Took a little time, but got the Dremel, files and sand paper out and got a close matching contour. Got the sides lower and took the aggressiveness out of the feed ramp. One thing I did not figure till I tested it by cycling by hand. They lowered the bolt hold open block in the back of the adapter. You can see its ground down at the factory by looking at the pictures. When I cycled the rounds the first time, the bolt held open with one round left in the magazine. Now that i cut it down, no issue. Will have to see if this conversion works with the firearm live. If so, I have two more Endo mags to convert. Thanks, Glenn
  7. First, let me get this out of the way... O.M.G. I built my first AR centerfire rifle upper that's not a side charger... Yeah... I know... As I posted in another thread, I gifted myself a CMMG 16" 9mm rotary delayed blowback barrel and BCG kit along with a three pack of the CMMG ARC magazine adapters. This is a different type of beast than the normal direct blowback 9mm set up. One reason I went this way was because of the ARC mag adapters. They are similar to the MEAN Arms Endo mag adapters I initially used with my 9mm AR pistol. I'm going get into the magazines more in a "Part 2 post" The other reason is because of the way the CMMG rotary delayed blowback cycles. Because of the design, there is no need for special heavy buffers or springs. You can run a normal or heavy buffer depending on how your components interact. So I plan to use the upper on the Carbine lower I have for my CMMG dedicated 22LR upper. Let's take a closer look at the barrel and BCG. The BCG is proprietary. BCG. BCG parts Bolt. Check out the angled bolt lugs to assist in the rotary action Barrel looks to be a med-light contour ? 16" barrel and BCG. single cut feed ramp on the barrel extension. With no gas system to worry about, and the MidwayUSA stripped billet upper and 15" handguard combos I got on sale. This assembly went together quite easily and TA-Da... Goes quit nicely with the dedicated CMMG 22LR upper I updated. and the glamour shot Put a Kaw Valley linear comp on the front. Haven't decided on the sights yet. Will give you a range report after I get her out. Been raining here and hoping to get out tomorrow. I'll get to Part 2 posted in a little while. Thanks, Glenn
  8. Ordered myself a little something. Came in yesterday afternoon. Opened the box this morning. CMMG 16" 9mm delayed blowback barrel, BCG and ARC adapters. Which will be shortly installed in this when Santa's little elf gets himself in gear... Thanks and Merry Christmas Glenn
  9. Merry Christmas and Good Morning from the Space Coast of Florida. Thanks, Glenn
  10. Sorry Sir... But my mind can't fathom your fuzzy logic on this issue. I got my money's worth and more because the Aimpoint T1 is made well enough it will be a generational asset. Thanks, Glenn
  11. Your objections have been noted. But I do not see any diminished returns on a quality optic that will be passed down to the next generation(s) of shooters in my family. Thank you, Glenn
  12. God bless you Molineaux! Seems every now and then you have a derogatory adjective you throw my way. So here's the deal. I own both an Aimpoint T1 with a 2 moa dot and a TRS-25 with the 3 moa dot. Both have been shot on my M1A Socom 16 which is a 16" semi-auto .308 Winchester M14 style rifle. They both do very well on this rifle and keep zero. Right now I have the Aimpoint T1 set on an American Defense mount. (American Defense is one of this Forums sponsors, excellent products.) So it is set up to cowitness on my AR's. While both do the job intended, the T1 does it better. Better selection of dot intensity. Better battery life. And most of all better clarity TRS-25 Aimpoint T1 So you get what you pay for. And one other thing, I did not pay $800 for my Aimpoint. Got it on sale from a reputable Aimpoint dealer for $465 at the time. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Glenn
  13. Thanks again guys! Got some new pictures of her normal configuration. Original post picture was with my TAC 6 lower, which was on hand at the time. So here she is with the carbine stock lower she usually sits on with the fixed sights I like to use. Definitely like this set up. I do prefer the carbine stock set up for when I take youths shooting. Seems to give young shooters a little confidence boost to have a firearm that fits them. Just need to get out and sight her in. Of course now I have two more of the stripped upper/handguard combos... Someone is thinking 16" barreled 9mm PCC... Freak'N BRD!!! Thanks, Glenn
  14. Thanks, The No-Mar vice block is a great tool for uppers with a flat top. It is a no go on the A2 type uppers. No-Mar Deluxe upper block. Now I do prefer using the Geissele Reaction Rod for barrels with slotted extensions. But PCC and 22LR need a vice block like the No-Mar. Thanks again, Glenn
  15. Well it is just like the title says. Gave my CMMG dedicated 22LR upper a makeover. Last change was a few years ago and looked like this. Last month and this past weekend I had ordered a couple of these combos from MidwayUSA. The first two combos I had ordered on Black Friday. I took one handguard from one combo and put that on my TAC 6 AR rifle. Had the two I ordered last weekend show up today. But used the other combo from the first order for the makeover. Breaking down the CMMG upper and switching over the barrel was easy. I have a No-Mar deluxe vice block which works well with billet uppers that I cannot use the Geissele Reaction Rod on. I reused the special ejection port cover/deflector from the CMMG upper. Being the new upper is billet. I had to modify the deflector like I did with the 22LR AR pistol upper I assembled to fit right. So here is what it looks like now. Just need to order another set of fixed sights for it and it will be good to go. Thanks, Glenn
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