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  1. Thanks for the offer... But the boss is taking care of that! As I mentioned before, I do not own any .223/5.56 firearms. So I can only go only go by what my boss and his son tell me. Thanks! Glenn
  2. Thank you! As to the wee bugger aliens... They are at Space Forces special lab deciphering some ancient Zytonian inscriptions on an object found in Antarctica. For those not in the know, the Zytonian dialect is the Latin of alien languages... Thanks! Glenn
  3. Thank you! Have 200 of the Sierra to do next. Will post them when I get the first batch done. Back at the bench, I just picked up a Lyman's Pro 1200 Turbo tumbler to replace my old Frankford Arsenal tumbler. The Lyman's actually does a better job cleaning up the brass. While they look to be about the same size on the outside, the Frankford tumbler had a bit more internal volume. Still, glad I got the Lyman's. Glenn
  4. Finally got the first batch of 50 .223 done for my boss. These are with the General Dynamics "A" .223 brass. Projectiles are Berger FB Varmint, 22 cal. 64 grain. Powered by 23 grains of IMR 8208XBR. Federal GM205MAR small rifle primers to light things off. Lee factory crimp was used lightly. Berger no longer offers these projectiles, so switching to Sierra 22 cal. 64 gr. TGK projectiles once this box of Bergers is done. The bosses son has yet to shoot the test cartridges I made for him. That's driving me nuts. But hopefully I'll get a hog hunt out of this, Thanks! Glenn
  5. Sorry for the late response. I have ordered .30 caliber, 45 ACP and 9mm bullets from them with no issues. Don't own a .223/5.56 rifle so I can't tell you anything good or bad about them. Thanks, Glenn
  6. Your wish is like a suggestion to me... Here you go! I did weigh the cases. The "A" headstamped cases are about 4 grains heavier than the once fired TAA brass I have. Thanks, Glenn
  7. Speaking of cardboard boxes... I have these too! Two boxes of 2013 LC 5.56x45mm Just noticed the small hand writing on the box. An employee at SAA, where these came from, put a bottle opener key chain in the box. Wonder if it's to late to send a thank you note? Thanks! Glenn
  8. They are all headstamped; Capital A over .223. These were purchased from MidwayUSA in 2015..." The O-Bummer Years". They came in this cardboard box of 250 count. Can't really say where they were manufactured. Thanks, Glenn
  9. Thank you! Well whatever CMMG did, I'm enjoying the fruits of their labor. Both the carbine and pistol I have really impressed me. With the Magpul conversion magazine inserts, any Milspec AR-15 lower can be used with the CMMG 9mm RDB uppers. Thanks again, Glenn
  10. Was able to get to the range this morning. A few changes from when I was last there in February. Half capacity and two hour time limit. Fortunately there were a few lanes open when I got there, so no waiting. Right now I have a grin that goes from ear to ear... This 9mm RDB AR pistol is a real joy to shoot. She had zero issues! Ate everything I fed her, both hollow point and FMJ in 115 gr. and 124 gr. This pistol, because of the RDB system, has very little recoil. What's really nice is I can use a two stage trigger, which is what I prefer and normal AR carbine buffers and springs. I am using an H1 buffer. Also have a 22LR AR pistol upper that goes with the lower. I put the 22LR upper together last year. The two go together nicely for a cheap day at the range. Thanks! Glenn
  11. Been a while guys! But I got to the bench I know everyone that knows me jaws just dropped... Yes those are new General Dynamics .223 cases all prepped fresh out of the tumbler! And yes, I still don't own a 5.56/.223 firearm. Putting together some 64 gr. Berger FB Varmint and Sierra 64 gr. TMk Gamechanger cartridges.for my boss. Hoping to parlay a hog hunt out if this endeavor. For me, i was able to get some Winchester StaBall 6.5 powder. Going to be trying it out on my TAC-6 AR. Thanks! Glenn
  12. Now I just need to get out and shoot it!!! This looks to be my only AR build for 2020... First the picture; The core of this build is the CMMG 9mm Radial delayed Blowback 8" barrel and BCG combo. If you remember, I built a 9mm PCC using the CMMG RDB combo. Liked it so much I wanted to put an AR pistol together. As you see in the picture, I'm set up to use the same 9mm ARC magazine inserts I use for the carbine. Here are the upper parts used; Davidson Defense Billet slick side upper, with Milspec ejection cover installed by me. Davidson Defense 7" M-LOK free float handguard, CMMG 9mm RDB barrel and BCG, BCM Gunfighter ambi charging handle. VG6 Gamma 9MM brake. Added a M-LOK AFG, not pictured above. With no gas system it is a simple build, Used my No-Mar upper block to assemble and torque the barrel nut/muzzle brake down. The handguard is a clamp-on and both the upper receiver and handguard are drilled from the manufacturer so an anti-rotation pin can be inserted. Which I did. Hopefully I will be able to shoot this firearm tomorrow and give you a range report. With COVID-19, this will be my first trip to the public range since February. Thanks, will let you know how things turn out. Glenn
  13. I have that same block for the AR15. Just used it yesterday for my 9mm AR pistol upper. Great product well worth the price. Thanks. Glenn
  14. Alive and still kicking! Been busy at work, life and you may have heard about this COVID thing... BRD still has its grip on me! Getting things together to do a CMMG 9mm delayed blowback AR pistol build. Thanks, Glenn
  15. I just recently assembled a 9mm AR carbine using the CMMG rotary delayed blowback system. It uses basically an EndoMag system without the built in ejector. So I will be switching to that in the 9 AR pistol form next. I also converted the EndoMags to the CMMG system. So far they are running 100%. There is a thread I posted in this section about the build. Thanks, Glenn
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