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  1. Nothing a short dowel or tube could not handle. Just have to be prepared. Thanks, Glenn
  2. Checking my Emails today and noticed this on the one Brownells sent. As most of you know, Brownells has recently offered "Retro" Rifle versions of the AR platform. Well now you can get their "Retro" BRN-Proto in a stripped upper for your own builds. This has the top "trigger" style charging handle, which comes with the upper. A little pricey at $177.99. But considering it is not your run of the mill upper, I can see the cost. So if anyone is looking to do something "Retro" or just different. The BRN-Proto may do the trick. Thanks, Glenn
  3. Welcome Young Man! As others have mentioned, get a .223/5.56 rifle first. Then build your own 22LR rifle length upper. There is a company called Right To Bear that sells 22LR components at good prices. I put together a pistol upper using their barrel, charging handle. Had a CMMG 16" complete upper and just switched the bolt carrier group between the two. 9" 22LR pistol upper, Davidson Defense stripped billet upper less forward assist and matching 10" handguard. It can be a straight forward build that is fairly easy depending on the components used. With the Billet upper I had to hand trim the "cut" ejection port cover deflector to fit. Just beware though! If you put one together yourself, you may become afflicted with B.R.D.! (Black Rifle Disease) Thanks, Glenn
  4. geepee3

    New brass project

    That will be an interesting project. Most likely will have to contact a manufacturer. But this, I take it, is somewhat your looking to do for a "single" caliber cartridge? Brass case Projectile Primer And then show a cartridge being assembled from said components Yes this will be interesting on seeing how this plays out. Thanks, Glenn
  5. Filling in the blanks. Got the Scope on her last night and added a Magpul 7 slot M-LOK Pic rail and Q.D. sling mount today. Still thinking about the muzzle device. And what's going to drive me nuts is my local range is closed for maintenance till Nov. 25th. Thanks, Glenn
  6. geepee3

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    I think you missed a spot on #27... Looks good! Thanks, Glenn
  7. Thank you Sir. We will find out in a few weeks. I did find my old Warne Maxima Series medium height 30mm scope rings still in their original package. Got the scope mounted. Everything feels comfortable and balanced. Someones a happy pup! By the way, the scope also came with a sunshade and neoprene scope cover. Suppose to have a lifetime warranty that I hope I don't have to use. Thanks, Glenn
  8. Picked up a Cabela's scope at my local Bass Pro 6-24x50 FFP Not bad for being on sale at $199.97 Need to see if I can find my old Warne scope rings. Thanks, Glenn
  9. geepee3

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    More .308 Winchester. Same SMK 30 cal. 168 gr projectile, all other components are different. IMI case, CCI BR-2 primer and 39.5 gr. of IMR 3031 powder. C.O.A.L. of 2.800". This is based off the old service match load. My M1A SOCOM likes this load. Hoping the Ruger does too. Thanks, Glenn
  10. geepee3

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Can you tell which one has the Toni? Old commercial line for you youngins. Putting together some .308 Winchester 168 gr GMM clones to shoot in the new Ruger. Using the old prepped new FC "11" brass I just located stashed away. And to answer the question... Thanks, Glenn
  11. geepee3

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Got my order of Lake City Plant brass in today. Got them separated and bagged. Mostly LC NATO "19" brass, 467 pieces. 32 pieces of LC LR "19". And four pieces of FC "19". That makes 503 altogether... Going through a few containers, I found some FC "11" new primed brass still in their 100 count bags. Also found some loose ones, about 60 ready for loading. Got them on the bench to load for my new Ruger. Thanks, Glenn
  12. Yup! I cleaned and lubed everything. It was a little dirty from its test firing. Nothing some Bore Tech C4 carbon remover could not handle. Thanks, Glenn
  13. Here are a few pictures of the bolt and magazine relationship stripping off a cartridge. Can't really tell you how other chassis/stocks will work. But it looks like Magpul did their homework for the current generations of Ruger American rifles in short action. Thanks, Glenn
  14. Me too! But it will be a few weeks till I get to the range between work and the range being closed for maintenance. I have 60, FC "11", "new" primed cases along with 41 new IMI .308 Match cases sitting on my reloading bench ready for loading. Suppose to get the Lake City primed pulls from American Reloading tomorrow. Will have to see what kind of mix I get, LC NATO, LC LR and FC. The LC LR and FC I'll use in the bolt rifle. The LC NATO will be used in my M1A SOCOM. Oh, let the fun begin! Thanks, Glenn
  15. Mated the Ruger American Predator barreled receiver to the Magpul Hunter stock. Matched up real nicely. Of course I made up 6 dummy rounds to test it out. Single fed one in the chamber and closed the bolt. inserted the magazine with 5 rounds and proceeded to cycle the bolt. Six rounds ejected, 5 rounds fed. Tried all three magazines, same result! So we are a GO!!! Thanks, Glenn