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  1. Yes... Yes we can! There's always one in the crowd. The one above is a 6.8 ARP 18" spiral fluted barrel from a group buy on the 6.8 Forum. Accuracy wise, I cannot tell the difference between my other 6.8 ARP or BHW 6.8 SPC II barrels. I normally don't have barrels fluted. This one was produced this way as part of the group buy, and the price was right. Thanks, Glenn
  2. geepee3

    .300 AAC

    As far as I know, not at this time. So for now it is just for those whom reload. Thanks, Glenn
  3. geepee3

    .300 AAC

    Since the O.P. mentioned reloading. Selection of projectiles used should match your chosen barrel length/velocity window. Right now there is a good selection of projectiles for the 300 Blackout. This was not true when the cartridge first came out. One thing you will notice with quite a few of the 300 Blackout projectiles for supersonic is a secant (long) ogive. As mentioned, Barnes 110 gr. TAC-TX FB are an excellent choice. Personally, I prefer the Cavity Back Bullets MKZ 125 gr. projecties. They are designed to open up at lower velocities than the Barnes and other manufacturers. For Subsonic Cavity Back Bullets does make a 195 gr. projectile that will open up down to 600 fps. Expansion at 975 fps. 1.13" in diameter. These are premium projectiles. Box of 50 of the 125 MKZ's are $38.50. The 195 gr. subsonic are $42.00 per 50. They do go on sale from time to time. For plinking, check out Shooters Pro Shops.(Nosler bullets) They have blemished and over-run projectiles there. 125 gr. Ballistic tipped blems are $15.95 per 50. They don't have any 110 gr Varmageddon at this time. But the blems of them are good also. One thing I will mention that is of utmost importance if you decide to reload subsonic. When reloading subsonic you need to work down the load. Which is the opposite of reloading for supersonic. Bad things can happen if you don't remember that. I assembled a 300 Blackout AR pistol. Mine has a 10" barrel. I think the 300 Blackout really shines as an AR pistol or SBR. Because I reload and have an affinity for wildcats. I never considered putting together a 16" 300 Blackout AR carbine. For that job I have a TAC 30. A 6.8 SPC, 30 caliber wildcat. I know... Thanks, Glenn
  4. geepee3


    FW, that air bag gave you a licking. Hope you heal up and feel better soon. On a side note. Look forward to see your "It's Monday" video of what happened. Thanks, Glenn
  5. geepee3

    10mm AR style Pistol.......

    Let's see... From Shot Show 2019 we have these in 10mm AR pistol form; Stag Arms. Sol Invictus. Franklin Armory's "Providence" Non semi-automatic, Digital action. Of course there may be some others, but only the "Shadow knows!'. And Rampy! Thanks, Glenn
  6. geepee3

    22-250 AR10 Build

    Alex Pro Firearms. 22-250, 8 round magazine. with 5 round mag stop for restricted states. Price... Hope your sitting down and don't have any cardiac issues. $183.99... Are you still with us? Thanks, Glenn
  7. geepee3

    CZ Scorpion Micro Pistol

    Quite a nice set up. I did not know Magpul made that many accessories for the CZ Scorpion. Thanks for sharing! Glenn
  8. geepee3

    Best drop in trigger for the money

    First, let me say welcome to the Forum. Is there a poundage your looking for? Does it have to be a drop in? Price point? All of my AR rifles have two stage triggers. Unfortunately none are drop in. I''m running Geissele SSA-E (3.5 lbs.), SSA (4.5 lbs) and Rock River Arms NM Varmint (3.5 lbs) triggers. To be honest, my trigger finger can't tell the difference between the $200 SSA and $80 RRA Varmint. But it definitely can tell the difference with the SSA-E. Best trigger I own. The Larue MBT-2S (4.5 lbs.) has a following here at about the same price point of the RRA Varmint. If your dead set on a drop in, hopefully someone else will chime in, Thanks, Glenn
  9. geepee3

    Are CMI Magazines any good?

    Both at the same time! Thanks, Glenn
  10. geepee3

    Are CMI Magazines any good?

    They officially closed down on Feb. 28 of this year. Personally, I ordered quite a few magazines from them. Good prices and great customer service. Was sorry to see then close down. PSA is still on my "no fly list". So you won't see me post anything from them. Thanks, Glenn
  11. geepee3

    Are CMI Magazines any good?

    Unfortunately, 44mag closed down shop. So no group buys from them. Honestly I don't know who has the best price or would do a group buy. When the M14 Forum had group buys, it was with 44mag. Thanks, Glenn
  12. geepee3

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Yes. 6.8 SPC brass; left. 6.8 SPC brass cut to TAC 6 length; center. 6.8 SPC cut brass run through the TAC 6 sizing die; right. ARP Hornady custom TAC 6 dies are different from the Hornady 30 Herrett dies when it comes to sizing 6.8 SPC cases for conversion. With the Hornady 30 Herrett dies I can run a full length 6.8 SPC case to convert to TAC 30 and trim, or trim the case length first and size. The Hornady custom dies for the TAC 6 need the cases to be cut first. I end up cutting them about .008" over the 1.570" TAC 6 case length. Sizing them loses about .003" length. The first firing loses another .003"-.004" from blowing out the 6.8 SPC case taper and shoulder. Just one of those little quirks with this particular custom dies and wildcat. Thanks, Glenn
  13. geepee3

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Picked up a few projectiles at my local reloading shop. Nosler 6mm 100 gr. Spitzers; left and Hornady 6mm 100 gr round nose; right. Checked both companies websites. Looks like they don't make either of them anymore... Figure the boxes would be a clue to that. Price was good, and I figure they should make good fodder while I figure out loading my TAC 6 AR. Speaking of the TAC 6. The Hornady/S&B brass I was working on got slit up. A little over half was converted to TAC 30. And I am getting ready to convert the rest to TAC 6. Thanks, Glenn
  14. geepee3

    Best deal on an AR-9?

    Actually the zip tie is just holding a notice to read the instructions first and acknowledging by removing the zip tie, you understand how the ejection system works. That said. I would rate these as "hobby/range" equipment. Great for using a single lower with multiple uppers. I originally got these to use for the single AR pistol lower I had at the time. While they have been completely reliable. I would not bet my life on one. As you mentioned, that plastic ejector is the weak link. Now that I built a second AR pistol lower, I recently acquired a Colt style magazine insert and Colt style SMG magazines. Have yet to get it to the range to test out. But will give a separate report when I do. Thank you, Glenn P.S. Now that I look at your avatar, you do resemble that remark...
  15. geepee3

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    The new primed S&B 6.8 SPC brass I get from Cavity Back Bullets is not crimped. Kind of Hit or miss with crimps on the Hornady 6.8 SPC cartridges. Got a box of the Hornady Black 110 gr. V-MAX to see how my rifles like those bullets. It uses the S&B made brass with the Hornady headstamp. No crimp on these cartridges. Go figure. Thanks, Glenn