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  1. geepee3

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Resized/deprimed, belled and cleaned primer pockets on 200 pieces of 9mm Luger brass shot last weekend. Did all the die stuff with my little Lee hand press. Frustrating day at work and using the hand press works off that frustration. Slipped up guys. Found out I was down to a couple hundred 9mm 115 gr. FMJ's when putting together rounds for my new Polymer80 G26 build. Thought I had more 115's, But it was 9mm 124 gr FMJ's. Got a couple of thousand of those. So I have about 1500 9mm 115 gr. FMJ's on the way in. Mail mans going to hate me again. Thanks, Glenn
  2. geepee3

    New Year, new Polymer80 project.

    Here are a couple of pictures for you. Here is the link for them, https://www.rockslideusa.com They are close to where my brother lives in North Carolina. May need to visit them the next time I go see him. Thanks, Glenn
  3. geepee3

    New Year, new Polymer80 project.

    It's what I live for! And your not the only one I'm costing a small pile of money. Look what I just got in... Going to do another one at a later date. Wanted to get another frame while the discount price was still good. The Springfield XDs 9mm is definitely being sold off. Looking forward to see how the Rock Slide USA G26 slide works out for you. May end up with one of them myself. Thanks, Glenn
  4. geepee3

    Best place to buy Glock magazines?

    You looking for OEM or other? GunMag Warehouse has some good prices with different manufacturers. I got a couple of Glock magzines for my P80 G26 from Everglades Ammo cheaper. They only had two left, I had ordered 3. Not sure which other models they have left. My other go to place was 44Mag.com. But they are closing and have nothing left. Thanks, Glenn
  5. geepee3

    New Year, new Polymer80 project.

    Thank you Sir. Was grinning from ear to ear after shooting the pistol. Ordered 3 more G26 magazines from Everglades Ammo, along with 500, 115 gr 9mm FMJ projectiles. Going to be another two weeks till I can hit the range again. By then I hope to have the sights changed out and more ammo loaded. Thanks again, Glenn
  6. geepee3

    New Year, new Polymer80 project.

    It looks like they made the rear of the frame behind the trigger housing thicker. Both my P80 G19 and this G26 frame are like that. The only other change I'm going to make on this pistol are the sights. That "u" white line on the rear sight was driving me nuts. I have always used three dot sights on my pistols. So it is more of what I'm used to than the Glock sight design itself. I had already picked up a set of Meprolight True Dot night sights just in case. Just wanted to shoot the pistol with the factory sights to see how I liked them. Thanks, Glenn
  7. geepee3

    New Year, new Polymer80 project.

    Just got back from the range. Beautiful weather. Sunny and 82*. Took my most resent 6.8 SPC build, my AR9 pistol and the baby-P80.. Put 100 rounds through her. This is how she looks now... I started slow to make sure everything functioned. First couple of magazines with only one bullet in it. Make sure the slide went back and locked Then worked my way up to the full 10 rounds. I'm really liking how this feels and shoots. This thing shot both FMJ's and the JHP I reloaded with no issues. Looks like my Springfield XDs will be going up for sale. I'm liking this so much I may get another P80 PF940SC frame. Thanks guys, Glenn
  8. geepee3


    Sorry guys, but other way around, No thumb safety. As Rampy said, Army demanded it. Thanks, Glenn
  9. geepee3

    First build

    Put yourself together a nice rifle there. My only question is how can I get certified as a Waterboarding Instructor... Welcome to the Forum! Thanks for sharing, Glenn
  10. geepee3

    New Year, new Polymer80 project.

    I have a P80 G19 frame. The Poly80 G26 frame feels the same to me. Just a shorter grip. I got my P80 G26 frame from magcommander.com. Use code REPEAT for $40.00 off. Hopefully the discount code still works. Thanks, Glenn
  11. geepee3

    New Year, new Polymer80 project.

    The P80 G26 frame does not use the normal upper locking block pin. They use the trigger pin and a proprietary front locking block pin to hold the locking block in. The locking block is shaped to hold the slide lock spring under tension. Thanks, Glenn
  12. geepee3

    New Year, new Polymer80 project.

    I have the original G26 frame, so lets take a look at them together. Differences in the P80 frame to the OEM G26 frame. Is longer because of the extended beaver tail. There is a forward rail and accelerator/thumb cut. Trigger guard shape and undercut. The shape and angle of the grip. You may have notice the slide stop missing from the Glock frame. Yup, it is on the P80 frame for now. Ordered a couple more. Yeah, I'm liking this better. Hoping to get her out tomorrow. Will let you know how things turn out. Thanks, Glenn
  13. geepee3

    Vintage Bow Repair

    Now those are a couple of beauties right there. Are you going to make them some flemish bowstrings? A nice two tone colored flemish bow string would really accentuate the look of the bows. Thanks for sharing. Glenn
  14. geepee3

    New Year, new Polymer80 project.

    There is a picture in post #13 that has all the parts laid out. Here you can see it from the side of the frame. And you can see the opening for it along with the slide lock. Just how Polymer80 designed this frame for the dual recoil spring. Glock Gen 5 use this type of assembly for the slide lock. Thanks, Glenn
  15. geepee3

    New Year, new Polymer80 project.

    The Polymer80 PF940SC comes with a proprietary slide lock spring in the included frame parts kit. It is a little bugger, Just a small coiled spring. Hopefully it did not make an escape if you opened the parts kit bag.... By the way, the front locking block pin is proprietary also and comes with the frame. Thanks, Glenn