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  1. geepee3

    Buffer tube system

    Midlength gives you a "softer pulse" with that barrel length over the carbine. If your hooked on the Odin adjustable buffer, the lite version may be the better choice. But it is always best to check with the manufacturer. Thanks, Glenn
  2. geepee3

    Buffer tube system

    Welcome to the Forum! Honestly, never knew the Odin adjustable buffer existed. Watched the video, and found it interesting. I guess the real question we should be asking is what caliber are you getting on your 16" barrel? Next would be the gas length? Thanks, Glenn
  3. geepee3

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Broke out the TAC 6 dies and some pulled Federal primed 6.8 SPC cases. Had a loose bag of 35 count to get set up with the dies and mini chop saw. Grabbed two 100 count bags I have stored to work on tomorrow. Figure I'd start using up the old Federal pulled brass up that has been sitting here. And since the TAC 6 is close to .224 Valkyrie, it should work fine. Also pick up some Norma 203B powder to try out. It should be in the burn rate slot that I am looking for with the TAC 6. Thanks, Glenn
  4. geepee3

    AR Pistol Barrel Shroud

    I have a 10" 300 Blackout AR pistol with a 10" ALG Defense EMR V2 handguard. Needed to put on a long brake like the Surefire Procomp muzzle break to get the clearance. Now I do have a 8.5" 9mm AR piston with a 10" Davidson Defense Slant handguard That has a linear comp on it. The linear comp forces the gas forward. Much like the Noveske Flaming Pig muzzle device you mentioned. Thanks, Glenn
  5. geepee3

    Does Rush get paid by Apple?

    Wow! I appreciate you sharing some personal insight. Have a good evening Sir. And thank you. Glenn
  6. geepee3

    PCC AR's & 80% Polymer Lowers ?

    Wow, I'm doubly impressed!!! Maybe even triply!!! That looks quite good. Thanks for sharing. Glenn
  7. geepee3

    PCC AR's & 80% Polymer Lowers ?

    Now that, my friend, is way cool!!! Thanks, Glenn
  8. geepee3

    Does Rush get paid by Apple?

    I have to agree. What is interesting to me is what you left out on this most important date... The Tunnel to Towers foundation. All the profits from Rush's "Stand Up For Betsy Ross" tee shirts goes to this Foundation. The Foundation was started by a brother of a New York City firefighter. That man's brother, Stephan Siller died in the south tower on 9/11. What does this foundation do? It pays off the mortgages of surviving Military and First Responder's families. It is also providing Smart Homes to individuals of the U.S. Armed Services that have catastrophic injuries so they can be more independent. So at this time, Rush and his wife Kathryn have directed over 3 million dollars and counting to this foundation. That is 18 families so far, of heroic Men and Women whom gave their lives in Service, that have that great burden of home ownership lifted. Like I said... I find it interesting that you decided to pick on such a mundane topic about Rush, when greater things were happening. Thanks, Glenn
  9. geepee3

    Where were you on 9/11?

    Woodley Park section of Washington D.C on a plumbing job. Still remember watching the F-16's flying CAP over us. Thanks, Glenn
  10. geepee3

    Second P80 SC (G26) build Started.

    So true on both accounts! There does seem to be more companies offering holsters though from when I built my first P80. Thanks, Glenn
  11. geepee3

    Second P80 SC (G26) build Started.

    Thank you Sir. As to your questions... I use the P80 frames primarily because of the grip angle design and trigger guard undercut. Being a guy that likes to work with his hands and assemble things helps. Of course I am from the Heathkit generation. You younger folks will have to google that... Yes, I have branched out in my source of aftermarket Glock barrels and slides. I was fortunate to find Heavy Armor Division. I know Fleshwound is using Rock Slide USA. I was thinking about using Rock Slide USA till I saw some the slide and barrel designs HAD offered. First impressions have been good. Now comes the longevity tests. As to 80% AR lowers. I do not have the machine tools to do them either. Being there is built in modularity to an AR lower. An 80% lower really does not benefit me any over a 100% manufactured stripped lower. So right now, I have no desire to do one. Thanks, Glenn
  12. geepee3

    Second P80 SC (G26) build Started.

    Finally got the pistol to the range yesterday. Thing ran like a champ. Need to move the rear sight a bit to the ejection side. Was shooting to the left, even when shooting off sandbags to make sure. I also purchased two G19 barrels from Heavy Armor Division. Put the American Flag barrel in the Swenson G19 slide I had to replace the ATI barrel. Interesting that both HAD barrels will drop right into the Swenson slide. Had to hand fit the ATI barrel. The HAD G19 barrel ate everything I fed it also. Also, the HAD barrel worked with the Magpul G19 magazines I have. The ATI barrel did not. So that was another benefit of the HAD barrel. I'm looking to get a G19 slide from HAD in the X2 style for one more P80 build. Thanks, Glenn
  13. geepee3

    First Build - No Step On Snek Rifle; Advice?

    That came out very nice. One suggestion though, the red dot should be on the receiver or handguard. Having it bridge between two may cause issues. Thanks for sharing, Glenn
  14. geepee3

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Thanks, I have posted this picture a few times on a few different forums. Just one I found on the InterWeb... Thanks again, Glenn
  15. That's the type I have on a couple of my AR pistols. Thanks, Glenn