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  1. Hope so! All my ARP barreled AR's shoot well... It's that nut behind the trigger I worry about! Thank you! Glenn
  2. Parts came in yesterday and finished the pistol upper. Right to bear had a sale last week on the VG6 Gamma Blackout muzzle brakes and the 12" M-LOK free float handguards, so that's what I purchased. Assembly was fairly straight forward. There was some flashing on the edge of the barrel nut from where the flats were cut. Hit them with an Exacto knife and off they came. Installed the VG6 brake over the POF one. The VG6 is about a half inch shorter and are what I like to use on my 6.8 and 30 cal. AR's. Did use the collared jam nut from the POF brake though. Had to get the picture with the Barrett Gen. 2, 6.8 SPC 30 round magazine. That extra length makes it look more threatening... Going to be at least another week before I get to range test her. On call this weekend. Thanks! Glenn
  3. I have two dedicated 22LR AR uppers. The first started life as a complete CMMG Carbine length Dedicated 22LR upper. Rebarreled it into a Midway USA upper/handguard stripped upper combo a few years back. The second is a pistol length upper I put together using an RTB 22LR BCG and 9" 22LR AR pistol Barrel Honestly, I'd tell you to wait for RTB to get stock back in. Hopefully they get in a BCG/Barrel/magazine combo soon. Because with the way the prices keep going up, you'll save money that way. Can't give you any advice on the 5.56 conversion kits. Have a few AR's, but none in .223/5/56. Thanks, Glenn
  4. Thanks John! For a defensive round, the 90 grain Gold Dots are my projectile of choice for my 6.8 SPC AR's. Think I'm set with the Gold Dots for now... Since I added to what you see here. They were originally designed in collaboration with Federal and Speer for the LWRCI "Six-8" SBR's contract with Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The LWRCI "Six-8" SBR's are used by the Royal Guards of both countries. I believe in 8.5 and 14.5 inch barrel lengths. As to velocities, most likely looking at the upper 2600 to mid 2700 fps range with hand loads. Definitely will have to chrono them. My 18" 6.8 SPC AR's are hitting the upper 2900 to low 3000 fps depending on the components used. Other then that, still deciding on a M-LOK rail. The gas block and charging handle I can get locally. So them I can pick up anytime. Thanks again! Glenn
  5. Thank you! I think getting the style/size of handguard I want may be the interesting part. Again, thanks!
  6. Decided to act on putting together a 6.8 SPC 12.5" AR pistol build after seeing Rampy's post on the 12.5" 5.56 he purchased. Been something I have thought about doing for a while. So when I saw AR15 Performance got them in, I was able to snag the last one. Truthfully, still have a few parts to purchase. Only because I just finished building another TAC 30/30 Herrett AR wildcat upper and used the parts I had on hand. But this is what I have so far... Parts list so far; AR15 Performance 6.8 SPC 12.5" barrel, Midlength gas. MidwayUSA Billet upper less forward assist. POF .308 Muzzle brake. CMMG ejection port cover. FailZero NIB M16 BCG. LWRCI 6.8 SPC Advanced Combat Bolt. Spikes Tactical midlength gas tube Still need the charging handle, I like the ambi type. So I need to get another one of them. Then there's the gas block and free floating M-LOK handguard. I have a 13" ALG Defense handguard here. The Muzzle brake will clear it, but really should install an 11-12" rail. Should be able to pick up the charging handle and gas block locally. May have to order a handguard though. We shall see. Ammo wise, I'm good to go since I reload and planned for times like these. Have two rounds in mind. The primary is with the Speer 6.8 90 grain Gold Dot. Speer 90 gr. Gold Dot tipped cartridges. And the other for plinking, which I use with my other 6.8 SPC AR's. Are some Federal .270, 130 gr. pulls I purchased a few years back. Federal 130 gr. tipped cartridges. At 0.11 cents a projectile, they are great for plinking. Best of all, they are quite accurate out of all my 6.8 SPC AR's so far. Will let you know as things progress. Thank you! Glenn
  7. Gee Willikers Batman!!! Hopefully things will get back to some assemblance of normal soon. Thanks! Glenn
  8. Yes, got a Faxon 9mm direct blowback barrel and bolt from them.. They are good to go in my book! Thanks, Glenn
  9. Wow!!! After seeing what primers are going for, now powder. Thankful I kept a good supply on hand. Thank you! Glenn
  10. Congratulations on the new acquisition! Looks great, hopefully it shoots as good as it looks. Thank you! Glenn
  11. Yup! I reload... Leaned to keep things well stocked during the Obummer administration.
  12. My local reloading shop has been rationing components. They did so also in the Obummer years when things got scarce. Not sure how soon it will let up. I'm just glad I planned ahead. Thanks, Glenn
  13. Looks like Everglades Ammo has 95 grain HP and RN plated. The HP are 500 count only, the plated in 100 and 500 count. $75 and $72 respectively for the 500 counts. Thanks, Glenn
  14. Picked up two Lee Carbide Factory Crimp dies, 9mm and 45acp. While the Hornady and Dillon die sets I have come with crimp dies. I wanted to try these because they seem to get rave reviews. So we will see in a bit. Guess not much reloading being done for lack of primers. While I have the primers I need. I'm not putting them to use yet. Have about 1500 Federal 9mm primed pulled cases I'm going to be putting to use. (had them for a while) Figured I'd use them for the range first. Found a nice surprise in the garage. An unopened box of 2000 9mm 115 gr. FMJ's. Bagged them up in 250 counts and will put them where I can find them more easily. On a humanitarian note... Sold a brick of small pistol and #41 small rifle primers to one of my coworkers. Oh, the humanitarian part, sold them at my original cost. Thanks, Glenn
  15. I noticed you mentioned 300 Blackout subsonic. Did not see Greg put in any info on that, so I'll throw my two-bits in. When doing load development for subs, you go in the opposite direction from normal load testing. You work your way down to the subsonic velocity you want. I take it you have a chronograph already? If not, don't try doing subsonic loads till you do. Remember, safety first! Thanks, Glenn
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