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  1. geepee3

    A2 Clone Builders

    For the trigger guard roll pin, The Little Crow tool is what I recommend. This is what I use. It not only installs the roll pin, it can remove it also. I see wheeler makes a similar tool Have not seen the Wheeler one yet, so I can't tell you how good it is. It is less expensive than the Little Crow from prices I've seen on line. Thanks, Glenn
  2. geepee3

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Worked on loading some more 9mm today. I'll do a few hundred more 9mm and then start working on some 6.8 SPC next. Want to get more of the 90 gr. Gold Dots and 130 gr. Federal SP pulls done for the 6.8 SPC. And I still need to work up load for the Nosler 110 gr. Accubonds I have. Buggers... Thanks, Glenn
  3. geepee3

    DRD Tactical CDR15 Part Dimensions

    Yes... Yes it is! Thanks, Glenn
  4. geepee3

    DRD Tactical CDR15 Part Dimensions

    It is a left side side charger. So the stock folding on the right side is fine. And yes, it is a D.I. gas system. Here's a video of the assembly from the case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=nm1g--T0uGo Interesting that the barrel nut only needs hand tightening. The upper has a slot that the handguard mates into at the Picatinny rail for anti-rotation. Just thinking out loud, wonder if a Fortis Switch rail could be made to do the same with a regular milspec upper. Install a roll pin in the rail and dimple a hole in the upper. Would get the Fortis spanner wrench to tighten the nut by hand. but the roll pin would keep the rail and nut from rotating once assembled. Just an idea... Thanks, Glenn . Edit; On my thinking out loud... Would need a Law Tactical folding adapter to get it to fold down as much as the DRD Paratus.
  5. geepee3

    DRD Tactical CDR15 Part Dimensions

    Welcome to the Forum! I'm another member that had to look up what you were talking about. Interesting design. More like the FN Scar with a twist. And here's the twist... Takes down to... Fit in a small case. That's some endeavor your planning. Going to keep an eye out for this one. Thanks, Glenn
  6. geepee3

    Small dick big gun syndrome

    I used the Scientific Method and looked at SDS under a magnify glass... SDS is definitely a Universal Constant that translates into all aspects of life. Thanks, Glenn
  7. geepee3

    Small dick big gun syndrome

    But they have the best hotdogs in the world. You get them at Wrigley Field. Been in the steamer since 1948.... Thanks, Glenn
  8. geepee3

    Small dick big gun syndrome

    I kind of find this thread interesting. Where then does this put the O.P.? He did post he killed a snake with a large caliber .410 Derringer when a .22 LR shot shell would have done the job. Just asking.... Thanks, Glenn
  9. geepee3


    Congratulations! And you did it the old fashion way... one post at a time. Yup, no bots here. Thanks, Glenn
  10. geepee3

    WTB handguard

    Yeah, I understand. some of the responses did not sit well. The requirements of what rspears66 wanted in a handguard has got my curiosity up. If he returns, I'd like to see what he is putting together. Thanks, Glenn
  11. geepee3

    WTB handguard

    Well apparently the stank didn't make it all the way to Florida. I stand with my original statement. Mainly because I have done that. I have been direct and blunt because I just did not want to deal with any B.S. or waste time. And yes, it offended someone. Sorry, at times, I can be a prick with the best of them. So I'm not going to condemn some one for a few post that ruffled a few feathers. Pepper gave him a "time out" We will see from there. Thanks, Glenn
  12. geepee3

    WTB handguard

    Gee Willikers Batman! When did our social graces become that of "The Squad"? Was the O.P.'s first post direct and blunt? Yes, but he knew exactly what he wanted. I have no issue with the original post. To rspears66 As mentioned, I had no issue with your original post. Hopefully the information I provided in some way was useful. Some of your following post were troubling though. Not looking for "welcomes" or "buddies"... fine by me! "Here as a customer" That makes it sound like you expected us to serve you. That goads me. This is a social forum, not a storefront. Now I provided information in good faith, because, normally that is what this forum usually does. It is unfortunate things escalated the way they did. I see that you got put in "time out". Hopefully we can all get back to some sense of decorum. A lot of good people here, even some of whom you dealt with. We all have our off days. Hopefully we all remember to do better. And honestly the requirements of the handguard you are looking for intrigues me. Would really like to see how you are configuring your AR. If you decide to hang around after your purgatory. Would like to see pictures of your build. Thanks, Glenn
  13. geepee3

    WTB handguard

    Noveske N4 Hybrid rail. Not in the exact length you are looking for. 15" is in the range your looking for. It is a Noveske, which is top tier. Look to pay around $300.00. Thanks, Glenn
  14. geepee3

    Momma Bear at Cades Cove

    Lucky he did not get the Darwin award! Yup... You can't fix stupid! Thanks, Glenn
  15. geepee3

    ISO carbine sights

    LPA Sights is the manufacturing company that make the STB and STF sights. I believe they are Italian made. Interesting thing is, CZ only offers the LPA STB sights with the Police model Scorpion Evo. Which is not sold to the public. All CZ has listed is their sights. Which can be found at CZ-USA.com Amazon sells the LPA sights. Here's the link for the STB version. https://www.amazon.com/LPA-SIGHTS-Tactical-STB-Set/dp/B07L15NFF9 Hope this gets you pointed in the right direction. Thanks, Glenn