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  1. Come to the darkside my child... Well to be honest, the research you are doing is taking you down that path of depravity! And getting an M14/M1A to function well and be accurate takes a bit of black magic too... To answer your question, yes. In fact, I had a friend from the M14 forum gift me a precision headspace bushing he custom made. I have yet to have any issues with my Socom 16 running anything I reload, or factory loads to be honest. But I'm picky what I run through her. Hope your weather clears up and you can get some trigger time in! Thanks again. Glenn
  2. Some, like myself, will spin a case to make sure it is seating in the comparator bushing... Over time it rounds off the edge... Surprised you did not ask me about the 6.8SPC and SAAMI... Remington screwed that up royally and SAAMI did not catch it... But on the SAMMI 6.8 SPC measurements, the case is LARGER than the chamber... They also messed up the freebore and throat angle... Fortunately, companies went around SAAMI and we have 6.8 SPC II and 6.8 ARP chambers! Glad you got things worked out! Thank you. Glenn
  3. Not if it's a 6.8 SPC cartridge.... Thanks SAAMI and Remington for that... I strip my bolts and bump the shoulder back a bit at a time of a once fired case to find the particular rifles headspace using a Hornaday Comparator. Datum contact points on the comparator can change over time. So, it is best to do your own checking with your own tools. That's my two cents worth... Thanks, Glenn
  4. Was looking for some 220 gr projectiles to try some subsonic loads for the new 300 Blackout upper. Ended up with 300 blemished Nosler 210 gr. RDF projectiles since they were on sale... And at this posting, still are at SPS. Checked where they touched the lands, with that ogive, 2.364inches on average. So, I'm give them a go at 2.24" to start with. Have 100 Gemtech 300 Blackout cases primed with #41 primers ready to go. And for supers, have these 115 gr. projectiles to use up. Plan on using 1680 powder for the subs, and Lil'Gun for the supers. Just getting over the flu, So things have been a bit on hold. Thanks again, Glenn
  5. I think my 300 Blackout AR pistol should cycle fine using 1680 powder. There are difference in the loading on Hodgdon's website. Seating depth is much deeper on the 1680 sub load. 2.089" COL. as opposed to 2.260". Velocity is 25 fps. more on the 1680 sub load, 1085 vs 1060 from a 16" barrel. Pressure is 18,200 psi from the CFE Black vs 32,300 psi from the 1680 powder. Both measured with 16" barrels. So yes, almost half the psi's between the two loadings posted. Normally, with supersonic cartridges I prefer a lower pressure curve when reloading. But with subs and a shorter dwell time, I would prefer the higher pressure curve. Thanks, Glenn
  6. Prepped, tumbled and primed 100 Gemtech 300 blackout cases for the new upper. Also tumbled what was left in my 250 ct. box of 115 gr., 30 cal. pulled projectiles made for 300 blackout. Was also double checking Hodgdon data for reloading supers and subs. Seen a few things on the interweb about 300 blackout subs not cycling in shorter length AR pistols. When I looked at the data, I noticed that CFE Black had almost half the pressure output at 16" than 1680... Makes you wonder if some of these manufacturers are using CFE Black and not creating the required pressure. I have both powders, but will be using 1680 when I put together some subs. To be honest, I need to get some 220 gr. projectiles that aren't plated. I have a bunch of the Berry's plated bullets, but they don't recommend shooting them in anything faster than a 1:7 twist. My 7.5" 300 Blackout barrel is 1:5... Oh well, prepped for everything except subsonic 300 blackout projectiles... It's always something... Thanks, Glenn
  7. Thanks for the work you did all those years! People like me definitely benefited from your talents! In fact, I own six of your AR barrels, two of them being wildcats, the TAC 30 and TAC 6. Appreciate you making the rounds. Speaking of which, still have a hoard of the MK319 MOD0 SOST projectiles. Enjoy your retirement, you earned that! Thank you, Sir! Glenn
  8. I have ordered quite a bit of components from American Reloading. Mostly projectiles, once fired or pulled cases. They are good to go. If you have any issues, their customer service will take care of you. Thank you, Glenn
  9. Got my order from American Reloading in... 1000 pulled Blazer 9mm primed brass. American Reloading had a New Year sale in January. so I got a great price on these. Unfortunately, the sale ended at the end of the month, But American Reloading does have pulled primed 9mm cases available. If you get on American Reloading's mailing list, they will email you sales notices. So, more 9mm primed pulled brass for me to run through my dies... Thank you. Glenn
  10. Must have come up from the southern border and bussed up north... Yes, we truly have open borders! Brain dead Biden most likely asked if there will be ice cream with the "Party" balloon when he was briefed... Thank you! Glenn
  11. In my correction, I mentioned "The Freedom Group" as going bankrupt. Which was another name for Remington Outdoors conglomerate. JJE Capital Holdings is the current owner of the ACC name, that's both Advanced Armament Company and American Ammunitions Company... Yes, still in business. I don't know about you... But I can't seem to keep everything straight without a score card... Thanks again! Glenn
  12. Had to edit my post... Freedom Group went bankrupt not Vista outdoors. Remington was picked up by Vista which also owns Federal Ammunition. From one of the blogs (Ronin's Grip) I read, AAC built a manufacturing plant in South Carolina. So, they may make their own brass. You can email AAC and ask at questions@aacammo.com. Thanks again. Glenn
  13. Well, after a bit of google-fu... American Ammunition Company is the manufacturer you're talking about. Not to be confused with Advanced Armament Company... With the breakup of the bankrupt Freedom Goup, JJE Capital Holdings picked up AAC and a few other names, like DPMS . PSA is also part of the JJE Capital Holdings. So, they may make everything in house at American Ammunition Company. Hope that helps. Thank you. Glenn Edit; Freedom Group went belly up... Not Vista Outdoor... Thanks.
  14. Damn... That means Rampy's cool little CZ Scorpion Micro Pistol with a brace is totally illegal... WTF man... This is not good!!! Thanks for sharing this video. Glenn
  15. Glad to hear you finally got that puppy out. Great way to get the New Year going! Interesting about the CCI ammo. Thanks for letting us know how the upper performed. Glenn
  16. Well, that's cool!!! Thank you. Glenn
  17. Was not sure what you meant till I looked at the website... Yes, 357 Sig uses 9mm (.355") projectiles. So no difference in diameter or length of the projectiles that I know of. To be honest, not sure why they have them listed as 357 Sig only. Should have included 9mm and 380 since all three are .355" diameter. Guess somebody dropped the ball, they even have 380 95 gr. projectiles listed under 357 Sig only... Thank you! Glenn
  18. They are older, 2016 JHP multi-purpose-round projectiles. Styled similar to the Hornady XTP. Paid $116 per 1000 and I have a few thousand of these. RMR has their MPR NUKE Jacketed Hollow Points now that look closer to the Federal Hydra-Shok's in shape. They also are made open up better at lower velocities. What's nice is the newer NUKE projectiles are going for $113.00 per 1000... Jake there at RMR Bullets is the best! Always have gotten great service from them! As to what I loaded, I always try to practice with what I might use in my firearms. So they are going to be used at my next range trip. Want to make sure there is no issues with the pulled Sig brass. I found this batch of Sig nickel pulled brass was a little thick at about the top of the webbing of the case. While the cases went in and out of my Dillon case gauge. I found when I went to run them through my Hornady resizing dies, they had that little bulge. So, we shall see how they do. Thanks again! Glenn
  19. Trying to start the new year off right... Put together some 9mm cartridges. 124 gr RMR hollow points in some Sig primed pulled cases I lucked into on American Reloading a few weeks ago. If you're not on their mailing list, it's worth getting on. From time to time, they have primed pulled cases, and if there's a discount code at the time, the prices are great. Putting together another 9mm AR pistol using the CMMG Rotary Delayed Blowback BCG and barrel. Also need to see if I made the stupidest purchase of the year... Aim Surplus had the SB Tactical HBPDW brace on sale for about $190.00... I ended up with two... So, we'll see how that goes. Thank you. Glenn
  20. That is a great deal! Thanks for letting us know. I'm more in the market for the Black Dog 15 round 22LR magazines that mimic the 5.56 20 round magazines. Thanks again. Glenn
  21. Thank you for posting the link. Got it done! 913 at last count! Thanks again! Glenn
  22. Looks good! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us! Glenn
  23. You're welcome! Yes, I saw the excellent write up you did using the FCC and torque wrench. Have to admit, my method for crimping is totally unorthodox. But it works for me. Hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving too! I'm in Florida... Think I got the warm thing covered... Thanks again! Glenn
  24. Have one of the authors old hardbound additions, 1996-97... No mention of the 62 grain projectiles in that book... That said, Greg is on the mark there with what he has said so far. Hodgdon has an online reloading resource that has what you're looking for. They have a M855 FMJ projectile listed loaded up to 2.26" with Ramshot TAC. 22.5 grains is the minimum load at 49,500 psi. Considering your variable's, I don't think you're maxing out pressure wise. Since USGI magazines only allow for a maximum 2.26" cartridge length, unless you use stainless steel magazines, which allow for longer cartridge length. Cartridges are usually loaded at or shorter than the 2.26" max. length. So, I think you're good to go at loading to cannelure. Now I do break with Greg on crimping for auto-loading rifles. But I do a very light crimp on a hand press by feel... To each their own... Thank you Just a heads-up Greg, Hodgdon's online reloading resource list four different projectiles at that weight. Think it has to do with the military's M855 cartridge at that weight. Otherwise, you're spot on as usual. Thank you, Glenn
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