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    Black Hole Magnum uppers

    I just came over from the disappearing Black Hole Weaponry site forums. Does anyone know what is going on with Karl's magnum upper project? I'm a southpaw, and he thought there might be a couple of R & D upper units to farm out. But everything crashed with the panic buying over the last couple of years. As part of my ongoing case forming project for the 6mm x 300 RCM, I now have a die blank from PT&G with a .306", reamed hole through it. This is to possibly make a sizing die for the little 270 round I showed Karl, two years ago. It is designed to feed upwards single stack out of the banana magazine, made for the A K 47 cartridge adaption for the AR-15. But it is still made from a shortened 300 RCM case, so it requires a magnum bolt face in the upper. Any help or contact info would be appreciated, Thanx.