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  1. I was at NAVY pier in Chicago and I was in the restroom and there was a guy trying to get out. There was a set of doors that was locked going to the foyer. Here is where the story goes. The guy was blind with a white cane. I saw 8 yes 8 people walk by this guy while he was trying the other door and walking into the trash can trying to get out. I stopped to help him and showed him the way out and found his wife for him. I am not a "do gooder" but i do have some compassion for people that are truely in need of help.
  2. Just remember, If they don't have they can't run away!
  3. That one is in alot better shape than the other one you were looking at
  4. you might change your mind after you get a couple under your belt or you will end up with a bunch of extra parts around
  5. I have seen that as well. I know the lowers are fine.
  6. I had a 550 but I sold it and doubled my money and never loaded a shell on it. I kinda wish I would have held on to it now.
  7. Those are cool but SALTY. It wouldn't be too bad for only hunting or going into flesh
  8. I am still courious what the 450 bushy is going to do at least to get the info that you are getting out of it since mine hasn't come yet. I did size 950+ 308 win brass today and 500 223 brass yesterday as well as 1000 10mm and 300 40 S&w brass in the past few days. I had to stay home with a sick kid for the past few days so I was able to get some time in on the bench, and I even got it cleaned up so you can see the bench. I still have to spend some time cleaning before I load. It has to be clean for that. Does anyone have a preference on turrett presses? I am thinking for handgun only. I jump around too much to go through the hassel of setting up a progressive press every time I want to change, but I hate setting up the rock chucker every time for loading pistol.
  9. Just an FYI, if you do a 20 cal you have to turn down ( I did it with a drill and sand paper) the retainer nut.
  10. did you remove them to have the bricks of 22's take their place?
  11. Too bad you didn't get the job of air marshall! That might be a fun one
  12. NICE! the gun looks good too
  13. a second vote for the lead sled solo, one thing you need to consider when you "clamp" a gun in a vise, It is extremely hard on scopes when you do that. My old Leupold rep said that is the leading cause to scope failure. Thats something to consider as well.
  14. If it was a P-tac kit you might need to do some adjusting on the disconnector.
  15. why not just buy a lower and be done with it?
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