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  1. RalphC

    How NOT to road rage...

    True idiots need the sh#t kicked out of them. i
  2. RalphC

    Lets talk about the left lane on freeways

    MY MY what a troll this is.
  3. RalphC

    gun parts dealers beware

    This guy is a typical liberal idiot,
  4. RalphC

    AR15 Kits.Com

    Anyone using AR15 Kits.com? Their prices are in the proper range and lots of options to be had.
  5. RalphC


    I have bought from them and all OK
  6. started using Dillon's several years ago and never a problem. Good luck
  7. RalphC

    Case Lube

    Dillon case lube, spray once lightly and you are finished.
  8. RalphC

    Any Pistol Powder Anywhere?? 9 40 45

    Powder Valley had some last time I checked.