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  1. My 223/5.56X45 has never failed to to kill the paper I aim it at. My favorite .223 Wylde barrel is extremely accurate, and precise I shoot the 6X45 because I like to tinker. yes it will do more but mostly it does the same.
  2. I should have added Post a picture someone will have seen the problem before. Paul
  3. I use a tapered mandrel and an adapter I ordered from Sinclair I think it is manufactured by KMI. lube it and set the stop I generally do this before full length resizing in my Redding 223 bushing dies that hold a .26X" bushing. Sorry I don't remember the exact size of the bushing. However what you are describing could be a lube issue or simply adjustment. the expander needs to be placed well below the the shoulder in the die , not low enough to touch the bottom of the case. Also I have on occasion mixed sized 223 in with 6x45 ,when loading boattail bullets I have had shells that look a little funny, as the necks were not expanded beyond the bullet. they fire formed just fine. Paul
  4. I don't know about about your barrel but my hand loads do not better the Hornady 75gr match load by enough to bother with if you do your part. The cost is a different story. Paul
  5. Well: I will close the door on load development for the 18" std weight barrel. I do not possess the ability to place the right amount of concentration on shooting 5 rnd groups with this firearm. My advice is if you need an 18" barrel , make it a bull barrel. or be a younger shooter. Today I watched 1/4" groups open to well over an inch on the 5th shot. in spite of this I got several groups under 1.000" but no real bragging groups. since I have plenty of 8208 I will be using that at 25.1 gr and an 85gr bullet as my go to. the rifle will receive a Burris 1-4 Tac scope and will be kept close by once it has the distances at which it hits confirmed. since the 243 LBC will let me choose which eye to shoot a gopher in. this one will be for bigger stuff. by the way I got a sub 1" group with the H335 at 24.3 grains as well but I don't have a lot of it to use. Thanks for the Help Paul
  6. Hey 5spd: Thanks for the info. H335 and I just do not see eye to eye. 24.3 gr is the Sierra Manual accuracy load. I shoot 3 shot groups with it and I get about 0.400" but 5 shot groups last fired went 1.5" I tried shooting 2 other rifles as a check with known good loads and they both shot to about my potential, 0.5" any way all the fuss is due to the Buck ammo data for 8208 being calculated not shot. The Hodgon's Data is shot but not at 2.260 OAL. 2.350" I think. My new cases showed the same case head expansion for the 25gr load of H335 (Sierra Manual Max loaded at 2.260") as 26gr of 8208. however 26.1 gr of 8208 increased expansion by 2 tenths. that much difference (a 30% increase of expansion for 4 tenths of a percent increase in powder charge said back off). none of the primers would have alarmed anyone. The H335 is running single digit S.D.. It just does not want to shoot. I will try the 24.3gr again maybe it was just me. My barrel is an 18" BHW1in9twist AR 25grs of h335 put it right at 2700fps. for the moment my accuracy node on the 8208 came at about 25.1gr so I will pursue that and bring the chronograph again.
  7. So today I went out and got some new unfired winchester brass. Funny how un-fired brass has more variation at the expansion ring than fired brass. Anyway I sorted out a quantity by measurement. Will load , shoot and remeasure. I will let you know what happens. Paul
  8. Today I went out and shot the ladder test mentioned above. I did this after taking a look at all the data I have available. This includes the Buckammo PDF. Reading the Buck ammo legend and comments, along with Rich"s admonishment "That ladder test is going from close to MAX to way over MAX. BE CAREFULL" along with our previous discussion about the 243LBC. I double checked and reprinted the Hodgon data. thier loads are 2.360" COL and 8208 runs from 23.5 gr to 26.5gr.. A fair amount of my brass was purcased as once fired lake city factory reloaded to 5.56 specs. that along with a fair number of reloadings made case head expansion unreliable,(about 50% of the 24.2gr loads measured larger by 0.0001" than the 26gr loads). In my experience primers are not the most reliable indicators either. That being said they usually flatten progressivly, and indicate problems. today they indicated no problems and maintained a good radius and unflattened area. I think I have found my load. It is in excess of what the Buck ammo PDF recomends so I won't list it. It is >3% below Hodgons max. Although I think the gun is capable of consistent sub MOA accuracy, probably about 0.600"s it is so much easier to shoot the ACE stocked Billet receivered 24" monstrosity of a 243.LBC I built in any position except modern unbladed offhand, that this one will get an ACE skeieton stock of its own ASAP. For now the 24X scope comes off and the 1X4 Burris MTAC goes on it . and I will be running some numbers to confirm or help verify what distances the existing marks hit at. Paul
  9. Howdy All : Since no one seems to have a solution. I loaded a ladder of 8208, 85gr sierra hpbt rem 7,1/2 primers . Started at 24.2gr up to 26gr all loaded to 2.260". I will let you know what happens. Paul
  10. Recent loads have been H335, 85gr sierra hpbt. @24.3 to 25 gr. both start out well but instead of blowing up to a .75" group they tend to go to 1.5" or 2.". I have also run several powders with 55gr Nosler balistic tips but they just get good and then the next time out they don't shoot. Cleaning regimen is one patch with a few drops of Kroil on it and a Remington bore squeegee then a dry patch . The 6LBC loves this routine. I have run a few groups with 8208 in the 25.gr range. all the Hodgon data indicates compressed loads at a longer length. not sure where the common sense barrier is there.
  11. So my 18 inch 6X45 BHW barrel is easy to load for was easy to tune the cycling for and kills clay pigeons at a hundred yards off hand with out any real effort. but does not seem as happy as the 6mmLBC which just loves to stack holes on top of one another. The 6X45 stacks up 3 holes and spreds the rest around. I Load mag length only. On hand powders include 8208, RL15, IMR4895, H335, Tac, I like to shoot in the 85 to 90 gr. range. Paul
  12. just a brief update Load #3 managed several 5 rnd groups Less than .700in center to center. which is not great until you realize it was me shooting, Prone with a bipod.
  13. For absolute accuracy seating depth is a consideration. For all my shooting I see no use full difference. single shot loaded groups rarely improve by .1" at one hundred yards. The convenience of just pulling the trigger is lost. especially for hunting. I have some bullets that are very fussy about seating depth , Berger VLD's that I play with but not for hunting. (they don't soot any better than Sierra game Kings So why bother.) I wou;d load it to mag length and forget it. Paul
  14. is the time stamp on this sight off it is 2144hrs in new Mexico on 6/28/2014 but my post reads 0440am
  15. "Daddy Needs A New Tube" Obviously Now that I have 2 BHW 6mm barrels and have shot thru decades of hoarded 6mm bullets which are now scarce . I need a BHW 5.56 tube. I would hate to go shooting with a lothar walther barreled gun and a BHW gun on the same day. I am sure you can see I have a problem. non matching Franken Gun's. I woul loose the only style point I've recieved.
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