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  1. Well I guess I'll have to keep waiting and saving my pennies. haha
  2. Greg, any updates on these 20 cal wildcats?
  3. Thanks retcop. Thank you for the information 5spd. I was thinking about trying Exterminator, Benchmark, H335, and TAC. Sounds like I might have to move H335 to next in line. Did you try different primers? So far I've only used CCI and Winchester, but was thinking about tinkering with Remington primers.
  4. I loaded up some more test loads and made it out to the range this morning. Conditions weren't exactly ideal with the wind blowing between 15-30mph, but I'm happy with the results despite the wind. I bumped up my loads a little from the last run and overall I'd say it payed off. IMR8208 ended up with the win for both the 58gr v-max and the 70gr ballistic tip. These loads are safe in my rifle, but may not be in yours. As always, start low and work up slowly. I loaded ten rounds each for the 58 grainers going from 31.5 to 32.5 grains of 8208. The winner here. . . 32.5 grains. That's five shots in just over a half an inch with four of them in 0.149"! With an average velocity of 3,445fps this load should be the ticket for coyotes. The 70gr ballistic tips did well with 8208 as well. 31.5 grains gave me an average velocity of 3,278fps going into a 0.634" group. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with today's results. This rifle and the BHW barrel are a great pair! Bill
  5. Well that's not nearly as exciting as you could have led us to believe!
  6. Loaded up some 6x6.8 test loads with 58gr v-maxes. Went with 0.3gr increments this time. Hopefully between work and the 11 month old I can get a batch of 70gr b-tips loaded by Saturday.
  7. I loaded up another batch of test loads using the .267" bushing and CCI 450 primers. Velocity was up compared to the last batch. Cases are Federal once fired. Bullets used were 58gr v-max and 70gr ballistic tips. I didn't see any signs of pressure across the board. So I'm wondering if I should push them just a tad more, or just work on the ones shown below. You'll notice a few flyers in these groups, I'll have to work on that! One thing I noticed was a little bit of leakage around the gas block. Being fairly new to AR's I'm not sure if this is something to worry about, or leave alone. And here's a shot of the rifle.
  8. Thank you to both Ritch and Greg. Ritch builds excellent rifles and is a pleasure to do business with. I'm thankful for all his help with my 6x6.8. I feel like I've expanded my handloading knowledge exponentially simply by reading Greg's posts. Thanks again to both of you!
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'll load my next batch using the .267 bushing, and I had my local gun store order in some CCI 450 primers. Hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks I can get out and give it another try.
  10. So I finally got the time to load up some ammo for my RPG 6x6.8. It has a 20" barrel, a new frontier lower with a BTE trigger, and a cheap Burris 3-9x40 that I had laying around. I started off by sizing, trimming and reaming the primer pockets on 100 once fired Federal cases. My first bullet to try was the 58gr V-max. I started with 29gr of IMR 8208 and worked all the way up to 32gr loading 5 each in 0.5gr increments. I decided to break the barrel in at this time, so the first ten shots were getting on paper as well as shoot one clean etc. Accuracy was up to my expectations, especially considering the 20-30mph gusting winds. All loads shot sub moa with a few three shot clusters of .2-.3 moa. With some more concentration I have no doubts that I should see 5 shot groups under 1/2 inch. My question is regarding velocity. I saw no signs of pressure even with the 32gr loading, but velocity barely got above 3,300fps. I loaded these using the .268 bushing, and after measuring loaded cases I figure I only had .002"-.003" of neck tension. My assumption is that I need a little more neck tension to help with velocity. From what I've seen posted here, I was hoping to see 3,400 fps+ with this load. Am I on the right track here? Thanks for any input, Bill
  11. That looks sweet, nice rifle.
  12. I've had decent luck with second and blems in the past, these aren't letting me down. I can't say for sure, but I'm fairly positive this batch of blems are Hornady v-maxes. They are almost a perfect match to my others.
  13. It definitely looks promising!
  14. You're right, it's all about the thrill of the hunt and that feeling you get when you find the sweet spot! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
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