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  1. Rich, I have a 6.5x6.8 for my latest AR project. I am a hobby machinist and tinkerer so I just love the sport of "building". Haven't got a chance to stretch the legs of the 6.5 yet, but doing some load work up currently. I noticed a couple Savage actions not doing much in the corner so I am working on a 300 WinMag project to wipe the grin off my .308 buddies who are ringing steel waaay out there. Cannot wait to see what kind of speed/pressures I can ring out of a 300 running a poly rifled barrel. Exciting stuff you guys are doing!
  2. Are the Savage barrels polygonal rifled as well? I assume so, but wanted to ask before placing my order.
  3. It could be your local forum settings on your individual account. I am seeing your original post timed at 2240. Looks like 0440 may be your Zulu time setting?
  4. C'mon baby, DADDY NEEDS A NEW TUBE!
  5. Hmmmm. I overlooked case trimming. What are we using for that? 6.8 trimmers?
  6. No kidding! I grabbed a few hundred too. At $16 per...seemed like I was in a Penny candy shop!
  7. I agree. I build all my bolt guns on Savage actions. I wish BHW had a way to shop the Savage barrels on the "store" portion of their website.
  8. Whew. Glad I checked the forum. Just snagged a few hundred. Thanks for the heads up Greg! On another note...got my break from Ross Schuler today. Boy is it sweet! Looks amazing on my BHW barrel. His work is just out of this world!
  9. I look there every evening. Thanks for the heads up Greg
  10. Mine is the BHW 6.5x6.8. I have not shot it yet. All the Grendel guys have bought all the 6.5 projectiles. No 120 or 123 to be had. They are "unobtanium".
  11. Yes just call them and ask if they have any of the caliber you are looking for that are in stock and not spoken for. I originally wanted a 20" 6.5, but decided 18" was just fine when she told me she had no 20's but two 18's were sitting on the rack. Good luck!
  12. Yup ... I took the time to call. They just so happened to have what I was looking for sitting on the shelf all lonely. I wanted it coated and it still needed QC and laser enhraving. Took 4 weeks to get to me. I realize this is probably an exception. I will say this is the best dang barrel I have ever seen. At 12 weeks it still would have been worth every single day of the agonizing wait. In my mind, even without the awesome forum discount, these are probably the best barrels for the money...period.
  13. Woo hoo! Looks like my barrel gets here tomorrow! Now I just need to whip up a brake and load up some test rounds. Have plenty of brass, primers and powder, but no projectiles....hmmm...guess I am not going to do too much testing this week. The 6.5's are scarce right now...the search continues!
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