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  1. Are there no gay cake makers in this world?
  2. Just as stupid now as it was 40 years ago!
  3. You get what you pay for, right?
  4. I was expecting the report to say he used "bird"shot.
  5. Has anyone seen any government program work as intended & work well??
  6. Why do all of us have to suffer because of a few bad apples? Why not punish just them? The logic of punishing all sounds a lot like the gun control debate we all experience every time there's a nut job shooting.
  7. So who let it get out of control? Maybe somebody wasn't doing their job!!!
  8. I really miss them a lot already. I've sent a lot of them to my 13 y/o grand daughter who, thank God, loves them & really dislikes the left. Any "kid" old enough to get on the internet has already seen things a lot worse than what is seen on here. Please let the mods know how you feel.
  9. Most of u are prolly too young to remember, but google the 1968 Chicago riots at the Dem nat'l convention & see how they took care of bidness back in the day.
  10. I hear it's nice in Alaska this time of year.
  11. I sure hope lightning don't strike their house. (hint hint)
  12. I understand perfectly. And love it when the AF loadmaster says get the "F" off my plane to a bunch of airborne grunts at 5000 ft!!
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