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  1. I have a .17 Remington. I make brass from .223 cases, using similar steps, I use an RCBS FL sizing die. . One thing I have found in resizing down was that I have to turn my necks as the neck thickness was too extreme. Otherwise everything works well. I have also used some .204 Ruger brass and that works well also. Be sure to check you case length and trim accordingly. On the reloading side, I just use a neck sizing RCBS or Redding die (I have both) Also when shooting the rifle, a Remington 700, I have found that after about 10-12 shots I must pull the bolt and run a patched rod down the bore otherwise they bullets seem to fly where ever the feel like. It does foul quickly. But I have nailed dogs out to 300 yards with this little cartridge. It's a speedball and the drop is not that bad.
  2. Here is my first test of the build. Conditions: 24º gusting 20 mph winds left to right. Load: 27.5 gr 8208 XBR, 120 gr A-Max, new Hornady brass, Rem 7 1/2 primers, 2.250 COL. I pulled one shot for sure, was it me or the wind? Probably me - can't always blame the rifle. But for my first test run, I'm pleased. It will be interesting to see how much I can close up the grouping with different loads and different conditions. I do believe that the rifle is capable of much better performance with the right load. I apologize to Rich for taking over his post. But it is a rifle built with his product, so he should be happy letting people see what his barrel is capable of. It is a testament to his work, creativity and design.
  3. Greg Mine looks similar. I started with a Sun Devil milled billet lower and matched up a Mega milled billet upper (dumb me I should have ordered the set from Sun Devil to start with). The lower has a Geissele Super SSA-E trigger group and an ACE Skeleton Buttstock. I put a Nickle Boron Carrier group in the Mega upper. I opened the bolt up on the lathe to accept the .264 case. I also used a Brownell scope Mount Base and mounted a 1” riser mount which I placed a set of Burris Signature Scope Rings.I put on an AP Customs Standard Carbon 15" free floating hand guard. The barrel is a 24" (1x9 twist) bull barrel with a satin finish from Black Hole Weaponry. I haven't decided on the Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP or the Leupold VX-3 6.5-25X50 for the scope. There is a Mueller mounted for testing. This entire build is being tested right now and I love to tinker with things so some things may be changed or added. http://s1281.photobucket.com/user/rewiltshire/media/264LBCBuild1_zps4c2c1860.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 Thanks ever so much for the help. PS Mine is a 'Zombie Hunter' with the selector showing 'Safe and Zombie' and the dust cover showing 'Zombie Hunter' - just couldn't resist.
  4. I have a new build with a 24" BHW bull barrel. I loaded some test loads up using 27.5 gr 8208 XBR behind 120 gr A-Max in Hornday brass with Rem 7 1/2 primers seated to 2.250 COL. It was 24º with gusting 20 mph left to right winds, and a very cold trigger finger, I was shooting 1/2 " groups at 100 yards. This was in a brand new barrel I was breaking it in as per BHW specs, with a 'see how it works' load. Can not complain about the results. I will be looking forward to working up the 'proper' load for this new rifle. Disclaimer: This is 'FYI' information about what I did. I do not make myself out as an expert, but maybe someone would like this information as a 'rule of thumb' to start working up their own load.
  5. Has anyone tried 120/123 AMax's with CFE223? I have seen some load data, but haven't tried any yet. This is some data I found from a guy doing some testing (this is from a 16" barrel) Lapua once fired brass - Rem 7.5 primers- 123 AMax - CFE223 (Chronograph was at least 15ft from the muzzle) 31.1gr 2489 fps case web .441" dia., no ejector swipes, no primer abnormalities 31.4gr 2520 fps same, velocity increase was 31fps 31.7gr 2532 fps same, 12fps increase 32.0gr 2553 fps same, 21fps 32.3gr 2572 fps same, 19fps I have used this powder on 223/5.56 loads and it seems to be a very 'forgiving' powder. Being a ball powder it meters very well. Just wondering if anyone has tried using this powder,
  6. If you live in the Council Bluffs area, you might be interested in what the DNR has planned for a new rifle – pistol - shotgun – archery facility. As it will be run by Iowa DNR, this facility will be open to the general public. We all know that finding a decent place for some range time is not easy, this will be a greatly needed addition to this area. Go to the web site and check out the 3D conceptual video of what is planned. GET INVOLVED!!!! It will ony be as good as your help and involvement. http://wisspar.com/
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