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  1. OK guys, been a while since I started this thread, but I have messed with LT-32 powder until I was blue in the face. Maybe it will work for some ARs, but not mine. I switched to Reloder 15 and Varget and I am much happier. To find a load that will actually feed is near impossible with LT-32
  2. OK guys. I have fooled around with the LT-32 powder for a few months now and have come to this conclusion..... It is good for bolt actions and burns very clean, but is not reliable enough for a semi-auto. I switched to Reloder 15 and Varget and I am much happier.
  3. Robh501

    what stocks do you guy run and love?

    I am running a Magpul ACS-L.
  4. I machined my lower using a Desert Warrior Products jig and a drill press(with a few end mill bits) and it turned out as good as any other. It is easy. Just take your time. It adds a sense of attachment to the rifle.....
  5. Robh501

    Ever regret in buying or selling an AR?

    I definitely do not regret buying my AR. My wife regrets allowing me to spend as much as I did on it, but that is a different story. Lol
  6. Definitely. He has nearly 30 years of reloading under his belt, but I always verify. He would prefer that I did.
  7. Everyone has been sayng the Hornady is better. Must be something to that, so I guess I will have to get one eventually. I will probably have everything set up before then. I know someone who will come show me how to do it the old fashioned way. He said it is simple enough, and tried to explain. Even though it sounds pretty straight forward, I want to watch him do it just to be sure. I will try one round using the method described above. Maybe I will get lucky too. If it works, then it will be a good starting point. Easier to get somewhere if you have a known working position to return to.
  8. What is your shoulder measurement using that method? As I said(above) I have the same dies, and am going to find the tightest chamber/case fit possible that still cycles in my AR.
  9. Are you backing the shoulder off 2 thousandths for us in an AR. From what I have been reading, that is more for bolt actions. I plan on finding my max shoulder length though. I wasnt to work my brass as little as possible. I also have the RCBS AR 223 dies. I am glad to hear kind words about them.
  10. Robh501

    Greetings from Bismarck

    I am fairly new here(3-4 weeks), but have just now found the AR section. Where are all of you from?
  11. That's what I am talkin about. Thank you for that.
  12. I will just wait until I can get the gauge. Maybe next week. I won't be ready to start setting up the equipment for at least 2 weeks. So I have until then. I am going to be damn sure everything is right. Too much money to be lost because of a cut corner. A good friend of mine is a genius with numbers and a very experienced reloader. I will ask him if he knows a reliable way. If for nothing else, just to know how.
  13. Robh501

    Fresh out and need some help?

    If you are planning on piecing it together, there are some M4 kits starting around $650. I would be sure the kit I am looking at consists of Mil-spec parts rather than commercial. There are several companies that offer the kits at a fairly low price. It will be a basic M4 setup. It's a start and you can always go from there. Good luck!
  14. That is a brilliant idea. Lol I think that is a must. I have 3 or 4 things left to get, and a ton of work to be done. Turning a metal building into an insulated, air/water tight room is not an easy task. It will be no different than living in a mobile home. I have had my tool box($1500+), torch & welder, and 4wheeler in a metal buiding since 2010. I have had no problems with anything rusting so far, but I am gonna go to extra lengths to ensure that it does not happen now for sure. Just curious. Is it possible to set a die without having a gauge to measure for headspacing? Maybe with an unfired case? I guess I have research to be done. If you can't tell, I am learnign this all one step at a time. I have watched many videos and read many articles on the reloading process, but setting it up is something I need to look into before hand.
  15. I'll get one on the way then(headspace gauge). I agree about the hazmat fees. They are outrageous. I will likely stock up at the gun shows after this initial order, but wanted to get enough to get me going. I live an hour away from the nearest dealer of anything that is worth a damn. Nearly an hour away from anything unless you are talking about gas stations or package stores. The closest town if Hot Springs, AR, but there really isn't much there. Dick's, but they don't have much. I am liking to looks of the Chargemaster. Let me know how well it works. I very well may get one(as well as a 2nd press) before too long. I think the same way. As much as I shoot, it won't take long for this project to start paying for itself.