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  1. I would stay away from the carbon fiber.I have heard several stories of failures. I have a WIndham WW15 carbine and love it !! Good solid little rifle,but any of the above mentioned makers put out a good quality product.Take your time and do your homework and go from there
  2. https://fightlite.com These guys make a belt fed ARs,but the complete rifles are all class 3 and are pretty pricey. They do make some fine rifles though
  3. Hmm...what led me to this site. For many years I had been wanting to get an AR 15 but due to cost it has eluded me till about 4 years ago. Before I got the rifle I now have I had gone to several different AR owners sites and had a good look around at each of them,including this site Most of the sites came across to me as being a high end rifle bunch.If you didnt have 3 to 5 grand in your rifle you were not a true Black Rifle owner and were treated as such.After taking a long look around here I discovered it didnt matter if you were new to the rifle or a seasoned owner just pull up a chair and enjoy the time you have to spend here. Questions are replied to fairly quickly on almost anything you will need to know without judgement or being hammered on because you dont know something concerning the rifle For me personally I have found the people here to be pretty sharp on the rifles/pistols that are covered here and willing to share what they know to others. I just wish I had more time to come by to look around and reply to various posts . Bewteen work and other duties I have around the house spare time for me is in pretty short supply,but I do get by here as I can Good people,well laid out site that is easy to get around....pretty good mix if ya ask me. Keep up the good work here guys !! And I do drop in as I get the time Lazrid
  4. Run across this experiment write up and found alot of interesting information Worth a look http://www.luckygunner.com/labs/5-56-vs-223/
  5. I use my AR for hunting in my state.The 223/556 is allowed for deer. I got a Black Rain Ordnance DIT set for my rifle .Made a huge difference over the factory trigger group and their warrenty is great !! Had an issue with trigger not resetting after firing.Gave them a call and in a few days I had a new group in my hands no questions asked,Replacement trigger has not given me any issues after two years and a couple of thousand rounds There are several aftermarket makers of quality trigger groups in all price ranges that will serve you well
  6. Yep gun deer is open tomorrow morning in the Show Me State . BamBam ( the good old AR 15 ) is clean and ready to put some meat on the table and just maybe a big buck I saw out bow hunting about 3 weeks ago.Would really like to take this one with a bow,got my first deer,a doe with a bow last weekend, needless to say I have been enjoying the table meat I will post up some pics if the big guy upstairs sees it fit for me to bring home some food... To all the Missouri members if you are going to be in the timber best of luck !! And be safe !!
  7. I have the Bushnell 3 to 12 power scope ar/223 on my rifle and love it !! Have never tried the Nikon scope or the 1 to 4 Bushnell The glass is good quality and cross hair is bright and crisp,and has held zero without so much as a hic-cup. I have been looking at the Nikon at a local retailer in my area and it is also a nice scope..I say either scope will serve you very well
  8. One more Windham rifle owner for the thread I have had this one for about 3 years and love it !!.Not a hiccup with it so far
  9. Think frangable http://www.hprammo.com/catalog/black-ops-otf/223-rem-223062otf-blk-47/
  10. I hold a general class ham radio ticket and have for several years.Great hobby to say the least Not to mention if the shtf ham radio might be the only reliable means to have coms or get info from other groups as to what is up. I have contacts from all over the world and a couple of contacts to the international space station. Example...ham radio operators were the only reliable way we were getting info on the Chernobyl power plant disaster for a long time before the government finally released a statement For me personally I would advise anyone to get an amateur radio license might just come in handy someday kd-5-bgt
  11. I know how you feel on the grouping . It took me a few months of trying different ammo brands before finding an ammo my rifle liked for hunting and range fodder. I ended up using HPR Clean ammo http://www.hprammo.com/They have several options for the 223 /556 that might fit your requirements For me personally this ammo shoots very well,no feed or eject issues and has good tight groups out of my rifle on a 1/9 twist barrel,and I am going to use their 60 grain V Max for deer season here,the 223/556 caliber is allowed in my state and I have already had great results with this bullet,...be sure to check your local / state laws concerning calibers allowed for deer Best of luck this season !!
  12. He is greatly missed.... Rest in Peace Auggie I am sure we will all miss him in his passing,I for one am not going to mourn his death but I choose to celebrate his life and the time we all got to spend getting to know him
  13. Prayers to Auggie and his family......
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