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  1. Pete92118

    Brass Making

    Ok one more question before I order, the decapping assembly or .22 button I found on Sinclair says its for the .22 hornet. I'm assuming this is what I'm after since its .22 cal? I don't know why it specifies hornet and that's it for sure. Is that what I need Greg?
  2. Pete92118

    Brass Making

    I pulled the trigger on the 20 inch barrel. Since I have the 285 and 267 bushings for my Redding S die I just need to order the 250 correct? Can I go straight to that from the 267? And a .22 cal button kit, I almost forgot that!
  3. Pete92118

    Brass Making

    That's where I'm trying to find a balance. My 6x6.8 shoots like a house on fire but I built it awful heavy. I want to make sure I make this one more "portable" but keep as much velocity as possible. It's always a toss up
  4. Pete92118

    Brass Making

    I know this is off the subject a bit but I need your advice. I want to build a 22x6.8 for a varmint gun and keep the weight manageable. I want to shoot 50 gr bullets. Would you say a 1:8 twist? And would I lose much of I went with an 18 instead of 20 barrel. What would you say is optimal keeping weight in mind?
  5. Pete92118

    Brass Making

    Thanks for the info. I'm going to get one on the way.
  6. Pete92118

    Brass Making

    Hey Greg my 6.8 Redding S for will work if I get a few more bushings correct? That's what I use for my 6x6.8. And a new expander and I should be in business?
  7. Pete92118

    Brass Making

    Awesome I'm going to do it. You guys have some preliminary loading data when I get close?
  8. Pete92118

    Brass Making

    This cartridge has me interested. I already have the Redding die set up for my 6x6.8 so I should be able to just pick up a couple more bushing to load. I'd like to build one in a 20" barrel and keep the barrel light enough to carry the gun as a varminter. Do you know what kind of velocity I could expect out of a set up like that using 50 gr bullets? Or what grain bullet would be optimal?
  9. Pete92118

    Loading the 6X6.8

    Here are 2 separate groups after I made some changes on my rifle. New JP 15" handguard, new 2 stage national match trigger and mounted a Burris C4 scope. Barrel was clean on the top 3 rounds which is the old standby 58gr Vmax. There are 3 in the black which was my second group after fouling the barrel. That's a load I got from Greg and I used a 105 Amax under 26.7gr of RL 15. Length was 2.290 and used CCI small rifle primers. Forgot my chrony but this is another interesting load. Shoots awesome. Will post the speed next time I get out.
  10. Pete92118

    Loading the 6X6.8

    The 85 Sierra Game Kings are doing very well so I haven't tried much else in that weight range lately. I also couldn't get the 87 hornady HP to shoot but the same weight Vmax did great. Bullet selection locally sucks but if I came across the Nosler's I would definitely give them a shot.
  11. Pete92118


  12. Pete92118

    BHW bragging

    Thanks! Hope to post some pics this fall.
  13. Pete92118

    6x6.8 Handloads (Finally)

    I didn't know if you got your load down but I found a good one using CFE and Sierra 85 gr Game King BTHP. I used 30.8 grains over CCI standard small rifle primers. I had to seat them clear down to 2.241 before they would chamber. Chronographed at 2900 fps but very accurate. Shot a .5 inch group out of my 22 inch barrel.
  14. Pete92118

    Welcome to the Nebraska Forum!

    Yes to both! Gering Bakery and the zoo still going strong.
  15. Pete92118

    Welcome to the Nebraska Forum!

    I'm representing way out west fellas, I'm from Scottsbluff.