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  1. MDWS

    LWRC Six8

    There was a special group buy arranged by a vendor on 68forums and LWRC agreed to make the receiver sets available to the members. They're DI receivers, too. There's a bushing they install in the upper to convert it.
  2. MDWS

    .277 Wolverine by MDWS

    Yep confirmed. 2650 with a 100AB over 24.1 of 1680 today, compressed load, and the most accurate of the ladder.
  3. MDWS

    Left Handed AR Shooters

    Another lefty here, new to the forum...
  4. MDWS

    LWRC Six8

    Yes it's 6.8 specific, but I picked up an LWRC Six8 recently to check out the ambi controls and they're pretty nice. Will take some getting used to, as I've just grown accustomed to right rifles. The receiver set quality is good, and the build is almost done. Ran some dry drills and again it might take some getting used to, but I like it so far.
  5. MDWS

    .277 Wolverine by MDWS

    Thanks Constructor. Some updates: We're getting 2650-2700fps with a 90TNT, 2450-2500fps with a 110SPH, with no presure signs, out of a 16" barrel while hitting sub-MOA groups. First batch of barrels have been ordered, die sets on April 2, WFT's and Live Ammo Gauges shortly as well. We're really happy with the results and looking forward to others getting their sets so that they can create their own pet loads as well. If anyone has any questions, just let me know. Lots of info to share if anyone is interested.