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  1. I have been looking at the Burris 536 for my RRA Government flattop carbine. They sure look good in the gun shop. I live in the open desert and a scope might help but I don't want to lose the ability for close range shooting so 5x seems about right. If you own and use the 536 do you like it? I have a couple larger scopes but they are big and heavy. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. mwallace

    Which new 10mm should I get?

    That is an easy question. Get a Glock 29. You can use your Glock 20 mags or the 29 mags as is or with a plus 2, a plus 4 or the G20's with a grip extension. The 29 is perfect for carry in size and weight and an endless list of after market products are available. You can use the same mags and extractor and change the barrel to 357 SIG or 40 S&W. You could exen change the slide and go to 45 acp or 400 corbon. Try that with any other pistol. The real beauty of a Glock is the price and resale value. My 29 is full race and the trigger pull less then most single action target pistols. The Glock 29 gives new meaning to the phrase, "meet my little friend".
  3. mwallace

    Just bought my first G20

    I have owned many Glock 20's and 29's. It is my opinion that to keep them running at perfection you should replace the mags and the recoil spring assemble each year. The mags seem to me to wear out just from being kept loaded. The recoil assemble is very affected by heat and cleaning solutions. I shoot mine dry using only dry lube and have never had a problem. My 29 is full race and the trigger is so light it is scary. If you want a little more accuracy or a caliber change the Fire Dragon barrels are the way to go. I have several other 10's but for bear country I carry my Glock 20 or 29. !5 rounds of full house 10mm is almost as good as it gets and easy to pack. The only real flaw I have found is that some people shoot them limp wrist and that will jam any light weight auto. For large game I use the all copper hp's but in the 180 grain bullet they have to be crimped back far enough to fit into the magazine as the copper bullets are longer. With the bullet crimped back and fast powder I can get about 1,500 fps out of the copper bullets. I shot a deer, a white tail, in the chest and it exited the tail. That is enough penetration for me. Have fun with your new pistol and always be sure of your backstop. I never fire unless I am sure I can retrieve my bullet. I also use a trigger block safety as people who don't know gun safety always want to pickup a gun and pull the trigger. I went to the trigger block after my Real Estate agent shot my night stand.
  4. mwallace

    Wyoming Arms Parker 10MM

    Yes. You are correct about the Parker Pistols. I have a 3 3/8 inch 10mm and it is accurate, low recoil, dependable and a pleasure to shoot. Many Parkers in the market are damaged as people lost parts and tried to replace them with parts either made by smiths or made for other firearms. When you pull off the slide the parts will fly out. Probably a bad thing for an Army gun but ok for home and range. I saw that two Parkers hit the web today for sale at $500 and as only a few were made they are pretty rare. I shoot a 180 grain bullet handloaded to 1500 fps in mine. It shoots a lot softer with this load then my Glock 29. Gun Parts Corp. has some parts available and the Colt Delta 10 mags will work in Parkers. Like all auto loaders the follower has to be at the right angle for the feed so that might be different by pistol and also caliber. The Wilson 10's work perfect in mine. If you see a Parker for sale at a good price buy it as most of the people that complain about the Parkers have never shot or owned one. I would not trade mine for two of any other 10mm.