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  1. SBurk

    308 Custom Loads

    What about starting with H4895 and 168gr sierra match kings? That is what I am going to begin with. Thanks! I will start with that. I just got my last piece in the mail so as soon as my barrel arrives I should be able to post pics of my build! I went with an AXC 12" Free Float quad rail. . . that's the cheap ebay brand, and I was sceptical until I found a shop in town that sold it and I was able to match up parts with my upper to find a great fit and look without too much weight for a great price ($70). I still need a Harris bipod and my Leupold VX-3 Scope to complete the setup, but that will have to wait a while. Thanks lkrbuilder13
  2. Hello! I have a question to throw out in the void (Blackhole pun intended). I am about to finish my .308 build using a Blackhole .308 18" Mid length gas port 1:11 twist barrel and I want to get advice on handloads that work well with that barrel. Please advise! I plan on shooting in the 200yard range, mostly target, elk if I get drawn! I am building off the DPMS platform and using a Seekins Precision ATC Compensator, I will also be using a Magpul PRS stock and Geissele SD-C trigger (I paid enough for the parts I should boast a little!) I will happily post pictures when done on the build topic. Please let me know what you have had success with and any tips along the way, and talk to me like the newbie I am by being specific, thanks guys!
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