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  1. knife21

    BHW 204

    The BHW 204 has finally come to her milk 39 SBK over VV-540 (close to max) will do a 10 shot group with a mag change at .450ish and 200 yds at .775. ASC mags used and oal was 2.30" Too bad 540 is expensive and hard to find however when it shoot good I don't complain.
  2. knife21

    BHW 204

    Brass is prepped as usual pockets squared,flashhole deburred,trimmed to same length,shoulder bumped no more than 3 thou. loaded to mag. length. It will do .625 to .750 at 100. Never has been a .375 barrel unlike my other BHW barrels. Me thinks a .20 Practical would have been a better choice.
  3. knife21

    BHW 204

    After 10 different powders and seating depths,3 different primers,hot loads ,mild loads,etc. this 20" BHW 204 barrel still will not group less than 1.5" at 200yd. Will disassemble rifle and look for issues and reassemble . Any more thoughts?
  4. knife21

    BHW 204

    Barrel is bedded to upper with blue loctite, upper was squared to bolt raceway, barrel nut was torqued to spec, I use 40 ft/lb. Trigger is a geissele DMR with 20 oz. break. SLR rifle works adj. gas block. My other BHW barrels have responded well to heavier loads, I will suggest to my nephew who this rifle was assembled for to give it a little more leg. 39BK are the pits to find here so will soldier on w/v-max till we find BK"s Thanks for the response.
  5. knife21

    BHW 204

    Recently completed a Ruger 204 build with Mega upper and lower 10" twist BHW barrel really shoots well with 748 and 40 V-max and 39 BK at 100yds. AT 200 those 1/2 groups go to 3-4 inches, any ideas?
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